Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Two Approaches to Reading

Over the weekend, I did more geocaching to the south of Reading, approaching from the southeast (via Morgantown) on Saturday and from the southwest (via Adamstown) on Sunday. Saturday was a rainy day, so I thought it was appropriate to start the day by finding "I Love a Rainy Night". (day, night... close enough!) There were some quick geocaches on the approach from Morgantown to Wyomissing that I could do in the rain but I still had to stop for some time in the late afternoon anyway because of lightning.

Sunday's weather was a lot better. I started at the Pennsylvania Turnpike / 222 interchange in Denver and went northeast from there, meandering through the countryside of Adamstown, Reinholds, Montello, and Spring. With lots of farms and rolling hills, this area looks similar to Lancaster, except with the curious absence of Amish buggies. "Just a GRM!" was the most challenging cache of the day. It looked like an exercise on the part of the cache owner in how much a part of the guard rail one can make a cache appear to be. I found it only because I happened to touch it and noticed a very slight difference.


I Love a Rainy Night (Pennsylvania)
Bear Feed (Pennsylvania)
Bear Crossing (Pennsylvania)
In Harmony (Pennsylvania)
Madison says Y Knot (Pennsylvania)
The Orchard (Pennsylvania)
Might see a Beetle Bug (Pennsylvania)
Twisty Tour #2 (Pennsylvania)
The float trip of 77 (Pennsylvania)
Lake Valmont (Pennsylvania)
Twisty Tour Homage #1 (Pennsylvania)
Mohnton Gunmakers (Pennsylvania)
The Blue Heron (aka Jr. 26) (Pennsylvania)
30 over 30 (Pennsylvania)
Napa to the Mmax (Pennsylvania)
Bob the Cache (Pennsylvania)
Bear Bite (Pennsylvania)
"Friday the 13th my LUCKY day" (Name That Cache 3) (Pennsylvania)
Advent Calendar December 10 Redo! (Pennsylvania)
Advent Calendar December 11 (Pennsylvania)
Advent Calendar December 6 (Pennsylvania)
Karrrrl's Wall (Pennsylvania)
9 to 5 (Pennsylvania)
Hope this does not bug you (Pennsylvania)
Three Little Pigs: Sticks (Pennsylvania)
Roads End (Pennsylvania)
Shakespeare Series: COMEDY of Errors (Pennsylvania)
Lights, Camera, Cache!! (Pennsylvania)
Building Block #1 (Pennsylvania)
Hey Now! (Pennsylvania)


Wahly the IIIrd (Pennsylvania)
LOST (Pennsylvania)
KilllerBee's Killer Hide-A-Key (Pennsylvania)
Where's Amos? (Pennsylvania)
Roadside Princess #6 (Pennsylvania)
A Poplar Place (Pennsylvania)
Let's Put One Here! (Pennsylvania)
Wahly's first (Pennsylvania)
Ridge Road Romance (Pennsylvania)
Roadside Princess #4 with a twist (Pennsylvania)
Roadside Princess #1 (Pennsylvania)
Which One? #3 (Pennsylvania)
Take Me out to the Ball Game (Pennsylvania)
Summer Days in Adamstown (Pennsylvania)
Just a GRM! (Pennsylvania)
Fore ratjam...Happy Birthday! (Pennsylvania)
Bittersweet (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - B4 (Pennsylvania)
Shilo Waterworks (Pennsylvania)
What is a bellfish? (Pennsylvania)
Springside Manor (Pennsylvania)
Dont Bug Me #10 (aka The Hopper) (Pennsylvania)
Last Dont Bug Me! (Pennsylvania)
Dont Bug Me #13 (Pennsylvania)
Don't Get So Excited (Pennsylvania)
For Rent (Pennsylvania)
TRHMG (Pennsylvania)
Passed Berks' Past #6 (Pennsylvania)
Shilo View (Pennsylvania)
Shilo Bandit (Pennsylvania)
Little Giant (Pennsylvania)
Wheatfield Cache (Pennsylvania)
Olive Leaf Park (Pennsylvania)
Dont Bug Me #6 (Pennsylvania)
Chocolate Pretzel (Pennsylvania)
Still a farm.... kind of... (Pennsylvania)
Used to be a farm… (Pennsylvania)
Passed Berks Past #1 (Pennsylvania)
Building block #3 (Pennsylvania)
Please Share my Umbrella (Pennsylvania)
Passed Berks' Past #3 (Pennsylvania)
Happy Mother's Day (Pennsylvania)
Sleep Tight (Delaware)
Sick of Being Sick (Delaware)
I Need a New Stapler! (Delaware)

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