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LVGC Breakfast, Lehigh Valley, Central Delaware

Saturday morning, I went to Borderline Restaurant in Bethlehem for the "LVGC Breakfast in the Lehigh Valley 2013, 2nd Qtr" geocaching event. I was there only for the event, not the post-event hike. The reason for that was the planned hike was in a part of Bucks County that I'd been to a lot. I figured since I was already in Lehigh Valley, I might as well spend the day there and hike a rail trail. So, after finishing my Stuffed French Toast, I did a bunch of geocaches around Bethlehem and then headed over to the Nor-Bath Rail Trail to do the NBTS cache series. It was a lot of walking but I was able to do it in sections since there were a number of parking areas along the trail. The highlight of the evening was a viewing of an F-14 Tomcat at VFW 7293 in Whitehall. I remember being there before, so it probably wasn't the first geocache on the VFW grounds.

I woke up late on Sunday so I decided to just do a bunch of geocaches in Central Delaware (Kent and part of Sussex County). "Silver Lake Puzzle" was interesting because I needed a UV flashlight to read the final coordinates on a sign at the first stage. The "iCache" is a neat reuse of a non-functioning iMac G4 as a geocache container. I have no idea how it could be left in the woods without being disturbed by anyone but it was still standing there.


LVGC Breakfast in the Lehigh Valley 2013, 2nd Qtr (Pennsylvania)
NBTS #8 (Pennsylvania)
NBTS #9 (Pennsylvania)
NBTS #10 (Pennsylvania)
NBTS #11 (Pennsylvania)
NBTS #12 (Pennsylvania)
NBTS #13 (Pennsylvania)
NBTS #14 (Pennsylvania)
NBTS #15 (Pennsylvania)
Lurking About (Pennsylvania)
Bridge to Nowhere (Pennsylvania)
NBTS #17 (Pennsylvania)
NBTS #19 (Pennsylvania)
NBTS # 18 (Pennsylvania)
GroundHOG (Pennsylvania)
I Won It! (Pennsylvania)
ATTN #1 - The Beginning! (Pennsylvania)
Henry's Hide (Pennsylvania)
Wings Over Egypt (Pennsylvania)
Rt 145 C&D II (Pennsylvania)
"THGS": District 09 (Pennsylvania)
OG Can You See Me? (Pennsylvania)
Ladybug - Phyllis (Pennsylvania)
BD II (Pennsylvania)
Come Fly With Me (Pennsylvania)
Baby #84, Michelle's Cache (Pennsylvania)
For Those Who Served – Hanover Township (Pennsylvania)
To Find, or not to Find. (Pennsylvania)
It Must Be A Sign... (Pennsylvania)
No PAF’s Please! V (Pennsylvania)
Lunch Break Hike (Pennsylvania)
Ladybug - Mary (Pennsylvania)
NBTS #5 (Pennsylvania)
NBTS #4 (Pennsylvania)
NBTS #3 (Pennsylvania)
Wheel Works (Pennsylvania)
"Fort"itude (Pennsylvania)
NBTS #2 (Pennsylvania)
NBTS #1 (Pennsylvania)
'Can' You Find Me? II (Pennsylvania)
sTROLLing Through Bath (Pennsylvania)


The Light of the Holy GRail (Delaware)
Nothing but Crappie Perch (Delaware)
GS Troop 707 (Delaware)
stop shop and cach (Delaware)
Clown's House North (Delaware)
OLD NUMBER ''9'' (Delaware)
Silver Lake Puzzle (Delaware)
Rock Garden (Delaware)
Island in the field (Delaware)
Race to the CACHE (Delaware)
iCache (Delaware)
Saluting the fallen (Delaware)
Rt 8 east to west 1 (Delaware)
Rt 8 east to west 2 (Delaware)
JB3-Urban Tract 2 (Delaware)
Happy Hour No More (Delaware)
Who's Who (Delaware)
BIRD YURT (Delaware)
George V. Massey (Delaware)
We the people... (Delaware)
A blast from the past (Delaware)
LIVE (Delaware)
JB3-McGinnis Pond (Delaware)
Mrs ''M'' on Guard (Delaware)
Are you hungry (Delaware)
Fence no more. (Delaware)

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