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Geocache #20000 and two trips to Montgomery County

I started off this weekend just 19 finds away from the 20,000 mark, so I wanted to see if I could get there some time during the weekend. Turns out that I was able to do that on Saturday with plenty to spare! I started geocaching in Radnor and when I was done in that town, I relocated to Fort Washington and Ambler. I actually wanted to find a regular-sized cache for #20000 but it would've been #19999 if I'd done those in geographic order so I passed that one first to do a filler cache. Funny thing is cache #19999, "Remnants in the Ivy", was actually rather clever too. It's not the size or contents of that cache that made it enjoyable but the crafty hiding technique. Then I doubled back to the woods behind Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association for cache #20000, a traditional, albeit well-decorated, ammo can hide. I forgot to bring a preprinted sign but scribbling with a drawing app on the Nexus 7 worked just as well, I thought. :)

On Sunday, I returned to the same area and continued northwards into Montgomeryville and Hatfield. Last year, I didn't know the best way to get to "Pipe Dreams" but returning with more experience made it a snap. Well actually, I took a wrong turn onto a new road that wasn't even on my map and found the correct entrance and parking area by chance! Love it when that happens. The other funny thing that happened in that area was I ran into a guy who had no idea what the game was but had found every single cache on that jogging path by chance. He told me about a few of the ones he came across and I remembered those caches from my past visits to the area. Amazing! If there's such a thing as a natural in geocaching, I'd say he's one.


Underground Goalpost (Delaware)
Happy St. Patrick's Day, Frank (Pennsylvania)
Cowan Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
A Fair View (Pennsylvania)
Holey Moley (Pennsylvania)
Takitezy Passes 500 (Pennsylvania)
Got a Sugar High? Go For a walk. (Pennsylvania)
Dittmar Park 3 (Pennsylvania)
Dittmar Park 1 (Pennsylvania)
Dittmar Park 2 (Pennsylvania)
Merry, Merry!!! (Pennsylvania)
Sheeleigh Park (Pennsylvania)
The Great Ice Cream Challenge - Ambler (Pennsylvania)
Downtown / Main Street USA: Ambler, Pa (Pennsylvania)
Club 100 - Event Challenge (Pennsylvania)
Ricciardi's Dogless Park (Pennsylvania)
Stumped Ya (Pennsylvania)
Remnants in the Ivy (Pennsylvania)
Up the Creek III (Pennsylvania)
Yellow Jacket (Pennsylvania)
An Instance at the Hitching Post (Pennsylvania)
Guardian (Pennsylvania)
The Last Hole (Pennsylvania)
G-Side 8 - Meter Maid Micro (Pennsylvania)
Staying Fit (Pennsylvania)
Pond View Cache VI (Pennsylvania)
Gerald McBoing Boing: Seuss #9 (Pennsylvania)
A Fairy Tale Cache (Pennsylvania)


Village People (Pennsylvania)
Tennis Anyone? IX (Pennsylvania)
Mile 1/4 (Pennsylvania)
Power to the People - Duodecimus (Pennsylvania)
Mile 3/4 (Pennsylvania)
Ah, Open Space! (Pennsylvania)
Pipe Dreams (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to Montgomery Township (Pennsylvania)
Frank's Grab & Go (Pennsylvania)
Open Space (Pennsylvania)
Guardian Angel 9 (Pennsylvania)
Suspicious Activity 2 (Pennsylvania)
Break out a pencil... (#2) (Pennsylvania)
Superstition - LADDER (Pennsylvania)
Superstition - FRIDAY THE 13th (Pennsylvania)
Superstition - BIRD (Pennsylvania)
G.I. Ant - Hatfield (Pennsylvania)
Earn Your Geocaching Merit Badge! (Pennsylvania)
Just ahead...hangin out! (Pennsylvania)
A Cache on Ice (Pennsylvania)
309 Quick Stop - Redux (Pennsylvania)
bet your bottom... (Pennsylvania)

Tags: geocaching, milestone finds, montgomery county, the natural

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