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NE Philly, Royersford

March was a record-setting month for me with 489 geocache finds. My previous one-month record was December at only around 350 caches. It was due to the proliferation of powertrails in Southern Delaware and South Jersey. I'm not sure those circumstances can be repeated unless they archive and place all those caches again. I guess I'd now have to travel to another part of the country to get a higher one-month total!

On Saturday, I went to Northeast Philadelphia to do the upper end of the "Along the Pennypack" series of geocaches in the Pennypack Wildlife Refuge area. After that, I roamed around Fox Chase, Burholme, and Cheltenham for more geocaches. Among those were a bunch of geocaches that were placed for a Burholme Park event that I missed. Driving around NE Philly is a lot more trouble than it used to be. Even on weekends now, the volume of traffic overwhelms the grid of narrow streets and most neighborhoods have parked cars on both sides of the road. It didn't help that I saw some horrible accidents (overturned cars) both when entering and leaving that area.

Sunday began with a walk in Bringhurst Woods Park for "Near Shellpot Creek" before heading to Einstein Bros for breakfast. I didn't expect to be FTF on that cache but no one else dashed out early that morning for it. After breakfast, I wanted to do the SDOG (Seventeen Days of Green, a St. Patrick's Day series) geocaches but that somehow turned into a general caching spree around Phoenixville, Spring City, and Royersford. It was a lot of fun because of some creative geocaches, like this pink crocodile, but I didn't stay until dusk because of rain. So there are still some geocaches out that way for another trip.


Along the Pennypack #18, Parking Lot! (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #19, Waterfall Near (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #20, Around the Bend (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #22, Stumped Again???? (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #23, Up in the Valley (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #24, Lincoln Logs (Pennsylvania)
Along the Pennypack #25, Start or Finish?? (Pennsylvania)
OTBP # 21 Victree (Pennsylvania)
Elephant (Pennsylvania)
One for the kids (Pennsylvania)
O.T.B.P #17 A (Pennsylvania)
Tax man (Pennsylvania)
O.T.B.P #14 Deer Park (Pennsylvania)
Triple tree (Pennsylvania)
Up there (Pennsylvania)
Weirde (Pennsylvania)
Rider's Rest (Pennsylvania)
The Internet Highway (Pennsylvania)
Horse Farm (Pennsylvania)
My Hometown (Pennsylvania)
AADT silly (Pennsylvania)
Melrose Cache #4 (Pennsylvania)
Melrose Cache (Pennsylvania)
Strong Mountain (Pennsylvania)
weB3 (Pennsylvania)
I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today: Seuss Series #16 (Pennsylvania)
Hunches in Bunches: Seuss #20 (Pennsylvania)
PaCitC #01: E-Park 1 (Pennsylvania)
Berneda (Pennsylvania)
PaCitC #03: Python Sebae (Pennsylvania)
Permit 14 (Pennsylvania)
PAF in Newport (Delaware)


Reeves Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Time for Cachin' (Pennsylvania)
Smoothest Operator (Pennsylvania)
Cachin' A Movie (Pennsylvania)
SDOG#10: Drunken Lullabies (Pennsylvania)
Phoenixville Penn Station (Pennsylvania)
A Ghostly Hunt (Pennsylvania)
A Micro in the Park (Pennsylvania)
Big Kache (Pennsylvania)
Latitude Zero (Pennsylvania)
Operation New Year: Where The Spies Are (Pennsylvania)
Xenogenesis (Pennsylvania)
Bruce Lee Meets Ilsa In The Devil's Triangle (Pennsylvania)
Billion Dollar Brain (Pennsylvania)
Near Shellpot Creek (Delaware)
Secret Agent Super Dragon (Pennsylvania)
Mission Impossible: Golden Dragon (Pennsylvania)
On the way to Pennhurst (Pennsylvania)
Caltiki (Pennsylvania)
Battle Of The Worlds (Pennsylvania)
The Main Street Caché (Pennsylvania)
SDOG#14: Worker's Song (Pennsylvania)
Beware The Blob! (Pennsylvania)
The Creeping Unknown (Pennsylvania)
Not another light pole cache! (Pennsylvania)
Recycled Throwdown (Pennsylvania)
CCV Rocks! (Pennsylvania)
The Screaming Skull (Pennsylvania)
Operation Christmas Day (Pennsylvania)
Secret Agent Man (Pennsylvania)
The Spy With My Face (Pennsylvania)

Tags: chester county, einstein bros, geocaching, montgomery county, northeast philadelphia

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