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WWFM X, Birdsboro

On Saturday, I went to the "WWFM X: May the Fourth in Warminster, PA" geocaching event. It's part of the Worldwide Flash Mob, 536 events in 38 countries occurring at the same time. (1pm here and at different hours in other time zones) I wish the events weren't synchronized so I could attend multiple events within my travel area, but that's the way it was. At the scheduled time, we gathered at Warminster Community Park. Since it was Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you :) ), we had a light saber battle. After that, we split up but Gumshoe89, Pitch Black, and I formed a small group to head over to Southampton to hike in Playwicki Park and hit the collection of geocaches there. Gumshoe89 and I continued on to Playwicki Farm. It was good to do those geocaches in a group.

On Sunday, I went to Birdsboro to continue where I stopped last time in the Pottstown expansion. Since there were so many geocaches around Kulpsville, Birdsboro, Exeter, and Robeson, I didn't actually get to the Schuylkill River Trail until late afternoon but still managed to squeeze in a 4-mile walk. The most difficult geocache of the day was "29 Steps Cache". No hints and bad GPS reception but I pieced together as much information as I could from the logs and found it after some determined searching. The most interesting landmark of the day was the large rooster near "Can't Snuff The Rooster".

Sunday's trip didn't end in the evening though. After dinner, my route home took me south through Morgantown so I stopped in that town for "Cache some ZZZZzzzzzs in Morgantown". That geocache previously required a ladder. I figured I'd take a stab at it since I had some equipment with me. Fortunately, someone had moved it lower so it was easier than before. While in Morgantown, I checked the geocaching map and noticed that there was a night cache just a few miles away. "Pigs Fly at Night #1" is on a special trail laid out with reflectors and meant to be found at night. It was already very late by then but I figured since I was in the area, why not? So I took a half-mile hike in the dark and found the cache at the stroke of midnight. I think some of the reflectors were missing but it was not a problem because with a bright flashlight, I could see several reflectors ahead.


Don't Fence Me In XII (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over No Water II (Pennsylvania)
Ivyland School (Pennsylvania)
Country Store (Pennsylvania)
Werner Park (Pennsylvania)
Stop (Pennsylvania)
A sandwich, some Italian food, and into the woods (Pennsylvania)
Pond View Cache II (Pennsylvania)
TAXMAN 1's Choice II (Pennsylvania)
WWFM X: May the Fourth in Warminster, PA (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me In XIII (Pennsylvania)
Tennis Anyone? XII (Pennsylvania)
Veterans Field (Pennsylvania)
Don't pass the Buck II (Pennsylvania)
Creekside Hollow (Pennsylvania)
Cricket's Serenade (Pennsylvania)
Keebler Elf (Pennsylvania)
Bump On A Log (Pennsylvania)
Easy Find (Pennsylvania)
Pioneer Day Passageway (Pennsylvania)
Upper Creek View (Pennsylvania)
Woodpecker's Paradise (Pennsylvania)
Dry Your Clothes Here (Not) (Pennsylvania)
Read Between the Lines (Pennsylvania)
Playwicki Woodland (Pennsylvania)
SOCDAF VI (Pennsylvania)
Scarlets "Shard"-o-nnay (redux) (Pennsylvania)
SOCDAF II (Pennsylvania)
SOCDAF VIII (Pennsylvania)
SOCDAF IX (Pennsylvania)
SOCDAF VII (Pennsylvania)
SOCDAF III (Pennsylvania)
SOCDAF V (Pennsylvania)
No Tires Here (Pennsylvania)
They're Everywhere (Pennsylvania)
Dylan's Cache II (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me In XI (Pennsylvania)
Information Please (Pennsylvania)
Rocks and a bush (Pennsylvania)
O.K. Corral (Pennsylvania)


Can You Reach It? (Pennsylvania)
Deck the Halls (Pennsylvania)
Waiting for TheTow (again) (Pennsylvania)
Gnarly Tree (Pennsylvania)
Ridge Trail (Pennsylvania)
All Along the Watchtower (Pennsylvania)
The 14 Days of I Hate Valentine's Day #5 (Pennsylvania)
Freebird (Pennsylvania)
Rustic Park Micro (Pennsylvania)
Mississippi Queen (Pennsylvania)
Radar Love (Pennsylvania)
The 14 Days of I Hate Valentine's Day #13 (Pennsylvania)
Norfolk Southern (Pennsylvania)
The 14 Days of I Hate Valentine's Day #9 (Pennsylvania)
Schuylkill River Go with the Flow (Pennsylvania)
This Bridge Won't Hold Water! (Pennsylvania)
Zero102's first hide... Zombie Stomp (Pennsylvania)
Water Under The Bridge (Pennsylvania)
Peace Like A River (Pennsylvania)
Trout Swim They Don't Run (Pennsylvania)
In Memory of Lincoln House (Pennsylvania)
Can't Snuff The Rooster (Pennsylvania)
Phew Whats That Smell #1 (Pennsylvania)
Bear's Dogdom (Pennsylvania)
Scoop of Cold Cache (Pennsylvania)
A Bridge Over Water for Water (Pennsylvania)
Beidler House (Pennsylvania)
THE GREAT GONZO! ... Stranglehold (Pennsylvania)
Hang That Thun (Pennsylvania)
29 Steps Cache (Pennsylvania)
Quad (Pennsylvania)
Stumpy (Pennsylvania)
Need a Thun-Up? (Pennsylvania)
Belly Button (Pennsylvania)
Everyone wants a log! (Pennsylvania)
Squeezing In Between (Pennsylvania)
Stone Staircase (Pennsylvania)
Closing the Gap (Pennsylvania)
Cache some ZZZZzzzzzs in Morgantown (Pennsylvania)


Pigs Fly at Night #1 (Pennsylvania)
WWFM X Cache (Delaware)
You Can't Go This Way! (Delaware)

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