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Pottstown Expansion

Saturday and Sunday were both days with great weather. I continued where I stopped last weekend and geocached to the west of Pottstown, in Stowe, Douglassville, and Birdsboro. I wasn't too fond of Pottstown itself but the areas to the west of it are rather nice. Of course, I may change my mind again when I get closer to Reading but that's for another weekend. A lot of the hiking I did was along the Schuylkill River Trail, which has scenic views, nice wildflowers, and a cat. On Saturday, I also hiked around Monocacy Hill Recreation Area, which has ruins and a mini waterfall.

The funniest geocache of the weekend was a polka-dot chicken. It's from "The Season's Upon Us", a puzzle cache that asks the question about why the chicken crossed the road.


HTC (Pennsylvania)
Twin Flowers (Pennsylvania)
Aqueduct at the Berks/Montgomery County Line (Pennsylvania)
Target Range (Pennsylvania)
Tangled (Pennsylvania)
White Horse Inn (Pennsylvania)
Mouns Jones (Pennsylvania)
All Tied Up (Pennsylvania)
Rrrrnt (Pennsylvania)
Monocacy Hill Watershed (Pennsylvania)
Lead Pipe (Pennsylvania)
Bamboo Hideaway (Pennsylvania)
Ganshahawny Park (Pennsylvania)
Cee-Ay-Tee (Pennsylvania)
Mark's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Muggle City (Pennsylvania)
Permission Granted (Pennsylvania)
Pokecache (Pennsylvania)
Bingo Hall (Pennsylvania)
Stranger in Paradise (Pennsylvania)
Rocky Road 2 (Pennsylvania)
Permission Granted II: Just do the Twist!! (Pennsylvania)
The Grate One (Pennsylvania)
The Road to Nowhere (Pennsylvania)
Shakespeare Series: Much A-Dough About Nothing (Pennsylvania)
Boulderdash (Pennsylvania)
Crossroads (Pennsylvania)
A Peanuts Christmas (Pennsylvania)
Make Sure I'm On Tight (Pennsylvania)
All in One Basket (Pennsylvania)
Dead Man, Young Man, Old Man (Pennsylvania)
Dnalawaw (Pennsylvania)


S.W.A.K. (Pennsylvania)
No Sugar Tonight in My Coffee (Pennsylvania)
Frankie Dog (Pennsylvania)
The Season's Upon Us (Pennsylvania)
A pine highd #5 (Pennsylvania)
Greenie Jug (Pennsylvania)
I got a Wedgie (Pennsylvania)
Riverview East (Pennsylvania)
Riverview West (Pennsylvania)
Mosquito Haven (Pennsylvania)
Just Another Log (Pennsylvania)
Between the Knees (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to Fred's (Pennsylvania)
Bicycle Race (Pennsylvania)
I Have No Idea! (Pennsylvania)
Black Waters (Pennsylvania)
Under the Open Sky (Pennsylvania)
14 Days of I Hate Valentine's - Day #8 (Pennsylvania)
14 Days of I Hate Valentine's - Day #12 (Pennsylvania)
8th Wonder (Pennsylvania)
Thun Connector (Pennsylvania)
A Thorn In Your Side.... (Pennsylvania)
Which Post? (Pennsylvania)
They Road Over This Aqueduct II (Pennsylvania)
In Honor of Bob (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Rehab (Pennsylvania)
The 14 Days of I Hate Valentine's Day #11 (Pennsylvania)
SDOG#15: Float (Pennsylvania)
Another Stumpy (Pennsylvania)
Armorcast Commemorative Cache (Pennsylvania)
Smooth Operator IV (Pennsylvania)
The Blue Heron (Pennsylvania)
Birdsboro's Finest (Pennsylvania)
Hosed (Pennsylvania)
Keystone Blvd (Pennsylvania)
Bike Schuylkill (Pennsylvania)

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