Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Eastern Shore Maryland, DE Furbowl, Bucks and Montgomery

On Saturday, I went out to do some geocaches in Newark and Bear that I couldn't do after work on weekdays because of earlier sunsets. Two of those were unavailable because a football game in University of Delaware filled pretty much every parking space within a mile of the stadium but I was able to do the other four, plus one extra ("Get To The Point!") on the C&D Canal that used to be missing but had been replaced. Then I toured the Eastern Shore of Maryland through the towns of Cecilton, Kennedyville, Betterton, Worton, Chestertown, and Church Hill. This is a very sparse area in geocaches and also in population, but I hadn't explored very much of it so there were some geocaches to do here and there. In the evening, I headed back to Northern Delaware to attend DE Furbowl XL. I'd underestimated how far away I had gotten from my home area, so I was late to the event but it was still a good time.

On Sunday, I went to the Bucks/Montgomery county line area (towns of Willow Grove, Warminster, Southampton, Huntingdon Valley) again to continue the geocaches I was doing two weeks ago. There weren't as many left but I figured with the shorter daylight after the end of Daylight Saving Time, I wouldn't have time for as many geocaches anyway. "Die Berliner Mauer" was an interesting two-stage cache because the first stage took me to a piece of the Berlin Wall at a German Club in Warminster. Hurricane Sandy seems to have done some significant damage to this area. There are many fallen trees, including one that I suspect fell on a cache, although I didn't investigate further because the landscapers had arrived to clean up the area. Some roads and bridges were closed for repairs too.


P.V. Road Micro (Delaware)
NO GAS NO AIR (Delaware)
FSVS: Gunning Bedford Jr. (Delaware)
FSVS: E.I. du Pont (Delaware)
Get To The Point! (Delaware)
Library #6 - Cecilton (Maryland)
Harmon-ica (Maryland)
Harmon-ic Convergence (Maryland)
Kennedyville Cache (Maryland)
CJS - Knocks Folly & Turner Creek (Maryland)
Crew's Landing (Maryland)
Don't Let the Ants Raid Your "Hole" Picnic! (Maryland)
Worton Park Where It's Not (Maryland)
Laughter is the Best Medicine (Maryland)
Historic Chestertown (Maryland)
Second Try (Maryland)
On the Way Out (Maryland)
Washington Post (Maryland)
PEnnsylvania 6-5000 (Maryland)
Another Just For You! (Maryland)
Just For You!! (Maryland)
Stop & Shop (Maryland)


Ferris Bueller's Day Out Caching (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over Untroubled Waters XV (Pennsylvania)
Dawson Manor (Pennsylvania)
How Did I Get Here? (Pennsylvania)
Fern Village (Pennsylvania)
Stop by Here for a Little Cache (Pennsylvania)
Cache Money III (Pennsylvania)
Cache Money II (Pennsylvania)
Die Berliner Mauer (Pennsylvania)
My 2nd 63rd (Pennsylvania)
Waiting Room (Pennsylvania)
Squeaky Clean (Pennsylvania)
Cache Money (Pennsylvania)
Cache Withdrawal (Pennsylvania)
Cap Cache Series: Late Fee (Pennsylvania)
The Cat in the Hat Comes Back: Seuss #18 (Pennsylvania)
Waiting Room II (Pennsylvania)

Tags: berlin wall, bucks county, daylight saving time, eastern shore, geocaching, maryland, montgomery county

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