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Powertrail Weekend, Southern Delaware, Colliers Mills

Since the weather was good and there was a proliferation of powertrails within two hours from home, I decided to see if I could do big cache runs both days of the weekend. I didn't think I could do it but I squeezed in 3 powertrails: Ted Harvey (14 caches) in Dover DE, TAD (49 caches) in Georgetown DE, and CMTPT (60 caches) in Jackson NJ. Of course, I did other geocaches on the way to/from and around those areas for a total of 151 caches this weekend. I went from morning to night both days, hopped in and out of the car a gazillion times, exhausted my phone battery logging geocaches in the field, and visited Hardee's a lot. Definitely a full weekend!

Saturday began with a few geocaches on the way to Dover and then the Ted Harvey series. This is a continuation to the previous Ted Harvey set in the Ted Harvey Wildlife Area. This time, I did numbers 17 to 30. Then I continued southwards to the Georgetown area for TAD #31 thru #78. The neat part is these geocaches are arranged in a large X, forming a piece of geo-art when viewed on a map. As you can see by the question marks in the picture, they are all puzzle caches. I wrote software to solve these and speed things along because working on 48 of those by hand would've been too much! "A TAD Off-Center", in the center of the X, is a different puzzle but I have software for this too.

On Sunday, I went to Colliers Mills Wildlife Area in Jackson for the CMTPT series. All these geocaches are hidden along the main sand road in that area. There were some rough spots but most of that sand road is hard-packed. All 60 caches are the exact same style of hide. Even so, some were much harder to find than others because of the way those were placed, the surrounding vegetation, and my fatigue levels throughout the day. But I stuck with it, found each one in sequence, and finally emerged at the other end of the sand road. After the CMTPT series, I headed over to Patriots Park for a few more geocaches and ran into a family who just started geocaching that day. They were stumped on the "Inspiration 5" cache but I looked around a bit and saw it. Then I told them about Colliers Mills and they wanted to try that too. They have no idea what they are in for! :)


An Angel to Watch Over Us (Delaware)
Erethizon Dorsatum RIP (Delaware)
Another tree at the Wall (Delaware)
1 R.J.S Dover (Delaware)
End of the Road (Delaware)
St Jones Greenway/Other end of the Roadway (Delaware)
I DON'T GIVE A HOOT!!! (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 17 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 18 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 19 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 20 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 21 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 22 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 23 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 24 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey Wildlife Area - North Boat Ramp (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 25 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 26 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 27 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 28 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 29 (Delaware)
Ted Harvey 30 (Delaware)
Kingston-upon-Hull (Delaware)
Pickles and Ice Cream (Delaware)
Cupid's Cache (Delaware)
Reading Bug (Delaware)
TAD #78 W (Delaware)
TAD #77 W (Delaware)
TAD #76 E (Delaware)
TAD #75 E (Delaware)
TAD #74 E (Delaware)
TAD #73 W (Delaware)
TAD #72 E (Delaware)
TAD #71 E (Delaware)
TAD #70 E (Delaware)
TAD #69 W (Delaware)
TAD #68 E (Delaware)
TAD #67 E (Delaware)
TAD #66 W (Delaware)
TAD #65 W (Delaware)
TAD #64 W (Delaware)
TAD #63 E (Delaware)
TAD #62 E (Delaware)
TAD #61 W (Delaware)
TAD #60 W (Delaware)
TAD #59 W (Delaware)
TAD #58 W (Delaware)
TAD #57 E (Delaware)
TAD #56 E (Delaware)
TAD #55 W (Delaware)
A TAD Off-Center (Delaware)
TAD #43 W (Delaware)
TAD #44 E (Delaware)
TAD #45 E (Delaware)
TAD #46 E (Delaware)
TAD #47 E (Delaware)
TAD #48 E (Delaware)
TAD #49 W (Delaware)
TAD #50 E (Delaware)
TAD #51 E (Delaware)
TAD #52 E (Delaware)
TAD #53 E (Delaware)
TAD #54 W (Delaware)
TAD #42 E (Delaware)
TAD #41 E (Delaware)
TAD #40 W (Delaware)
TAD #39 N (Delaware)
TAD #38 W (Delaware)
TAD #37 W (Delaware)
TAD #36 E (Delaware)
TAD #35 W (Delaware)
TAD #34 W (Delaware)
TAD #33 E (Delaware)
TAD #32 E (Delaware)
TAD #31 W (Delaware)
My Favorite Road Names ... "Piglet Path" (Delaware)
...We All Scream... (Delaware)


Coffee #23 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 53 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 54 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 55 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 56 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 57 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 58 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 59 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 60 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 52 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 51 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 50 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 49 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 48 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 47 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 46 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 45 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 44 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 43 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 42 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 41 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 40 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 39 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 38 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 37 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 36 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 35 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 34 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 33 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 32 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 31 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 30 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 29 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 28 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 27 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 26 (New Jersey)
Beach Time TB Hotel (New Jersey)
CMTPT 25 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 24 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 23 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 22 (New Jersey)
Reach For Success (New Jersey)
CMTPT 21 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 20 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 19 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 18 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 17 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 16 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 15 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 14 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 13 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 12 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 11 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 10 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 9 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 8 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 7 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 6 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 5 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 4 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 3 (New Jersey)
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit (New Jersey)
CMTPT 2 (New Jersey)
CMTPT 1 (New Jersey)
Inspiration 5 (New Jersey)
On a Visit to the Great-Grandparents (New Jersey)
Natural Lands Trust (me), it's there. (New Jersey)
Off the yellow paint trail (New Jersey)
Whats for dinner? Jackson (New Jersey)
South Branch (New Jersey)
Exit 16C (New Jersey)
Molly's 7And7 Cache and Dash (New Jersey)
Trapped with the Mouse (New Jersey)

Tags: geocaching, kent county, ocean county, powertrail, sussex county

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