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Reading, Reading, Reading

Saturday and Sunday were both hot and humid days with temperatures up to 90°F. I made a final push to try to finish off the Reading area geocaches, including some of the puzzles. However, I couldn't do too much hiking because of the weather, so the pagoda area will have to wait for another weekend.

On Saturday, I went all around Reading, starting to the southeast and working my way counterclockwise. On Sunday, I focused on a group of caches to the southwest and west of Reading. Sunday's set was a bit more interesting, not so much for the caches themselves but for the artifacts in the area. "I've fallen and cant get up!!" is at a horizontal Atlas sculpture outside a gym. While I was photographing it, someone yelled out that I could take it home if I wanted. Uhh... no, thanks. "Birds of a Feather" brought me to a Distlefink. The sculpture is of a stylized goldfinch that appears in Pennsylvania Dutch folk art.


A FOXY MOVE (Pennsylvania)
Hole in the Wall #3 (Pennsylvania)
Thun Trail Webmaster (Pennsylvania)
High Seas (Pennsylvania)
Shakespeare Series: All's Well That Ends Well (Pennsylvania)
Valley View LPC (Pennsylvania)
Advent Calendar December 21 (Pennsylvania)
On Guard (Pennsylvania)
Elemental cache: Fire (Pennsylvania)
Advent Calendar December 19 (Pennsylvania)
The Truth Is Out There (Pennsylvania)
King's Things (Pennsylvania)
In My Father's Memory (Pennsylvania)
How Low can you Go? (Pennsylvania)
Not As Lo N Be Holder (Pennsylvania)
Bee careful of this bug (Pennsylvania)
Homer's Dream Job (Pennsylvania)
Lock it up. (Pennsylvania)
This place is a Rec (Pennsylvania)
"Ce" I "Ment" to leave it here too (Pennsylvania)
Dogma (Pennsylvania)
The termites win again (Pennsylvania)
Elemental Cache: Water (Pennsylvania)
Get the Led Out (Pennsylvania)
Led Zeppelin 2 (Pennsylvania)
Led Zeppelin 4 (Pennsylvania)
From Agere to A-gone (Pennsylvania)
The Fork (Pennsylvania)
Very Convenient (Pennsylvania)
More ZZzzzs to cache (Pennsylvania)
Anchors Aweigh! (Pennsylvania)
Just A Game (Pennsylvania)
Advent Calendar December 13 (Pennsylvania)
Advent Calendar December 12 (Pennsylvania)
Mocha Pajama (Pennsylvania)
Yule All Year (Pennsylvania)
Smarter than the average ...... (Pennsylvania)
Flower Power (Pennsylvania)
Shakespeare Series: Romeo and Jewelry-et (Pennsylvania)
Advent Calendar December 14 (Pennsylvania)
Cache Some ZZZZzzzs (Pennsylvania)
Advent Calendar December 7 (Pennsylvania)


Kcache (Pennsylvania)
SPROUT (Pennsylvania)
Lo N Be Holder (Pennsylvania)
Cache ZZZzzzs on Route 724 (Pennsylvania)
NO FLASHLIGHT NEEDED (Name That Cache 4) (Pennsylvania)
I've fallen and cant get up!! (Pennsylvania)
Jeepster (Pennsylvania)
SCREAMING YELLOW CLUNKER (Name That Cache 1) (Pennsylvania)
SOME LIKE IT HOT, SOME DO NOT. (Name That Cache 2) (Pennsylvania)
The Spring House (Pennsylvania)
Shakespeare Series: (Orange) Julius Caesar (Pennsylvania)
Monopoly in Berks (Pennsylvania)
Chicken Valley (Pennsylvania)
Easy - BZ (Pennsylvania)
Dont Bug Me #5 (Pennsylvania)
On Wons Krap (Pennsylvania)
HIT A SALAMI (Pennsylvania)
Squadron 811 Rangers (Pennsylvania)
Your TAX $'s at Work (Pennsylvania)
Birds of a Feather (Pennsylvania)
TCVG05 - DEPPEN CEMETERY (Pennsylvania)
Don't curse us... WE DON'T CARE! (Pennsylvania)
TCVG04 - Grings Mill (Pennsylvania)
"Audubon Inn" (Pennsylvania)
The Moss of Kilimanjaro (Pennsylvania)
40 - Love (Pennsylvania)
Wyomissing Hills Memorial Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Riding The Fence (Pennsylvania)
Childhood Reminiscing #2 (Pennsylvania)

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