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Harford County and the nutters therein

I hadn't been to Maryland in a while. Since there were new geocaches in Harford County and since some geocaches that were missing on my previous trip had been replaced, I decided to go there both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, I went to Havre de Grace, Aberdeen, and Belcamp. I took a stab at some geocaches with more challenging terrain as well, although there wasn't very much hiking involved. On Sunday, I started by tackling the Geocaching Proving Ground. It's a collection of geocaches with different hiding styles, all within Cedar Lane Regional Park in Bel Air. I thought some of those caches were rather creative. I also had a chance to try the grabber tool that I got at Harbor Freight recently. "Ghost to the Post" is high up on a football goalpost but I was able to retrieve it easily this way without climbing. After leaving Cedar Lane Regional Park, I continued geocaching in Bel Air, Edgewood, Joppa, and the edge of Baltimore before going home.

The downside of this trip was both days, I ran into people in that area who were either paranoid or touched in the head. On Saturday, I parked on the side of the road next to a public green area to do "Back in them woods!" Someone pulled up behind my car and started honking over and over again. I had no idea what was wrong. The road was quite wide there, so I didn't think my car was in the way. I went over and asked the guy what was wrong. He told me that he could not pass my car because he couldn't see around it. This was hard to believe, seeing as how the road was a quiet residential road and wide enough for three cars side by side. Perhaps he has a vision problem. Oh well. I turned my car around and parked on the other side of the road just so he could pass.

Sunday was even worse. I was in a neighborhood in Bel Air. After parking on the side of the road to access a park area, I started walking out onto the green. Someone came out from his house and started giving me the 20-questions treatment. I asked him if my car was in the way or something. He replied in the negative, but it seems they're suspicious of outsiders parking on their street even though it's a public street with a public park. Someone apparently also called the police on me. So when the police arrived I asked them again if my car was in the way. They said I was fine there and the police already knew about geocaching. (They knew about the caches at Cedar Lane Regional Park too.) They did mention that there has been vandalism in the area and it could be why they were called. Needless to say, after all that hassle, I didn't feel welcome in Bel Air, so I went over to Edgewood, where people left me alone at least!


Need Air? #4 (Maryland)
From the Hills to the Manor (Maryland)
Flooded Car (Maryland)
Warrior Hideout (Maryland)
Swan Harbor Stumper (Maryland)
Swan Harbor Sneaker (Maryland)
Yellow Box # 16 (Maryland)
HM #2 - Prime Location I (Maryland)
I'm STUMPED!!! (Maryland)
Hallowed Ground (Maryland)
You can't do that here! (Maryland)
Welcome to Riverside! (Maryland)
Back in them woods! (Maryland)
Uptown Square (Maryland)
The Watchman (Maryland)
Old Belcamp Road! (Maryland)
Barricade Creek (Maryland)
A Sign Lost In Time (Maryland)
Aberdeen Hideaway (Maryland)
Sort of Tricky TRICK or Treat (Delaware)


After Pi U Get Coffee (Delaware)
Hello & Goodbye (Maryland)
Strike A Posy (Maryland)
Cedar Lane Regional Park Puzzler (Maryland)
Give that Fan a Contract (Maryland)
…but I did stay at the GPG TB Hotel last night (Maryland)
Ghost to the Post (Maryland)
Where Water Goes To Die (Maryland)
51 Cards? Not Playing With A Full Deck Revisited (Maryland)
Scuba Divers Delight (Maryland)
Well Excuuuse Me! (Maryland)
PD #1 - Bite or Bonk? (Maryland)
PD #1 - Not too close now! (Maryland)
PD #1 - Last One (Maryland)
Magic Carpet (Maryland)
Yellow Box # 6 (Maryland)
Yellow Box # 2 (Maryland)
No Hop (Maryland)
MT. HAAK (Maryland)
WaaaaWaaaa (Maryland)
Death of a Geocache Idea... (Maryland)
Yellow Box #3 (Maryland)
Joppa Flea Farm (Maryland)
What Road? (Maryland)
What Road Too (Maryland)

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