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Pi Day Event, Byrne State Forest, Lehigh Valley

On Thursday evening, I went to Old Country Buffet in Deptford for the Celebrate PI Day! geocaching event. I didn't take the day off for that, so it was just an evening outing. As is usually the case when I'm at the Old Country, there was overeating, to be sure, but I got roped into judging the Pi Day pie contest, so I actually had to save some room for pie samples! It was a lot of fun. Tneigel, my co-judge, and I used multiple criteria to rank the pies and added up the points to determine the overall winner. (which was the raspberry pie) After that, I did a nearby geocache before going home.

Saturday was a case of changed plans. The weather didn't look too bad in the morning, so I headed out to Brendan T. Byrne State Forest to explore some dirt roads with new geocaches since my last visit years ago. Unfortunately, in the afternoon, it started raining ice pellets. I decided that it would be a good idea to leave the woods before the dirt roads got mucky. I didn't feel like hiking in the rain but there were a surprising number of parking lot and roadside geocaches around Marlton, Medford, Mt. Holly, and Willingboro. So that's what I did for the rest of the afternoon.

On Sunday, I went to Lehigh Valley with the intention of attending a geocaching event at Wegmans in Bethlehem. However, I started walking down the Plainfield Township Trail in Stockertown to do the Thanksgiving series of geocaches and had so much fun that I decided to skip the event and just do the series until the end. The last one, "Hunting Long Range Thanksgiving Specials 11-11", was the most physically challenging of all. It is a keyholder on the high ledge of a bridge over the trail. I brought my tools so I would not have to climb up to the ledge (very dangerous), but even then, I was having a hard time getting the geocache down because I couldn't see it when I was standing right under it. Luckily, a jogger stopped to help. With him as the spotter, I was finally able to sweep the cache down. I was amazed that a stranger would stop to help but I read the logs for that cache and it's not the first time one of the locals has offered assistance.


failed plans (New Jersey)
TRAIN CRASH AT 50 (New Jersey)
Chlorine City (New Jersey)
King Caesar Lives Again (New Jersey)
NT: 3# 1983 (New Jersey)
Hello! My name is Johnny Cache!!! (New Jersey)
NT: Lessons In Love 4# (New Jersey)
Long Gone...Arigato, Kato-san (New Jersey)
NT: Teenage Sounds 7# (New Jersey)
Gotta have a Goose! (New Jersey)
GCWAWA (New Jersey)
Fire Whistle (New Jersey)
Another, Another & Another (New Jersey)
The Keebler's Summer Home (New Jersey)
Overzealous freinds (New Jersey)
I Couldn't Pass This By..... (New Jersey)
Send'em to Brendan (New Jersey)
A trip to Hawaii? (New Jersey)
NT: Mad Love 5# (New Jersey)
NT: Moving In The Dark 6# (New Jersey)
NT: #1 Animal (New Jersey)
NT: #2 Everybody Talks (New Jersey)
Long Gone...Santa's Old Hangout (New Jersey)
The Tadpole Capsule (New Jersey)
Coffee # 18 (New Jersey)
7th Hole (New Jersey)
Hey! I want to be a cache container!! (New Jersey)
Herman, Karl & Rich #4 (New Jersey)
GRF311 (New Jersey)
Get In The Zone (New Jersey)
Herman, Karl & Rich (New Jersey)
GRF314 (New Jersey)
A Day at the Fair (New Jersey)
Driving Me Crazy (New Jersey)
Herman, Karl & Rich #5 (New Jersey)
The Masters of Horror: The Texas ChainSaw Massacre (New Jersey)
The Masters of Horror: Friday the 13th (New Jersey)
Herman, Karl & Rich #2 (New Jersey)


Nice and Easy (Delaware)
AquariAnnes' ZodiaCache Aries (Pennsylvania)
AquariAnne's Secret (Pennsylvania)
The Holy Tongue (Pennsylvania)
Rt 145 C&D (Pennsylvania)
Hangin' at Your Convenience (Pennsylvania)
G.I. Ant - Nazareth (Pennsylvania)
Cyber Cache (Pennsylvania)
#03 Scooby's Streak By Bushkill Creek (Pennsylvania)
A Break for a Scooby Snack (Pennsylvania)
Enlightened on 115 (Pennsylvania)
Thanksgiving Specials #1 The Hunt Begins! (Pennsylvania)
Hunt Begins Again Thanksgiving Specials 11-11 (Pennsylvania)
Thanksgiving Specials #2 Rock On! (Pennsylvania)
Rock On Again Thanksgiving Specials 11-11 (Pennsylvania)
Hunting the Field Thanksgiving Specials 11-11 (Pennsylvania)
Hunting Rules Thanksgiving Specials 11-11 (Pennsylvania)
Hunting Boar Thanksgiving Specials 11-11 (Pennsylvania)
Hunt Rascally Rabbits Thanksgiving Specials 11-11 (Pennsylvania)
Hunting For Cover Thanksgiving Specials 11-11 (Pennsylvania)
Flush It Out Thanksgiving Specials 11-11 (Pennsylvania)
After Nap Cache Thanksgiving Specials 11-11 (Pennsylvania)
Hunting Long Range Thanksgiving Specials 11-11 (Pennsylvania)
Un-Official Park N Ride (Pennsylvania)
AquariAnne’s ZodiaCache Pisces (Pennsylvania)
Industrial Disease (Summertime Blues Part 2) (Pennsylvania)
Eat Here Not There (Pennsylvania)
The Embassy (Pennsylvania)
Basket Case (Pennsylvania)
Wabbits (Pennsylvania)
Phantom Puppeteer (Pennsylvania)
Down by the Hollo (Pennsylvania)
Here A Chick, There A Chick ... (Pennsylvania)
Eye The Target (Pennsylvania)

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