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Bowling Event, D&R Trail, Advent Calendar series, Hamburg, Cabela's

On Saturday, I went to "Bowling Away the Summertime Blues", a geocaching event at Hamilton Lanes in Hamilton, NJ. It was a very small event. I didn't stay for the bowling though because I wanted to do some Trenton-area geocaches, including an entire series of those along the D&R Canal Towpath. It was a good trip, although the heat was exhausting. In the evening, I found it easier to go home through Pennsylvania, so dinner was on that side of the Delaware River and I picked up a few more geocaches down by the Philadelphia airport.

Sunday's plan was to finally finish the Advent Calendar series of geocaches, so I went to Bernville, Penn Township, and Shartlesville, to the northwest of Reading. I had information from 17 of the caches in the series and needed 6 more. It turned out though that I could already deduce the final coordinates (of the 24th Advent cache) even when I was still missing 2 of them. So I found the final cache before heading over to Hamburg. (One of the Advent caches was in Hamburg, so it saved some 10 miles of driving to not have to come back to Penn Township for the final.)

After taking the fork in the road (well, I didn't literally take that! :) ) in Centerport, I arrived in Hamburg. It's a new town for me, so I had lots of geocaches to do, including a ring of caches around Cabela's, which is one of those stores I was told is a mecca for geocachers. I did take a peek inside Cabela's, although not for very long since it was already near closing time. It's a huge outdoor recreation equipment store, the centerpiece of which is taxidermy animals on an indoor mountain. All in all, that was an interesting trip, although I think Hamburg is at the outer limit of how far I'd be willing to drive for a day trip. I think it took nearly two hours to get home from there!


A Little Dab'll Do Ya! (New Jersey)
Bowling Away the Summertime Blues (New Jersey)
The Ice Cream Tree (New Jersey)
off the fairway (New Jersey)
It's RHR's Birthday! (New Jersey)
Mariah's Maniacal Menagerie (New Jersey)
Guide to the galaxy (New Jersey)
Rikki Tikki Tavi (New Jersey)
Kuser Park Kobra (New Jersey)
Another Kobra At Kuser! (New Jersey)
Plum Cache' (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #1 - Creek View (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #2 - 5/63 (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #3 - Slim Jim (New Jersey)
Toys R Us Cache (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #4 - Peek-a-Boo (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #5 - Tractor (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #6 - Where's Santa? (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #7 - Rabbit Run (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #8 - Vines (New Jersey)
Mule Superhighway 1 (New Jersey)
Treasure Chest (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #9 - Villa V (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #10 - Down the Slope (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #11 - Faked Out (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #12 - Are You Bored? (New Jersey)
Rising And Falling At Scudders Falls (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #14 - Sluiceway (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #15 - Mutt or Jeff? (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #16 - Feeling Fit? (New Jersey)
Lady Victory (New Jersey)
Trenton Muggle Station (New Jersey)
Oh Yes, Another Mall Cache! (Pennsylvania)
TT TB Motel (Pennsylvania)
Route 37 (Pennsylvania)
4 Kids # 03: Road to Nowhere (Pennsylvania)


Peyton's First Hide (Pennsylvania)
Advent Calendar December 20 (Pennsylvania)
@ DEBORAH BTW (Pennsylvania)
Advent Calendar December 9 (Pennsylvania)
Happy Birthday, Kirsten (Pennsylvania)
Winery Cache # 8 - Tom's Hilltop View (Pennsylvania)
Advent Calendar December 3 (Pennsylvania)
Advent Calendar December 18 (Pennsylvania)
78RW: Welcome to McLoveway (Pennsylvania)
HEX (Pennsylvania)
Advent Cache December 24 (Pennsylvania)
The Final Frontier? (Pennsylvania)
FORK IN THE ROAD (Pennsylvania)
Das Gedenkness II (Pennsylvania)
Ebenezer Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
The Great Ice Cream Challenge- Candy's Place (Pennsylvania)
Willkommen to Hamburg (Pennsylvania)
Frozen Edemame . . where izzit ? (Pennsylvania)
Alleyway Hide (Pennsylvania)
Advent Calendar December 15 (Pennsylvania)
12CoC: Day 6 (Pennsylvania)
Dad! How about here? (Pennsylvania)
Squad 51 to the Rescue! (Pennsylvania)
Hamburg Jaycees - Parade (Pennsylvania)
Off Your Rocker in Hamburg (Pennsylvania)
Star Date 01022010 (Pennsylvania)
Cabelas Hat Trick (Pennsylvania)
My Favorite Store (Pennsylvania)
Eetza 4 Youuu . . . . . (Pennsylvania)
Urban Summit (Pennsylvania)
Between the 2 big W's (Pennsylvania)
The Great Outdoors (Pennsylvania)
Happy 4th of July (Delaware)
No Place Like Home (Delaware)

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