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Kent County and local DE/MD

It rained all day on Saturday but I figured I could still do some geocaches, as long as there wasn't too much walking. So I went for the Ted Harvey series in Kent County. These geocaches are all along a dirt road in the Ted Harvey Conservation Area. Only the last one, the TB Hotel, was beyond a closed gate and took about a 0.1-mile hike. I didn't get too wet from the rain. On the way to Ted Harvey, I noticed a big fire on Bay Road. The smoke was thick enough to obscure vision and slow traffic to a crawl on DE Route 1. It was still smoldering after I did the 17 Ted Harvey caches and returned to that area. Nothing to worry about though. I found out later that it was merely a training exercise for Dover-area firefighters. For the rest of the day, I just finished off the rest of the new caches in the county with a tour around Dover, Camden and Felton.

Sunday had good weather. There was a geocaching event in the northern Philadelphia area but at the last minute, I decided against attending that one. So I remained fairly local. After a Hardee's breakfast, I geocached in Elkton and Chesapeake City before returning to Newark, Pike Creek, and Wilmington. The last cache of the day was at the Greenbank Dam ruins and by then, I had 25 finds for the day, all within 20 miles of home. Not bad at all!


Ted Harvey 16 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 15 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 14 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 13 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 12 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 11 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 10 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 9 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 8 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 7 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 6 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 5 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 4 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 3 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 2 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey TB Hotel (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 1 (Delaware)
C-141 (Delaware)
C-5 (Delaware)
The Little River. (Delaware)
The Little River II (Delaware)
The White Oak C&D (Delaware)
To pine or not to pine (Delaware)
A scenic view (Delaware)
Scotch on the Rocks (Delaware)
BlockBusted (Delaware)
NO VACANCY (Delaware)
free space cache (Delaware)
KB's ROCK - N - ROLL (Delaware)
Don't forget to SIGN the log!!! (Delaware)
Happy Easter! (Maryland)
Woooo is that Cacher? (Delaware)


Worst Football Mascot! (Delaware)
Valentine Flowers (Maryland)
A Golden Pig on the Rocks? (Maryland)
Dead End? (Maryland)
Happy Halloween (Maryland)
The Cheese Stands Alone! (Maryland)
Just a Plain Blue Bottle (Maryland)
Ebony and Ivory (Maryland)
Beach Ball By the Water (Maryland)
Lighting the Way! (Maryland)
C & D Snail (Maryland)
Hunting for a Cache! (Maryland)
Hoppy Easter! (Delaware)
Happy Birthday to All! (Delaware)
St. John's Cemetery (Delaware)
Ones We Loved (Delaware)
Covered Bridge on Turkey Day (Delaware)
No Yolk Here. (Delaware)
Wanna Bear Hug? (Delaware)
Gigantic Bison Tube (Delaware)
Going to the Chapel (Delaware)
Come Fly Away (Delaware)
Lost Moss (Delaware)
Carousel Dog Park (Delaware)
Greenbank Dam (Delaware)

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