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Montgomery County winter wonderland

Much of the northeast had a snowstorm on Friday night but Delaware had nothing. Montgomery County in Pennsylvania only had one or two inches of snow but I thought it was worth a visit to capture a few snowy scenes like these pictures from Swedeland Park and Prophecy Creek Park. On Saturday, I started with a few geocaches in Conshohocken because there were puzzle caches there that I'd solved. Then I continued northwards through Ambler, Whitpain, and North Wales. Some geocaches were findable with or without snow; others were difficult or close to impossible, although in a few exceptional cases, the snow cover helped me focus my search by hiding distractions. I didn't have to leap for "LEAP LUNCH CACHE" but it was actually rather challenging because the snow made the downhill approach quite slippery. Fortunately, I only fell down once.

On Sunday, I continued geocaching where I stopped on Saturday. This time, I covered Montgomeryville and Warrington, focusing on the multitude of geocaches in Windlestrae Park and Spring Valley Park. (The "SVP" series) After a whole day of snow melt, there was significantly less snow on Sunday, although there was still some in wooded areas. "You Scream" is actually easier during the winter. Usually, if a cache is hidden in vegetation, it's in an evergreen so that the difficulty remains constant throughout the year. This one, though, is in a deciduous bush so it's quite obvious this time of the year.


Welcome to Swedeland Park (Pennsylvania)
Our First Place (Pennsylvania)
Happy PI Day (Pennsylvania)
Distorted Time (Pennsylvania)
Are You Tuft Enough? (Pennsylvania)
SMB World 1-2 (Pennsylvania)
Can you hear the frogs? (Pennsylvania)
What's At Stake? #13 - Taking Stake In Your Future (Pennsylvania)
Armentrout Preserve I (Pennsylvania)
Guardian Angel 10 (Pennsylvania)
Fill 'er Up (Pennsylvania)
Stoney Killer (Pennsylvania)
Logan's Hide-a-way (Pennsylvania)
Choo Choo Mama (Pennsylvania)
LEAP LUNCH CACHE - The Cache (Pennsylvania)
C6F (Pennsylvania)


Bridge Over Untroubled Waters IX (Pennsylvania)
The Cache Guardians Eagerly Await You (Pennsylvania)
Tucker/Wizzard (Pennsylvania)
Relax and Watch the Traffic III (Pennsylvania)
Ghostly Passage (Pennsylvania)
Nonchalant Micro (Pennsylvania)
SVP - Deadwood (Pennsylvania)
SVP - "Sanctuary!" (Pennsylvania)
SVP - Down on the Corner...NOT out in the street! (Pennsylvania)
SVP - On "Hollowed" Ground? (Pennsylvania)
SVP - Screamer? (Pennsylvania)
SVP - 'Stumple' on in... (Pennsylvania)
SVP Final - "Up in Arms" (Pennsylvania)
Frolfing At The Mouth (Pennsylvania)
V Marks the spot (Pennsylvania)
Worthington Field (Pennsylvania)
Power to the People - Septimus (Pennsylvania)
AndNow Here's Something We Hope You'll Really Like (Pennsylvania)
TMIOBY PH-99 (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me In X (Pennsylvania)
It's a Streak! (Pennsylvania)
Clean It Up! V (Pennsylvania)
Bank on Me (Pennsylvania)
Sewercide VII (Pennsylvania)
FTF - Taxman1 (Pennsylvania)
FTF - Team Firenze (Pennsylvania)
You Scream (Pennsylvania)
Courtesy of TAXMAN 1 (Pennsylvania)

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