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Freeware Essentials

The following is a list of the freeware utilities I use regularly. My software toolset, so to speak. What do you use? Please share.

Firebird: (formerly Phoenix) web browser
Vim: Text editor
Servant Salamander: File manager
ZoneAlarm: Firewall
WordWeb: Dictionary and thesaurus
Trillian: ICQ, AIM, etc
WinSCP: SCP (secure copy) client
WS_FTP LE: FTP client
Irfanview: Graphics viewer/converter/optimizer
ActivePerl: Perl language bundle
GeoBuddy: Merge/convert GPS data
EasyGPS: GPS data transfer
TClockEx: Taskbar clock enhancer
EndItAll: Shuts down all applications
The Wonderful Icon: Does way too many things
Web Safe Colors: Websafe color picker

The odd thing is I don't use any LJ client on a regular basis even though I've tried most of them. I write nearly every entry in Vim and cut-and-paste to the web.
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