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Fur 'the More 2013

I was at Fur 'the More in Hunt Valley, MD, this weekend. It's a first-year con so I'll hold the criticism, unless they really want to hear it. I do enjoy a small (473 attendees) con and it should not be in a hurry to grow. There were no lines at any time and none of the con events were filled to capacity. It's nice to still be able to find a seat even if one is a few minutes late to a panel or show. The fursuit parade (with only 94 suiters) was short and sweet. Even the Furlympics (fursuit games) benefitted from not having too large a crowd. With only around 20 participants, musical chairs and the limbo contest were pretty quick, and we soon got to the fun balloon-popping part of the games. As for the dances, I liked the Sock Hop on Saturday. This has been done at other cons before but it was really neat to have it at Frankie & Vinnie's, a 50s-style diner in the lower level of the hotel.

The hotel is in a rather good location because it's across the road from Hunt Valley Towne Center, a big strip mall with a variety of stores and restaurants. I had quite a number of meals from the Wegmans food court over there, although my roommate, jbadger, and I did venture out once for crab cakes at a local fish fry store. Unfortunately, it may not be a safe area. There was an armed robbery at the Hunt Valley McDonald's during the con and a few con attendees witnessed that. Be careful!

I didn't do too many geocaches Thursday on the way there. My main goal that day was to do "Tiger Tracks", a webcam cache in the vicinity of the Towson University tiger sculpture. I enjoyed a walk on the North Central Rail trail afterwards. Monday, on the way out of Hunt Valley, I geocached in scenic Oregon Ridge Park and took another long hike by the Loch Raven Reservoir. I should've stopped there but I ventured too close to Baltimore afterwards and encountered much dog poop, junk on the streets, and dangerous open manholes. Good thing I didn't fall into one of those!


Cancer Survivors Park Cache (Maryland)
Lutherville Park and Hide (Maryland)
Deli Rush (Maryland)
Just Hangin Around (Maryland)
Bamboo101 (Maryland)
Tiger Tracks (Maryland)
Log it (Maryland)
Just Logging Here (Maryland)
Event Cache #5- Scrub-a-Dub (Maryland)
NCR - Lime Kiln (Maryland)
Rocky Mtn. High (Maryland)
NCR- Rest Stop (Maryland)
A Very Necessary Cache (Maryland)


Warmup (Maryland)
Bark, Bark, and More Bark (Maryland)
JM's Shelter Cache (Maryland)
The Sound of Music (Maryland)
Ex-Winter Wonderland (Maryland)
St Joes Brownies and Daisies Cache (Maryland)
Lady bug Butterfly Race (Maryland)
Hook, Line & Sinker (Maryland)
Gate 2 (Maryland)
Housing Market... Down the tubes (Maryland)
Princess Nikaleana's cache (Maryland)
5 little speckled frogs (Maryland)
Take a Penny Leave a Penny (Maryland)
Escape From Terra (Maryland)
The Forgotten Cache (Maryland)
Trash Out (Maryland)
Love on a Dead End Street (Maryland)
golf (Maryland)
A Crazy Peninsula (Maryland)
Five Feet Under (Maryland)
A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Maryland)
Get In The Zone (Maryland)
Parkville War Memorial Park (Maryland)

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