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LVGC Breakfast, 5/5 geocache, Take A Walk

On Saturday, I went to the LVGC Breakfast geocaching event at Borderline Restaurant in Bethlehem, PA. I ordered the breakfast special, which sounded like a simple thing but came on two plates! Probably a good thing it was filling though, because the group spent most of the day on a 4-mile hike on the towpath. It was fun. The group did two series of geocaches that were all in a row on the towpath. Then we relocated to another section of the towpath, closer to Easton, for more geocaches. After that, the group broke up but CaptainMath and I went off to do a few more geocaches, since both of us are from outside of the Lehigh Valley area and don't often get a chance to tackle the challenging caches there.

Since I returned from Lehigh Valley late on Saturday and woke up late on Sunday, I decided not to go too far from home. There was the new "Take A Walk" series of caches in East Goshen but 9 geocaches were not enough to fill the day, so I did some before and after those. Excalibur II is a 5/5 rated geocache in Talley Day Park, Wilmington. It's in the same spot as the former Excalibur geocache. A 5/5 rating is the highest level for difficulty and terrain, although I don't think it is as hard as the cache owner intended. As designed, one would have to climb a tree to get a tool to extract the cache. However, I had an idea what was required, so I brought my own retrieval tool (the 3-foot grabber) and that worked very well. I also met a nice horse near "By The Fence - Another Woodlawn Ammo Box".


LVGC Breakfast in the Lehigh Valley 2013, 1st Qtr (Pennsylvania)
Find me please (Pennsylvania)
Keychain cache (Pennsylvania)
Caboose!! (Pennsylvania)
Pennsylvania Railroad (Pennsylvania)
Lackawanna Railroad (Pennsylvania)
Reading Railroad (Pennsylvania)
Conrail (Pennsylvania)
Derailed (Pennsylvania)
New Jersey Central (Pennsylvania)
Lehigh Valley Railroad (Pennsylvania)
Everybody's Doing the Locomotive (Pennsylvania)
Lehigh Valley Rail Heritage (Pennsylvania)
Dam, I've been shot! (Pennsylvania)
Down By The River, Also! (Pennsylvania)
More At Moore? (Pennsylvania)
Dirty Bikes (Pennsylvania)
Bauer Rock (Pennsylvania)
On the Rocks (Pennsylvania)
No PAF’s Please! II (Pennsylvania)
Stapled Macro (Pennsylvania)
Momma's office (Pennsylvania)
A Typical Boring Cache (Pennsylvania)
Happy Birthday, Scooby-Doo (Pennsylvania)
AquariAnne’s ZodiaCache Leo (Pennsylvania)
AquariAnne’s ZodiaCache Capricorn (Pennsylvania)
Barre Small (Pennsylvania)
AquariAnnes' ZodiaCache Libra (Pennsylvania)
Download the groceries (Pennsylvania)
Yum Yum Geocoin and TB Motel (Pennsylvania)
The gaurdian of parking (Pennsylvania)


Excalibur II (Delaware)
By The Fence - Another Woodlawn Ammo Box (Delaware)
By the Fence - Woodlawn Loop Trail (Delaware)
Protruding Log (Delaware)
Brush Amidst The Rush (Pennsylvania)
By The Books (Pennsylvania)
Take A Walk #6 (Pennsylvania)
Take A Walk #7 (Pennsylvania)
Take A Walk #8 (Pennsylvania)
Take A Walk #9 (Pennsylvania)
Take A Walk #5 (Pennsylvania)
Take A Walk #4 (Pennsylvania)
Take A Walk #3 (Pennsylvania)
Take A Walk #2 (Pennsylvania)
Take A Walk #1 (Pennsylvania)
Okehocking Unleashed (Pennsylvania)
Okehocking Cache 1 (Pennsylvania)
TMIOBY PH-75 (Pennsylvania)
Traintown Cache (Pennsylvania)
Till You Drop Again (Pennsylvania)
Till You Drop 2 (Pennsylvania)

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