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Memorial Day Weekend - Philly, White Marsh & Peninsula, Five Mile Woods & Newtown, Reading

The holiday weekend started Friday evening with a trip into Philadelphia. I didn't plan it that way but after finding a geocache in Wilmington and continuing to cache towards the northeast, I found myself at the edge of Philadelphia and thought why not go into Chinatown for dinner?

On Saturday, I decided to go to Five Mile Woods in Lower Makefield, PA, because I noticed there were more than a dozen geocaches in that park alone. Most of those were fairly typical but I thought "The Curious Geo-Puzzle: Part II" was interesting. It had 3 riddles I needed to answer to unlock the cache. I knew two of those answers and fortunately, mobile data reception was good enough in the woods there to research the third one. After that, I went to Newtown. It's been years since I last visited that area, so there were lots of new geocaches.

On Sunday, I went to White Marsh, MD, to walk the bike path along Route 43. Most of the geocaches along that path were fairly simple, although one was starting to get really difficult to find because of thick vegetation. That seems to be a common problem everywhere as we head into summer. After that, I went for the HBWLADS cache series in Dundalk and a few more caches here and there on the peninsula until it was time to leave.

On Monday, I decided to hit the last section of the Schuylkill River Trail (the last section populated with geocaches anyway) near and in Reading. As usual, I geocached around town (in Cumru and Shillington) until later in the afternoon to avoid walking in the midday sun too much. The SRT walk was once again the best part of the day. I parked at the Brentwood Trailhead and walked to the east. Then I walked back to parking and walked west to Reading. There was some good scenery where the trail crossed a bridge but most of the walk was about average. The cache series ended at the Looking Back, Facing Forward mural in Reading.


Take it off...Take it ALL off! (Delaware)
Just a Cross to Bare (Pennsylvania)
Spring into action (Pennsylvania)
Gravity Rules (Pennsylvania)
AWolfpack01 Was Here Also (Pennsylvania)
CacheVS (Pennsylvania)
Put Ben to Rest (Pennsylvania)


Oh no, not another......! (Pennsylvania)
Alienated (Pennsylvania)
Five Mile Cache (Pennsylvania)
Brownie (Pennsylvania)
Brownie Journey Cache (Pennsylvania)
Jack's Micro (Pennsylvania)
"The Curious Geo-Puzzle: Part II" (Pennsylvania)
Car Cache (Pennsylvania)
How The Mighty Have Fallen (Pennsylvania)
Toy Box (Pennsylvania)
Blackie (Pennsylvania)
It's A Ball! (Pennsylvania)
Thomas' cache (Pennsylvania)
Hanging Around (Pennsylvania)
I Smiled When I Saw This (Pennsylvania)
Girl Scouts: Rice Toss (Pennsylvania)
Get yer Medicine (Pennsylvania)
USPHL3GEO001 (Pennsylvania)
What a Waste! (Pennsylvania)
NCT - 7 (Pennsylvania)
NCT - 8 (Pennsylvania)
A Powerful Cache (Pennsylvania)
Bucks - Playwicki - Cache to Eagle # 1 (Pennsylvania)
NCT - 6 (Pennsylvania)
NCT - 5 (Pennsylvania)
Make a Bee Line 4 The Tree Line (Pennsylvania)
Troid Tine : NFA Memorial (Pennsylvania)
Olde St. Andrews Church (Pennsylvania)
Five Little Monkeys 5 (Pennsylvania)
Bucks - Playwicki - Cache to Eagle # 4 (Pennsylvania)
Liam&Emma 1 (Pennsylvania)
Kiwi Birdie (Pennsylvania)
Left Aide (Pennsylvania)
A little bit of Everything (Pennsylvania)
Get It Your Way Here 2 (Pennsylvania)
I Would Prefer a Soft Drink! (Pennsylvania)


HDG History Lafayette Trail #1 - The Lockhouse (Maryland)
Silver Arc (Maryland)
Red Shoe Box Hide - #1 (Maryland)
7.4 MILES TILL THE _ _ _ ? (Maryland)
Yellow Box # 20 (Maryland)
River Road Tower (Maryland)
White Marsh Hilly Pine (Maryland)
Hilltop on White Marsh Blvd (Maryland)
Windlass Run (Maryland)
Almost to convenience store (Maryland)
The Cross Roads Micros's III (Maryland)
What road is this? (Maryland)
You call that a fence? (Maryland)
Across from 1405? (Maryland)
Is that 1401 over there? (Maryland)
Number 10 (Maryland)
Korean War Memorial Highway (Maryland)
Bengies and WMB (Maryland)
East 150 in a box West (Maryland)
Bengies One (Maryland)
Bengies Two (Maryland)
Bengies Three (Maryland)
On Your MARC, Martin State Airport v2.0 (Maryland)
D.E.S.P. Jewelry Box #6 (Maryland)
Yellow Box #60 (Maryland)
HBWLADS#10 (Maryland)
HBWLADS#1 (Maryland)
HBWLADS#2 (Maryland)
HBWLADS#4 (Maryland)
HBWLADS#3 (Maryland)
HBWLADS#5 (Maryland)
HBWLADS#6 (Maryland)
HBWLADS#7 (Maryland)
HBWLADS#8 (Maryland)
HBWLADS#9 (Maryland)
D.E.S.P. Jewelry Box #3 (Maryland)
Jared's Rear (Maryland)
Welcome to the Peninsula (Maryland)
A Perfectly Placed Mediocre Cache (Maryland)


Covered Road (Pennsylvania)
Panda Lunch? (Pennsylvania)
The Great Unknown! (milestone challenge) (Pennsylvania)
Surprise! (Pennsylvania)
Gimmie Shelter (Pennsylvania)
Poplar Neck Progress (not) (Pennsylvania)
Quiet as a church mouse (Pennsylvania)
Crazy Commando (Pennsylvania)
Cache much?? (Pennsylvania)
Shandy's Home Away From Home (Pennsylvania)
Shot on Sight (Pennsylvania)
Funkin' Go Nuts (Pennsylvania)
Dont Bug Me #7 (Pennsylvania)
12CoC: Day 11 (Pennsylvania)
Advent Calendar December 16 (Pennsylvania)
Sloozie (Pennsylvania)
I Want My iThuns! (Pennsylvania)
Thun(ing) Fork (Pennsylvania)
Whistle a Happy *Thun* aka More *Thun* than a ... (Pennsylvania)
Singing a Poplar Thun (Crossroad) (Pennsylvania)
Thun Bridge Tree Hole (Pennsylvania)
A Thun Is A Toon Is A Tune (Pennsylvania)
Rush 2112 (Pennsylvania)
I'm Stumped... What's That Thun? (Pennsylvania)
Uni-Thuns (Pennsylvania)
Have a Root-in Thun-in Good Time! (Pennsylvania)
Thun(ing) Fork Tree (Pennsylvania)
Thun-Stones! (Pennsylvania)
The Thun Changes at the Bridge (Pennsylvania)
That Thun Rocks! (Pennsylvania)
STOP singing that Thun! (Pennsylvania)
Train Rails to Thun Trails (Pennsylvania)
Looking Back, Facing Forward (Pennsylvania)

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