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MML Geotrail Kick-Off Event and Lancaster XXXXXII

Saturday morning was the MML Geotrail Kick-Off Event in Perryville. I was originally not planning to go to this event but since I was heading out that way anyway, I figured I might as well stop by and sample the light refreshments. This event was meant to be the launch of a new series of geocaches all over Maryland. However, I opted not to go for those after the event. Instead, I went for the Honeygo series of geocaches in Perry Hall. This is a set of 13 geocaches along Honeygo Blvd. Because of parking issues though, some of those geocaches were a bit of a walk. However, it was not a bad day for a sidewalk stroll. After that, I continued finding quick geocaches in Whitemarsh, Rossville, and Middle River before heading off to dinner.

I intended Sunday to be a low-key day of geocaching around Lancaster but somehow got 20 finds anyway. Part of that was the "Inside The White Box" series, in which each cache was inside a wooden bus shelter. I didn't do #4 in that series because strangely, it was over 20 miles to the north. Stopped geocaching and went to dinner earlier than usual because I had a morning appointment in Philadelphia the next day.


PMD#3 you choose 1 or 3 (Delaware)
Will you marry me? (Maryland)
MML Geotrail Kick-Off Event - Perryville (Maryland)
MML 2013 - Perryville District 10 (Maryland)
If I could walk on water... (Maryland)
Harford History - Greys Run (Maryland)
________ Stanley (Maryland)
Honeygo & Forge (Maryland)
Almost to Belair Road (Maryland)
Honeygo and Cross (Maryland)
PH Library (Maryland)
Pathfinder's Hide (Maryland)
Behind the Fence (Maryland)
Across form Weis (Maryland)
South of Joppa and Honeygo (Maryland)
Stream and Honeygo (Maryland)
Steam and Honeygo Two (Maryland)
What in blue Blazes? (Maryland)
Swedish Ingenuity (Maryland)
Honeygo Run Park Pine (Maryland)
Xai's Cache & Stash (Maryland)
Honeygo Gully (Maryland)
Across from Joppa View Elem (Maryland)
Honeygo & Garth (Maryland)
The Avenue Impostor (Maryland)
Geoffrey's Backyard (Maryland)
PRIDE-2 (Maryland)
The Curiously Strong Cache (Maryland)
On The Way To The Dentist (Maryland)
Yellow Box # 42 (Maryland)
Yellow Box # 47 (Maryland)
Out of this world (Maryland)
Bullseye #2: Middle River (Maryland)
Kaylee's Dance Cache (Maryland)


Shoppers Break Time (Pennsylvania)
Inside The White Box #2 (Pennsylvania)
Sold at the County Auction (Pennsylvania)
Inside The White Box #5 (Pennsylvania)
Inside The White Box #1 (Pennsylvania)
Inside The White Box 3# (Pennsylvania)
Oh Nuts (Pennsylvania)
TB Lodge along The Conestoga...... (Pennsylvania)
Could Love Have Kept Her? (Pennsylvania)
Just a corner store (Pennsylvania)
toysx3 (Pennsylvania)
Always on Watch (Pennsylvania)
Lunch Break Amusement (Pennsylvania)
Were out of Linens (Pennsylvania)
Sileo In Pacis - McElhenny Graveyard (Pennsylvania)
Sileo In Pacis - Beard Graveyard (Pennsylvania)
MidnightsRaiders Motel (Pennsylvania)
Don't Pass Me Over (Pennsylvania)
Love'n Tractors (Pennsylvania)
Prize 2: Main St. Micro (Pennsylvania)

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