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LOTR series, North Reading & Muhlenberg Rail Trail

Friday evening was a bit of a bummer because I noticed a slow leak in the passenger-side rear tire due to an embedded screw. So on Saturday morning, instead of going to a geocaching event in Dublin, I had to get the leaky tire fixed. Worse yet, the screw was at the edge of the sidewall, so the hole could not be plugged. Fortunately, there was a road hazard warranty on the tire so the new tire only cost $15! Anyway, that pretty much killed the morning so I decided to do some geocaches locally. What I had in mind was to finally finish the LOTR (Lord of the Rings) cache series. This is a 20-cache series that I'd been working on since August. It took that long because not all the caches came out at the same time, some caches depended on having found other caches in the series, and I kept having other plans throughout the fall and winter months. So when I had the opportunity to finish off the last few, I just had to do it! It is a very good series. The caches incorporate themes from the LOTR story. There were a number of tricks, puzzles, and challenges along the way. Nothing was overly difficult but those were enough to make one think. LOTR #20, the last cache in the series, could have been the most difficult one, but I figured out the trick quickly because of experience with other similar caches. After I was done with the LOTR series, I headed over to Eastern Shore Maryland for a batch of caches on two of the fingers of the upper Chesapeake and that was it for the day.

On Sunday, I went to North Reading and Muhlenberg Township, skipping right past the bad areas (or so I'd been told) of Reading. The goal was to do the No Muhles Allowed cache series on the Muhlenberg Rail Trail but as usual, I did some geocaches around that part of town first while waiting for the sun to go down a bit. I usually don't like graffiti but I thought this "Joy" graffiti, where the rail trail went under a road bridge, was an exception. It looks like whoever did this used a big stencil. I also couldn't resist photographing a box turtle who was right in the middle of the path.


Wasteland (Delaware)
LOTR #18 - Minas Tirith (Delaware)
Before The Kiss, A Redcap - BÖC (Delaware)
Miniskirt (Delaware)
LOTR #17 - Shelob's Lair (Delaware)
LOTR #20 - Eye of Sauron (Delaware)
North Sassafras Parish (Maryland)
Zephyr (Maryland)
St. Paul's Cemetery (Maryland)
Welcome to Crystal Beach! (Maryland)
Safety Hut (Maryland)
The Tower (Maryland)
Buckingham, No Palace (Maryland)


Preston's Treasures (Delaware)
The Shade of Stafford (Delaware)
Parkesburg Hear Me Roar! (Pennsylvania)
I'll Be There For You (Pennsylvania)
Bear's Classic (Pennsylvania)
Flying Hills Mini III (Pennsylvania)
"B" - Killler or Carpenter? (Pennsylvania)
The Paint Pot (Pennsylvania)
In 1921 (Pennsylvania)
Red Knights (Pennsylvania)
NMA...I'll be really quiet for the Wind Chimes (Pennsylvania)
NMA..WHOA...Thats a High Bridge (Pennsylvania)
NMA...What about Roller Blades? (Pennsylvania)
NMA...Even If I FRUSH? (Pennsylvania)
NMA...I promise !!! (Pennsylvania)
NMA...maybe if I wear sneakers? (Pennsylvania)
NMA ...Caught Between a H.... (Pennsylvania)
NMA...But Dogs Are!!! (Pennsylvania)
NMA...pass the Hay (Pennsylvania)
No Muhles Allowed on this Trail...even on a Leash? (Pennsylvania)
No Muhles Allowed on this Trail...REALLY??? (Pennsylvania)
No Muhles Allowed (Pennsylvania)
The Duke of Earl (Pennsylvania)
Perfect size (Pennsylvania)
Park and DASH (Pennsylvania)
Yakety Yak, Don't Talk Back! (Alberta) (Pennsylvania)
"To Fee FIVE Foe Fum!" (Pennsylvania)
4121212 (Pennsylvania)
MCMXI (Pennsylvania)
A View to a Kill (Pennsylvania)
Hoops there it is (Pennsylvania)
Things Are Looking Up (Pennsylvania)
Worst seat in the park (Pennsylvania)
Cache ZZzzzs on Clearance (Pennsylvania)
Don't Bug Our Little Angel (Pennsylvania)
Signs, Signs, Everywhere there's signs (Pennsylvania)

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