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Tommy's 270th Birthday, Pottstown

On Saturday, I went to Hamilton Lanes in Hamilton, NJ, for the "Happy 270th Birthday Tommy!" geocaching event. It was a small gathering in the party/bar room of the bowling alley. We had a lovely Thomas Jefferson cake and the smiley showed up too. After that, I did a bunch of geocaches around Yardville before heading over to Howell for the Route 9 series of geocaches. Of course, I did a bunch more geocaches between the series geocaches and I also ventured off into Freehold, Georgia and Wyckoff Mills.

Since I went to Wegmans so many times during Fur 'the More, I decided to get a Wegmans breakfast this Sunday morning too. Only problem: Wegmans in Collegeville is about an hour from home! I had sushi and gyoza. I actually did ask them if they were going to open a store in Delaware. The answer was no but here's the ironic twist: one of their new stores will be in Montvale, NJ. Yes, my old place but I'm not moving back there! Oh, well. Can't have everything.

After breakfast, I went geocaching in Limerick and Pottstown (Also Pottsgrove, Gilbertsville, New Hanover, Boyertown, and Stowe.) just up US-422. It was a continuation of my last trip to Royersford, just expanding a bit westward. I'm actually not terribly fond of this area, although there were a few nice locations. The treat of the day was finding "ShinBang", a cache that is more than a decade old. I love finding an old cache sometimes. It's wonderful to see something last a long time and admirable that someone maintained it all those years. It's also in a very rocky wooded area so thankfully, I didn't bang my shins. :)


Mesmerized by the Size (New Jersey)
1,2, 3 come play with Me (New Jersey)
Park and Grab Safari #6 (New Jersey)
Need a Smilie? (New Jersey)
Giovanna's Cache (New Jersey)
O Christmas Tree 2010 (New Jersey)
A Scout is Hungry (New Jersey)
A Scout is Stealthy (New Jersey)
A Scout is Handy (New Jersey)
24-9S (New Jersey)
25-9S (New Jersey)
1-9N (New Jersey)
2-9N (New Jersey)
Happy 270th Birthday Tommy! (New Jersey)
3-9N (New Jersey)
X-ray or MRI (New Jersey)
4-9N (New Jersey)
Meniscus tear (New Jersey)
5-9N (New Jersey)
I SAID phillips head (New Jersey)
6-9N (New Jersey)
7-9N (New Jersey)
8-9N (New Jersey)
Achilles Tendinitis (New Jersey)
9-9N (New Jersey)
10-9N (New Jersey)
Plantar Fasciitis (New Jersey)
11-9N (New Jersey)
9 Days of Rest (New Jersey)
12-9N (New Jersey)
13-9N (New Jersey)
14-9N (New Jersey)
15-9N (New Jersey)
17-9N (New Jersey)
Manasquan River Greenway #2 (New Jersey)
Nighthawk (New Jersey)
The Parks of Freehold Twp. #1 (New Jersey)
The Parks of Freehold Twp. #11 (New Jersey)
M&M (New Jersey)
21-9S (New Jersey)
20-9S (New Jersey)
Measure Twice Cut Once (New Jersey)
19-9S (New Jersey)
18 -9S (New Jersey)
22-9S (New Jersey)
23-9S (New Jersey)
Glen Arden Cache (New Jersey)
Barnegat Bay (New Jersey)
A "Joy"ous Cache (New Jersey)
North Branch (New Jersey)
Bursitis (New Jersey)


Ooh! Sharp (Pennsylvania)
Screwie Lewie (Pennsylvania)
Silly Wabbit! Caching's For Kids! (Pennsylvania)
Veterans Park Treasure (Pennsylvania)
Scuba 2 (Pennsylvania)
Happys Work (Pennsylvania)
Goose Wind (Pennsylvania)
Maples, Frogs and Trains (Pennsylvania)
Wizards in Winter (Pennsylvania)
SDOG#13: I'm Shipping Up To Boston (Pennsylvania)
SDOG#12: Flannigans Ball (Pennsylvania)
Calvary Camo (Pennsylvania)
I like shiny things (Pennsylvania)
Rock of Salvation (Pennsylvania)
Frozen Wood (Pennsylvania)
The Cup (Pennsylvania)
SDOG#07: Famous for Nothing (Pennsylvania)
Kipper's Cache (Pennsylvania)
ShinBang (Pennsylvania)
Fraggle Rocks (Pennsylvania)
Sunny Ridge (Pennsylvania)
"G-ville" Micro (Pennsylvania)
Boyertown Park Far Back (Pennsylvania)
Winery Cache # 7 - Fruit and Wine, Mighty Fine (Pennsylvania)
GAR (Pennsylvania)
When I'm 64 (Pennsylvania)
PPL (Pennsylvania)
Grate Gatsby (Pennsylvania)
Streaker (Pennsylvania)
14 Days of I Hate Valentine's - Day #6 (Pennsylvania)
Smoother Operator (Pennsylvania)
Gobble, Gobble dos (Pennsylvania)
Grosstown Road Trail Head (Pennsylvania)
Geocaching Mints, Anyone? (Pennsylvania)
Grate Expectations (Pennsylvania)
Sudoku of Suburbia (Pennsylvania)
Behind The Sad Trombone II (Pennsylvania)

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