Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Mays Landing and Kent County

Saturday was cloudy but it didn't rain until that night. On Saturday, I returned to Atlantic County to continue last weekend's geocaching tour. This time, I focused on Mays Landing and the surrounding area. Most of the geocaches were rather straightforward. The only issue was a bit of flooding, especially at "Dirt Road". I suspect that geocache had been displaced slightly by the water since it was a bit off from coordinates and sitting at the edge of a puddle but it's hard to tell. I couldn't retrieve "Hello Kitty's Corner" during the daytime because of a street fair but I returned at night, last thing before leaving the town, and had no problem. As a bonus, the downtown area was festively lit up.

Sunday was a rainy day but I noticed that Central Delaware was merely overcast, so that's where I went. I managed to avoid the rain until the evening. Again, most of the geocaches were fairly straightforward, although "Just a trip around the "other" mall" took a bit of work. It was a 5-stage geocache around the mostly-unoccupied Blue Hen Mall in south Dover.


Might've Kicked This One a Little Too Far (New Jersey)
Cape May Seashore Lines-Richland (New Jersey)
South River Turn (New Jersey)
Walkers Forge (New Jersey)
Dizz-Knee Challenge: Caching Nemo PXV (New Jersey)
Along Another Way (New Jersey)
Aqua Chasm (New Jersey)
Food Break (New Jersey)
Great Egg Harbor River (New Jersey)
Life Trumps Death (New Jersey)
SJCC: Cedar (New Jersey)
Dirt Road (New Jersey)
Smokestack Lightning (New Jersey)
Inspection Station (New Jersey)
Basin Overlook (New Jersey)
A Union of many (New Jersey)
Can't Miss It (New Jersey)
Landfill Roadside (New Jersey)
Offside (New Jersey)
Tower of Babel (New Jersey)
Ghost Rider (New Jersey)
Theraphosidae (New Jersey)
Marathon (New Jersey)
Two Beady Red Eyes (New Jersey)
Hello Kitty's Corner (New Jersey)


You want me to put my hand in where? (Delaware)
Stuck On You (Delaware)
Hope you feel better (Delaware)
"Premier" Cache (Delaware)
Business and Pleasure 2 (Delaware)
A Peaceful Walk (Delaware)
Depot Truck Stop (Delaware)
LOT 1 (Delaware)
Pit Stop (Delaware)
Just a trip around the "other" mall (Delaware)
Share the Road (Delaware)
Either side of the fence will do. (Delaware)
FrogTown (Delaware)
Bryan's lego's (Delaware)
Some Beach! (Delaware)
Speak No Evil (Delaware)

Tags: atlantic county, geocaching, kent county

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