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Christmas Weekend - Pennypack and Not Quite Atlantic City II

Just like the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in November, Christmas was another 4-day weekend. Just like Thanksgiving, I didn't take advantage of the ham (this time) deal at Warehouse Club, so I decided to take an overnight trip to Absecon. (not quite Atlantic City) I planned to continue seeking the bike trail geocaches just outside of Mays Landing, but I got distracted so there are still some remaining for another holiday trip.

Saturday was a short trip out to Northeast Philadelphia to do the "Along the Pennypack" series of geocaches. There used to be a series of geocaches along the Pennypack Creek but the cache owner moved out of state. So this is a new series placed by someone else. It was a lot of walking but it's a good series and I had little or no trouble with any of the geocaches this time. After that, I went to Cheltenham and Willow Grove for a bunch more geocaches before heading to dinner and home. "AMC's - The Walking Night" was a night cache using a trail of reflectors. Of course, I've done a number of these before but it's always an interesting exercise to follow something other than the GPS.

On Sunday, I stayed closer to home to tackle some longer hikes and puzzle caches. The puzzles were "The Treasure of Ima Wiener" (simple binary puzzle but a nice walk), "The Cache of Wolfenstien Enigma" (decode an Enigma machine message, World War II style), and "LOTR #16 - The Stairs of Cirith Ungol". (counting and math)

Monday was when I started the trip to NQAC. I did some geocaches around Mays Landing that I didn't get to the last time. However, when it was time to start walking down the bike path proper, it started raining and heavily too. So I did a bunch of easier geocaches around the shopping centers in Mays Landing / English Creek and called it a day. My overnight hotel of choice was Fairfield Inn, one of the few hotels in Absecon with no bed bug reports. I still checked under the mattress anyway, just to be sure. :)

On Tuesday, I decided to focus on the area to the north of Absecon, so I didn't return to the bike trail. There were a number of geocaches to do in that direction and I went as far north as Port Republic before turning around and heading home. The most charming location of the day was Smithville Historic Village. It's an open-air mall set up with lots of little quaint stores. I'm glad though that I went for the geocache in the center of the village on Christmas Day when all the stores were closed. Ordinarily, that area would be too crowded to look for the geocache.


Come get me (Pennsylvania)
Red Cells, Platelets, and Plasma... (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack, Tabor Road Entry (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #11, Rooted (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #11.5, On Second Thought (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #12, Fishing Hole (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #13, Top of the Hill (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #14, BENCH mark (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #15, Burnt Root (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #16, Cat's Meow (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #17, Trout Pool (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack, Sami's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over Untroubled Waters IV (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #8, Recycled Too (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #9, Holed Tree (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #7, Off the Beaten Trail (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #4, Recycled (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #5, Hawks Nest (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #6, Rock Steady (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #1, Deer Trails (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #2, Ducks and Geese (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #3, Overlook (Pennsylvania)
AMC's - The Walking Night (Pennsylvania)
Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? Seuss Series #15 (Pennsylvania)
Marvin K Mooney, Will You Please GO Now? Seuss #11 (Pennsylvania)
Cheltenham Mall - Here we come! (Pennsylvania)
My Book About Me: Seuss #7 (Pennsylvania)
J-Town 2 - Downstairs (Pennsylvania)


310 North Street (Maryland)
Fast Eddies Fast Cache (Maryland)
0 is the Lowe'st (Maryland)
Earn your stripes here (Maryland)
Folk Memorial #2 (Delaware)
Christmas Tree House (Delaware)
1000:500, 2:1 (Delaware)
Bird in a Tree (Delaware)
500th ~ Wag More, Bark Less (Delaware)
The Treasure of Ima Wiener (Delaware)
The Cache of Wolfenstien Enigma (Delaware)
LOTR #16 - The Stairs of Cirith Ungol (Delaware)


A Step Back In Time (New Jersey)
DRH McCache (New Jersey)
Squirrelly Hide (New Jersey)
Oh Balls!!! (New Jersey)
Hill Top Hide (New Jersey)
One for Abe! (New Jersey)
Holy Cross Cache (New Jersey)
Milo's a Good Dog (New Jersey)
Friday the 13th (New Jersey)
Oh Well, Here We Go Again! (New Jersey)
Help Preserve My Sanity (New Jersey)
Take a second look (New Jersey)
Everyday urban cache (New Jersey)
Supermarket Sweeps (New Jersey)
"RANDY'S ROOST" (New Jersey)
3 Become 1 (New Jersey)
Strip Search (New Jersey)
BP - Treebeard's Daily 2 (New Jersey)
Wonder where the boss is today! (New Jersey)


Boardwalk Empire: Nucky's View (New Jersey)
You Really Measure Up! (New Jersey)
Going...Going....Gone! (New Jersey)
L&L - Absecon (New Jersey)
Hawk's Fishing Hole II (New Jersey)
Feild of Dreams (New Jersey)
They Call This Ritz? (New Jersey)
Woods with a View (New Jersey)
Orange Lightning (New Jersey)
A Patriots Place (New Jersey)
PMC Lite - Always Remember (New Jersey)
Ridin on Ridgewood (New Jersey)
Can You Smell the Rose? (New Jersey)
Galloway Coin Cache (New Jersey)
please recycle (New Jersey)
Oceanville Cemetery (New Jersey)
Smithville Walk in the Woods (New Jersey)
Morse Mill Burial Ground (A Spirit Quest Cache) (New Jersey)
Oh no not another gazebo!!! (New Jersey)
Foodtown Corner (New Jersey)
3 for 1 (New Jersey)
Jack, Jolie and the path that made daddy crazy! (New Jersey)
Eddies Last Cruise (EATC Movie Location) (New Jersey)
My Name's Not Yertle! (Delaware)
Newark PNR (Delaware)
Deck The Halls: Santa's Caches (Delaware)

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