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Valentine's Day event, TAD series, Montgomery/Bucks

Saturday was a rainy day with a bit of snow mixed in, but I went down to southern Delaware anyway for the "Who's your Valentine?" geocaching event at Stargate Diner in Seaford. They had breakfast buffet, which I got since it was the simplest option. I won a heart-shaped geocoin in the event raffle, which was a surprise since there were a lot more attendees than prizes. After that, we went out to do geocaches in the area. I did a few easy ones to warm up before hitting the Trails Across Delmarva (TAD) series near Laurel. It wasn't really a trail because all those geocaches are along the side of Route 24, but those were good for a rainy day. Some were on the other side, so my plan was to do all the ones on the outbound side and hit the rest on the way back. It didn't quite work out that way because there was a difficult one that I needed to think about and ended up crossing the road for later on. Thank goodness there wasn't too much traffic.

At the end of the day, I ran into GreatOdyssey, Corpseplow, and Mistyteal, so we did a bunch of geocaches in downtown Laurel as a group. I thought it was funny that I went all the way to southern Delaware just to team up with folks who are local to me but it was a great time!

Sunday was sunny but windy and cold. I figured winter was the best time to do geocaches in thorny locations, so I headed up to Horsham and Warrington to finish those off. There were a good many geocache sites that I'd skipped last summer because of thick vegetation but in the winter, none of them posed a significant problem.


25 years (Delaware)
Who's your Valentine? Event (Delaware)
GREEN Subino's (Delaware)
My Brother's EZ Family (Delaware)
Tokyo Lion (Delaware)
TAD #30 W (Delaware)
TAD #29 W (Delaware)
TAD #28 W (Delaware)
TAD #25 W (Delaware)
TAD #24 E (Delaware)
TAD #23 W (Delaware)
TAD #22 W (Delaware)
TAD #20 W (Delaware)
TAD #18 W (Delaware)
TAD #16 W (Delaware)
TAD #15 W (Delaware)
TAD #14 W (Delaware)
TAD #13 W (Delaware)
TAD #12 W (Delaware)
TAD #11 W (Delaware)
TAD #10 W (Delaware)
TAD #9 W (Delaware)
TAD #8 W (Delaware)
TAD #7 W (Delaware)
TAD #6 W (Delaware)
TAD #4 W (Delaware)
TAD #3 W (Delaware)
TAD #2 W (Delaware)
TAD #1 W (Delaware)
Car-ni-val (Maryland)
Bridge to Nowhere (Maryland)
Over The River And ... (Maryland)
A Camping We Will Go (Maryland)
TAD #5 E (Delaware)
TAD #17 E (Delaware)
TAD #19 W (Delaware)
TAD #21 E (Delaware)
TAD #26 E (Delaware)
TAD #27 E (Delaware)
Blue Skies (Delaware)
GiddyUp Horseys (Delaware)
The Falls at Horsey's Pond (Delaware)
Laurel Hill Cemetery (Delaware)
Odd Fellows Cemetery, Laurel De. (Delaware)
Dutch Oven (Delaware)
Pharm Aid (Delaware)
Benched By The Waterside (Delaware)
Broad Creek Brick and Mortar (Delaware)
Not Tiny Often Not Empty Park: Laurel, DE (Delaware)
The House Of Georgia (Delaware)
How To Drain A Pond (Delaware)
The New King Of Laurel (Delaware)
Just One More for the Road (Delaware)
Evacuation Route (Delaware)
Physical Therapy (Delaware)


Sewercide IX (Pennsylvania)
A Little Slice of Horsham (Pennsylvania)
Horsham Township Park (Pennsylvania)
This One's for You (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for Lizzy (Pennsylvania)
SEMPER FInd me (Pennsylvania)
I Saw Yers Way to the Cache (Pennsylvania)
Clean It Up! III (Pennsylvania)
Pipe Dream (Pennsylvania)
Powerline trail (Pennsylvania)
Horsham Powerline Trail, Other Side (Pennsylvania)
I'm Not Sticking My Hand in THERE! (Pennsylvania)
Prickers R Me (Pennsylvania)
Curses! (Pennsylvania)
Easter Egg Hunt (Pennsylvania)
This Cache Comes Foal Circle (Pennsylvania)
Pond View Cache IV (Pennsylvania)
House of Pain (Pennsylvania)
Those Are a Few of My Favorite Things (Pennsylvania)
Quiet Place (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for Lane (Pennsylvania)
FTF Prizes for Procrastinators (Pennsylvania)
Route 611 View (Pennsylvania)

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