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MMF geotrail, 3000 year-to-date, and Delco / West Philly

At one of the 12-12-12 events, a fellow geocacher asked me if I had any goals for this year. My answer was I hoped to get to 3000 geocaches this year since I was already up to 2935 at the time of the event. Who knew I'd get there by Saturday? Anyway, on Saturday, after doing an early bank errand and having the breakfast of champions at the local Scottish Place, I headed out to US-130 in Pennsauken. There was a new series of 39 geocaches (the Memphis May Fire / MMF series). These were all along US-130 from Pennsauken to Bordentown, so that was my route for the day, plus a few side trips into nearby towns and parks for other geocaches. In the evening, after the dinner of champions at Meat Sandwich Monarch in Florence and a few more geocaches, I redid the calculations and realized that I was just a few caches away from a round 3000 for the year. So I stopped in Mount Laurel on the way home and bagged two more easy ones. And that was that!

What's surprising about 3000 in a year is I did it mostly within 100 miles of home and it beats my year 2010 total of 2938! That's notable because 2010 was the year before I started this job, so I had a lot more time to geocache that year than I did this year. I think what helped this year was people were placing a lot more series of geocaches along dirt roads and bike trails instead of single geocaches. The most notable series this year were along or in the Henry Hudson Trail, the Atlantic City and Egg Harbor Township bike paths, the Peaslee WMA, the Union Transportation Trail, the Edgar Felix Bike Path (Allaire State Park), US-130, and Delaware Route 9. I think better technology helped too. I started using the Neongeo app in January and it works really well for the kind of on-the-fly cache downloading and filtering that I do when out and about. (I know I should do more planning before heading out but I haven't gotten into that habit. So it's software and mobile data to the rescue! :) )

Sunday's cache outing was comparatively low-key. It was cloudy and threatening to rain the whole day, so I didn't stray too far. I geocached in Delaware County, in Media, Springfield, Ridley Park, Norwood, and Tinicum, and in Western Philadelphia. "Darn Mosquitoes!" was a challenging spot to get to that was no problem at all during the winter. There were no mosquitoes and I could see through the brush to find the easiest route there. "This Bud's For You!!" was one that I failed to find previously but was no problem on Sunday afternoon when the downtown area was not full of bar-hoppers. "Hangartown" was near a nice hotel by the Philadelphia International Airport but this field was unfortunately full of dog poop! I guess travelers don't feel responsible enough to pick up.


MMF #35: Legacy (New Jersey)
MMF #36: Miles Away (New Jersey)
Pennsauken Sports Complex (New Jersey)
MMF #34: Vices (New Jersey)
MMF #31: Alive in the Lights (New Jersey)
Black Friday (New Jersey)
MMF #30: Without Walls (New Jersey)
Good Eats (New Jersey)
MMF #29: The Redeemed (New Jersey)
MMF #33: Red In Tooth & Claw (New Jersey)
MMF #28: The Reality (New Jersey)
MMF #25: The Deceived (New Jersey)
MMF #26: The Commanded (New Jersey)
MMF #22: The Unfaithful (New Jersey)
MMF #21: The Sinner (New Jersey)
MMF #23: The Victim (New Jersey)
MMF #24: The Abandoned (New Jersey)
MMF #20: Gingervitus (New Jersey)
MMF #18: Vaulted Ceilings (New Jersey)
MMF #19: Deuces Las Cruces (New Jersey)
MMF #17: Action / Adventure (New Jersey)
MMF #16: Be Careful What You Wish For (New Jersey)
MMF #15: Speak Now, I'm Listening (New Jersey)
While waiting on my pizza (New Jersey)
Alphabet Soup: D is for donut the cat (New Jersey)
MMF #13: Destiny For The Willing (New Jersey)
MMF #14: The Face With No Name (New Jersey)
MMF #12: Sleepwalking (New Jersey)
MMF #11: Quantity Is Their Quality (New Jersey)
A Cache for Jenn (New Jersey)
Just for the 8th (New Jersey)
Happy 8th Birthday SJ Geocaching!!!!!!! (New Jersey)
SJ Geocahing ...8years and aging well ! (New Jersey)
Douglass (New Jersey)
Little Old White Lady hides a nano (New Jersey)
Dog Gone Waste! (New Jersey)
New Deal Legacy: Delacove Homes (New Jersey)
Farnum School/Boost Slushies (New Jersey)
josh's first cache (New Jersey)
alys frist cache (New Jersey)
Are you Bugged Out #1 (New Jersey)
MMF #1: Cowbell's Makin' a Comeback (New Jersey)
MMF #3: Therapy Caravan Of The Fair Room (New Jersey)
MMF #2: Neutron Cameras Vs. Smuggled Nuclear Bombs (New Jersey)
MMF #4: History Of Mercia (New Jersey)
MMF #9: Ghost In The Mirror (New Jersey)
MMF #32: Prove Me Right (New Jersey)
MMF #10: Been There, Done That (New Jersey)
The Masters of Horror: Nightmare on Elm Street (New Jersey)
MMF #5: Conjunctions, Conjunctions, Everybody.... (New Jersey)
MMF #6: North Atlantic Vs North Carolina (New Jersey)
MMF #8: You're Lucky It's Not 1692 (New Jersey)
MMF #7: A Giant In A Giants World (New Jersey)
Coffee #17 (New Jersey)
Coffee #4 (New Jersey)
MMF #27: The Haunted (New Jersey)
MMF #37: Jezebel (New Jersey)
MMF #38: Losing Sight (New Jersey)
Alphabet Soup: X is for Xterrokee (New Jersey)
MMF #39: Generation: Hate (New Jersey)
Big Smiley! (New Jersey)
Drive-In Cache Dispenser (New Jersey)
County Line (New Jersey)


Mario Luigi (Pennsylvania)
Linvill Trail Shelter (Pennsylvania)
MY DAD HIT TEN GRAND (Pennsylvania)
Don't miss the target (Pennsylvania)
Local Movie Locations / Celebrity Stalker Memorial (Pennsylvania)
Video Game History #2 - Frogger (Pennsylvania)
Video Game History #1 - Breakout (Pennsylvania)
Let's Play Pickleball! (Pennsylvania)
Do not return books to this box! (Pennsylvania)
Darn Mosquitoes! (Pennsylvania)
This Bud's For You!! (Pennsylvania)
Muckini-who? (Pennsylvania)
Muckinipattis cache (Pennsylvania)
Hangartown (Pennsylvania)
Best Philly West Philly: Shalom House (Pennsylvania)

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