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Thanksgiving Weekend - Trip to Not Quite Atlantic City, Gray Saturday Shopping, Cemetery Sunday

I didn't get the free turkey deal at Warehouse Club this Thanksgiving. I would have if I'd known but I noticed too late that the special ended more than a week before Thanksgiving Day. So I decided to take a two-day trip to Absecon (near, but not in, Atlantic City) instead. I had several reasons. Firstly, I'd been planning to seek the geocaches along the bike trails in Northfield and Egg Harbor Township. Secondly, hotel rates in Absecon are lower on weekdays (even during the holidays) and this was one of the chances I had to take this trip on a weekday without taking a day off from work.

On Thursday, I started geocaching on the Northfield bike trail. One concern I had with this area was hurricane damage. Northfield and surrounding areas seemed fine though. When I got closer to the beach at the end of the day, I saw some sandy roads but aside from that and some downed trees, it looks like they cleaned up the area pretty well. Most of the geocaches seemed to have survived Hurricane Sandy too. From what I saw anyway, geocaches at the beach were most likely to have been affected but even then, I found a bunch of those still in good condition by the Ocean City beach. Anyway, it was a fun outing and I ran into Katmomof3 on the bike trail, although we split up shortly after because we were going in opposite directions on the trail. In the evening, I checked in at Fairfield Inn in Absecon. I was surprised that the hotel had free turkey dinner that night. That was much appreciated and saved me the trouble of looking for a restaurant that was open on Thanksgiving.

Friday began with a side trip to Pomona and Galloway before hitting the bike trail. I saw the Insulator House of Galloway. It's a Weird NJ site. In the afternoon, I started geocaching on the Egg Harbor Township bike trail. I was only on the second geocache of the trail when by coincidence, I met up with H2"O". So we teamed up for the rest of the geocaches until dusk. It was great to have a partner because some of those geocaches are really tough. "The Bike Path continues", in particular, is a 5-star difficulty cache. Both of us poked around for a while until I uncovered the cache by chance! After we split up, I did a few more geocaches in the Mays Landing mall area before heading off for dinner and then home.

Saturday was the day I'd set aside for shopping. Since it wasn't really Black Friday but some of the deals were good all weekend long, I decided to call it Gray Saturday. I started the day with breakfast buffet at the local Old Country Buffet. Then I figured I'd do a bunch of hiking geocaches in the area to burn off the calories. I got to see the new Auburn Valley Trail and a portion of the state boundary. Like most of the state line, there isn't a notable land feature. It just crosses a field there. In the evening, I picked up the Black Friday specials at Warehouse Club. I only took advantage of the food deals but that should take care of my breakfast cereal needs for a few more months! :)

On Sunday, I went geocaching around Chester County. I didn't plan for it to be Cemetery Sunday but it just so happened that some of the best caches that day were in cemeteries. In particular, "Monster Mash Cache" is a coffin geocache! It looked like the cache owner put a lot of work into it and this would've been a perfect cache to find on Halloween. I also got to see an old train bridge in East Fallowfield. "A pine highd #2" was the physical challenge of the day. It's about 20 feet up a pine tree behind a convenience store. Thankfully, that tree has a lot of horizontal branches that I could step up on like a ladder so it wasn't too difficult. I have no idea what people in Parkesburg think of this tree-climbing activity in a busy crossroads area but I guess no one actually cares what goes on behind the convenience store.


