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Harford County, CFF Walk, Manasquan, Puzzle Cache Hacks

Saturday was a rainy day. I had already planned on heading to Maryland so I didn't change my plans but decided to do some of the easier geocaches and anything I left out on previous trips in the vicinity of Havre de Grace, Churchville, Bel Air, and Fountain Green. I'll save the bike trail geocaches near White Marsh for another time. There was still plenty to do. There were some puzzles that I solved since my last visit, so I went and found the final cache containers for those. I also hiked the trail behind Harford Community College despite the rain. This being a campus trail, there were some prank signs along the way. I also revisited the Bel Air neighborhood where someone called the police the last time and interrupted my search. Apparently, they had problems and/or were nervous about strangers. (Even the police officer thought that was ridiculous but I decided to skip the area that day.) This time, nothing happened and I was able to finish the "Crazy Bone" series. The "Atari 2600 Tribute" series that I did on Saturday is noteworthy. Each cache is a repurposed Atari cartridge.

Sunday was another rainy day. I headed out early in the morning for the Hi-4 mascot gig at CFF Great Strides in Point Pleasant Beach. I actually wasn't sure we were going to do this because the crowd was rather small due to the rain. However, Damian K and Rapid T Rabbit arrived a bit later and we went ahead with the gig. The husky fursuit got wet and a bit muddy around the legs but most of it is machine-washable so that's not a problem. We had a bit of fun, did the gig until around 1pm, and split up. For the rest of the afternoon, I found some simple geocaches around Manasquan, West Belmar, and Neptune. At times, it was raining too hard to carry electronics around outside so I used aerial photos and some good guesswork to find those caches. On the way home, I noticed that it wasn't raining in the Bordentown area so I stopped there for a while to pick up a few more geocaches and kill time before dinner.

At some cache sites, there is a physical puzzle you have to solve or something extra you have to do in order to retrieve the cache log. One of the running themes this weekend is I kept thinking of alternative ways to attack those problems.

"Elk river park pipe", the first cache I did on Saturday, was one such puzzle. It's a vertical pipe attached to a tree with lots of tiny holes running down the length of it. The log container sat at the bottom of the pipe. I actually had no idea how this puzzle was intended to be solved. However, I looked around and found a straight stick of the right length. When I shoved that stick into the bottom of the pipe, the container popped out the top of the pipe. Comparing my experience to the cache description and some of the online logs, I doubt I retrieved the log the correct way but if it works, it works.

"Porto Caelestis" requires a visit to a historical marker to get the final coordinates but there are websites with lists and full text of historical markers, so I just read that part online and went directly to the final stage. It is at The Door, a sculpture in downtown Bel Air.

"Just Add Water" is a pipe with the cache sitting at the bottom of it. The idea is the cache is attached to a floater and you have to pour water into the pipe to bring it to the top. I was about to do that when I wondered what if the cache was magnetic? So I used my magnet rod and that got the cache out in one try! Turns out that the cache itself was not magnetic but the small piece of wire attaching it to the floater was.

"The VAULT" is a maze puzzle cube. There is a maze on five sides of the box and you have to guide the ball bearing through the maze to the final position to unlock the box. I had trouble tilting the puzzle just so to get the ball bearing to go down the right maze pathways. Then I wondered what if the ball bearing was magnetic? So I tried using my magnet rod again and suddenly, this puzzle was as easy as drawing the path on the surface of the cube!


Elk river park pipe (Maryland)
MML 2013 - Havre de Grace District 10 (Maryland)
Vulcan Quarry Mail (Maryland)
Take a Break (Maryland)
A Scout is Reverent (Maryland)
P.O. Box - Churchville (Maryland)
Atari 2600 Tribute: Space Invaders! (Maryland)
Sign of the Times (Maryland)
Screech's Clutch (Maryland)
BioBill (Maryland)
The Hunger Games: District 1 – Glimmer (Maryland)
Crazy Bone #3 (Maryland)
Crazy Bone #4 (Maryland)
CrazyBone #2 (Maryland)
Crazy Bone Series #1 (Maryland)
Under and Up (Maryland)
Atari 2600 Tribute: Asteroids! (Maryland)
Sir Isaac Newton (Maryland)
Atari 2600 Tribute: Pac-Man! (Maryland)
Porto Caelestis (Maryland)
Sitting Sweetly (Maryland)
Just Add Water (Maryland)
Circle Gets The Square (Maryland)
P.O. Box – Bel Air (Maryland)
MA and PA's Back Door (Maryland)
Atari 2600 Tribute: Berzerk! (Maryland)
Not In The Rocks (Maryland)
MA & PA Trestle (Maryland)
MML 2013 - Bel Air District 10 (Maryland)
La Caja Verde de Rock Spring (Maryland)
Forest Hill Rocks! (Maryland)
Don't Get DQ'd!!!! (Maryland)
Atari 2600 Tribute: Missile Command! (Maryland)
Atari 2600 Tribute: Bowling! (Maryland)


Dorrer's Market (New Jersey)
Loughran Gardens (New Jersey)
The VAULT (New Jersey)
NJ Coastline - Manasquan (Do Over) (New Jersey)
Alice's Spot (New Jersey)
LSS Manasquan- Preserved (New Jersey)
Dog Beach (New Jersey)
The Manasquan Inlet (New Jersey)
Tassini Time (New Jersey)
Sentry Duty #4 (New Jersey)
Grind and Find (New Jersey)
BAILEY say's a simple one may Suit your needs! (New Jersey)
Icecream Social (New Jersey)
The Family Goat (New Jersey)
To bee or not to bee? (New Jersey)
Welcome to the WB (New Jersey)
Drive-In No. 1 (Coffee Shop) (New Jersey)
".....When Taste Matters" (New Jersey)
Bowling Memories - Neptune (New Jersey)
My Dog Plays Hockey (New Jersey)
A walk with Seth Hand (New Jersey)
Om-nom-osaurus Eats Everything! (New Jersey)
Q.S. on 206 #1 (New Jersey)
Lost For Words (New Jersey)
Coffee #13 (New Jersey)

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