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MML Series, Winter Get Together

This weekend had rather unwinter-like weather with temperatures over 50°F. On Saturday, I decided to do some of the MML (Maryland Municipal League) series of geocaches in Cecil County and Eastern Shore MD. I wasn't seriously attempting to finish the series and get the geocoin but I thought it'd be interesting to visit those towns. One of the problems with this part of Maryland is the "can't get there from here" syndrome. Some towns are on fingers of land in the upper Chesapeake Bay so that it often takes a lot more driving to get from one place to another than the straight-line distance. So, for example, Charlestown to Chesapeake Bay is about 17 miles of driving even though the two are 9 miles apart. Good thing I wasn't in a hurry. On the plus side, there were nice views of water features at some of the cache sites of the day.

On Sunday, I planned on attending the "Winter Get Together" in Florence. I stopped at several towns to find geocaches on the way to the event but ended up spending most of the day in the Burlington - Mount Holly area, where there appears to have been many new geocaches placed since the start of the year. There were a number of caches I'd planned on seeking in Florence township itself but it was late by then and I had to get to the event. (which was at Rocco's Pizza on Front Street) So I'm saving those for another weekend.


MML 2013 - Elkton District 10 (Maryland)
Rosa Hyland (Maryland)
North East Water Works (Maryland)
Union of Westerns (Maryland)
MML 2013 - North East District 10 (Maryland)
Ice Gulls (Maryland)
MML 2013 - Charlestown District 10 (Maryland)
MML 2013 - Chesapeake City District 10 (Maryland)
Gary's bench (Delaware)
MML 2013 - Cecilton District 10 (Maryland)
MML 2013 - Betterton District 2 (Maryland)
MML 2013 - Denton District 2 (Maryland)
Martinak Cache (Maryland)
Williston Mill Pond (Maryland)
Two Johns (Maryland)


Park and Grab Safari #3 (New Jersey)
Park and Grab Safari #4 (New Jersey)
Park and Grab Safari #5 (New Jersey)
Alphabet Soup (Can Two): C is for Cotton Malone (New Jersey)
Knot in the Cemetary reborn (New Jersey)
Park and Grab Safari #2 (New Jersey)
Are you Bugged Out #2 (New Jersey)
Crazy 80's Hair (New Jersey)
Alphabet Soup: H is for hopetreasures (New Jersey)
Behind the Scenes (New Jersey)
Alphabet Soup (Can Two): B is for billdavidsaurus (New Jersey)
Alphabet Soup: T is for Team Freeman (New Jersey)
Stay and Play Awhile (New Jersey)
Stay and Play Awhile #3 (New Jersey)
Stay and Play Awhile #2 (New Jersey)
Stay and Play Awhile #5 (New Jersey)
Schoolhouse Lane Remembered (New Jersey)
Travel Bug Inn @ NJ Turnpike Exit 5 (New Jersey)
Old School House (New Jersey)
Alphabet Soup: K is for Kayaking Janet (New Jersey)
Alphabet Soup: L is for lost patrol (New Jersey)
Lift My Skirt #1 (New Jersey)
GRF303 (New Jersey)
Barb (New Jersey)
Lift My Skirt #2 (New Jersey)
TMIOBY PH-23/25 (New Jersey)
Watching Over Them (New Jersey)
A Curiously Strong Cache (New Jersey)
Winter Get Together (New Jersey)
Erawdrah (New Jersey)
Alphabet Soup: U is for Uncle Fuzzy (New Jersey)
Lift My Skirt #9 (New Jersey)
Lift My Skirt #8 (New Jersey)
Lift My Skirt #3 (New Jersey)
Lift My Skirt #4 (New Jersey)
Lift My Skirt #5 (New Jersey)
Lift My Skirt #6 (New Jersey)
Dog Zone (New Jersey)
Lift My Skirt #7 (New Jersey)

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