BP - Treebeard's Daily (New Jersey)
BP - Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign (New Jersey)
BP - St. John's Cache (New Jersey)
BP - Bike Path Bison (New Jersey)
BP - Chase Down the Bike Path (New Jersey)
BP - This little piggy went to market (New Jersey)
Make A Wish (New Jersey)
BP - Welcome to Linwood...well almost (New Jersey)
BP - Welcome to Linwood (New Jersey)
BP - Chase Down the Bike Path II (New Jersey)
Where's Holly? (New Jersey)
The Shade Feels Good! (New Jersey)
BP - Train Station (New Jersey)
BP - Treebeard's more! (New Jersey)
Prudential Pup (New Jersey)
TIMBER!!!!!! (New Jersey)
The Fourth of July (New Jersey)
Just Ducky & Froggy Too (New Jersey)
Welcome to Ocean City #1 (New Jersey)
Welcome to Ocean City #2 (New Jersey)
Hey is that a gorilla in Ocean City? (New Jersey)
Beach Orphanage (New Jersey)
Sindia (New Jersey)
Chase Down Central 21 (New Jersey)
Sorta like soap on a rope (New Jersey)
This one's for Mudwhore (New Jersey)
A Dose of Grandpop's Medicine (New Jersey)
Apple Cider Find (New Jersey)
"PINEY'S IN OC" (New Jersey)
"Hide for a Homey" (New Jersey)
The Spice is Right (New Jersey)
Take control of Mill (New Jersey)
North or South, Delilah? (New Jersey)


Ralph's on the move (New Jersey)
Time to clean out the closets (New Jersey)
Welcome to Pomona (New Jersey)
Insulated Cache??? (New Jersey)
Escape from Traffic (New Jersey)
Feelin' Groovy (New Jersey)
Naz Cache (New Jersey)
Serious Hang-Ups (New Jersey)
Pomona (New Jersey)
Prince Charming (New Jersey)
Moss Mill G-8 (New Jersey)
Erin Go Bragh!! (New Jersey)
Around My Corner (New Jersey)
On our way to take Keebs for a cache. (New Jersey)
Booth's Farmacy (New Jersey)
Jersey Shore Council BSA (New Jersey)
The Bike Path continues... (New Jersey)
The Bike Path Continues 2 (New Jersey)
The Bike Path Continues 3 (New Jersey)
The Bike Path Continues 4 (New Jersey)
The Bike Path Begins (New Jersey)
Oak Tree (New Jersey)
Randy's Between Two Walls (New Jersey)
Oh Randy, Kneel Down and Pray (New Jersey)
Randy Loves Nanos....but oh well!!! (New Jersey)
Hey Randy Look, Another Camoed Bison Tube (New Jersey) Bob (New Jersey)
Randy Loves Camoed Bison Tubes (New Jersey)
La Villa Strangiato (New Jersey)
out back at the yogurt factory (New Jersey)
All Hands On Deck (New Jersey)
Geo and a movie (New Jersey)
MR. Lance's cache (New Jersey)
Yumm! (New Jersey)
New Jersey Borders Memorial #11: Mays Landing (New Jersey)


I Love Middle Run, Mike Ott! (Delaware)
The Other Way Works Also TAXMAN1 (Delaware)
A Bridge Over No Water II (Delaware)
Sewercide X (Delaware)
Don't Try This at Home (Delaware)
Delaware's Circular Boundary at Auburn Heights (Delaware)
Spelunker's Delight (Pennsylvania)
No Rowing Required (Delaware)


TOA - Pop's (Pennsylvania)
TOA - Watson Park 3 (Pennsylvania)
TOA - Indian Run Park 2 (Pennsylvania)
Mom's Birthday Cache! (Pennsylvania)
Monster Mash Cache (Pennsylvania)
R.I.P. E.T. (Pennsylvania)
Mork's Famous Words (Pennsylvania)
A pine highd #2 (Pennsylvania)
A view of 30 (Pennsylvania)
Ghost Train (Pennsylvania)
Dot the j (Pennsylvania)
Breakaway (Pennsylvania)
Irrigation (Pennsylvania)
Layton Park Series #2 In the rocks (Pennsylvania)
Layton Park Series #1 Back in the Corner (Pennsylvania)
C-ville Reservoir (Pennsylvania)
The Falls (Pennsylvania)
country crock (Pennsylvania)
Sniff-N-Scratch (Pennsylvania)
I just met you and this is crazy... (Pennsylvania)
2nd Graylyn Cache (Delaware)

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