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Harbor of Eggs

One thing I realized from my Thanksgiving Day trip is the Atlantic City area isn't that far from home. Egg Harbor City, in particular, sits at my 50-mile radius. It's just a bit annoying to get to because the shortest route there (via US-40 & 322) is not a major highway, but that's no worse than traveling to Lancaster and is doable as a day trip. So this weekend, I hit Egg Harbor City twice. On Saturday, I started geocaching in EHC, and went back west to Mullica, Hammonton, and Folsom. On Sunday, I went to EHC again but started in Folsom and Weymouth. EHC is a pretty rustic area. Outside of town, many of the minor roads turn to dirt roads and disappear into the pine woods. Some wooded areas were housing developments and resorts that were abandoned. You can see roads and parking lots that have turned to sand roads and sand flats. There was a lot to explore.

There were some rather creative geocaches in and around EHC: a pair of bowling pins (only one of the two actually had the cache log), a geocache with eyes, Juan in the John, and a pig in a camouflage car. In addition, there was a geocache near Rover's Gravesite, an unusual memorial in the woods.

I had two weird experiences at "EHC: herrliches trinkwasser". This geocache had not been logged in nearly 9 months, presumably because it had fallen from the tree and gotten lost. So of course when I went there, I didn't see the cache in any of the places where I'd usually check. But after a few minutes of looking around, I bent down and picked the bison tube out of the pine straw. I had no idea what made me do that because the ground in that area was just a jumble of pine straw, dead oak leaves, and vegetation, so there was no way to tell that's where the cache was lying. Somehow, I was lucky or I just knew. The second weird experience was one second after I picked up the cache, a bird fell from the tree. It fluttered around on the ground, seemingly unable to fly away. I didn't know what to do about that, so I decided to leave it alone.


Hangin around Egg Harbor (New Jersey)
7/10 Split (New Jersey)
Boss is gone all day! (New Jersey)
All Dogs Go To Heaven (New Jersey)
Carol-Anne (New Jersey)
Hanging around aloe (New Jersey)
Here birdie, birdie! (New Jersey)
Everyone Loves a Ball Game (New Jersey)
Shine On's Revenge (New Jersey)
Stop 4 All (New Jersey)
The lost furnace (New Jersey)
Transformer Autobot tribute (New Jersey)
Lunch at Camp San Francisco (New Jersey)
EHC: Bells and Buckets (New Jersey)
Pig In A Blanket (New Jersey)
Anna's Cache (New Jersey)
A feather in your cap (New Jersey)
Take a Ride on the Reading (New Jersey)
Juan Pablo, Lost Amigo (New Jersey)
Maxwell Goes For A Test Drive (New Jersey)
3 Little Piggies (New Jersey)
Crazy Cache! (New Jersey)
Cocoa Cache (New Jersey)
Still Smells Like Chicken (New Jersey)
Geo Meeting Spot (New Jersey)
Stopping in at the parking lot (New Jersey)
Folsom Fun (New Jersey)
Guardian of the River (New Jersey)
54 special (New Jersey)
What a Strange Place For a Telephone Pole (New Jersey)
Plymouth Rock (New Jersey)
Ah-mish you a lot (New Jersey)
Adventure Time #1- PB (New Jersey)
Merry-Go-Round... (New Jersey)


End Here or Vise Versa (New Jersey)
Quarter Mile (New Jersey)
Promise Land!! (New Jersey)
Smashed Hat (New Jersey)
We're sooo proud of ourselves!! (New Jersey)
Hollow (New Jersey)
While the Queen's Away the Peasants Will Play (New Jersey)
Hollyday (New Jersey)
Trying to Make a Liar Outta Me (New Jersey)
Split Cedar (New Jersey)
Blueberry Cache (New Jersey)
uprooted (New Jersey)
On The Bend. (New Jersey)
Cache And Release (New Jersey)
Run down (New Jersey)
Church on Saturday (New Jersey)
EHC: Ahoy There Matey (New Jersey)
Just another one in the neighborhood (New Jersey)
Industrial Cache (New Jersey)
1 of 25 (New Jersey)
Bremen Cache. (New Jersey)
Geese Everywhere (New Jersey)
EHC: herrliches trinkwasser (New Jersey)
Take control of Indian Cabin (New Jersey)
EHC: Welcome to the Lake (New Jersey)
This ones for u mud!!! (New Jersey)
Autumn Adventure (New Jersey)
Happy Valentine (New Jersey)
Where two roads meet II (New Jersey)
NOT Another Park & Grab (New Jersey)
Einstein (New Jersey)

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