Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Anthrocon 2013

Over the Independence Day holiday weekend, I made my annual trip to Pittsburgh for the furry mecca that is Anthrocon. It's hard to believe that this is my 17th Anthrocon, meaning I've been to every one so far. I didn't think it was as good as last year's though, but that's mostly because I got sick just hours before the overnight drive out to Pittsburgh. The amazing thing is I was operating at 80-90% the whole con, crashing hard only when it was over. I feared though that I could have been Patient Zero, so if there was an outbreak of con crud, I apologize.

What's new this year were two groups attempting to produce fursuit music videos. I found out about one before the con through social media, but only learnt of the other one at the con itself. The first one, choreographed by neopantyger, was based on the Pon Pon Wei j-pop song and that took place on the DLCC rooftop Friday afternoon. I knew nothing about the dance moves but that turned out to be no problem. The dance was broken up into small parts and the whole group of us did multiple takes of each part until we got it right. The second music video was arranged by Dancing Duke. There were two filming sessions, on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. I took part in the Saturday filming. This time, there was an instructional video for the dance moves. However, there were some details I couldn't get from the video so I joined the group shortly before filming to practice it. Both music videos were a lot of fun to work on, even if the dance repetitions out on the hot DLCC rooftop were exhausting. The end result should be well worth the effort.

This year's fursuit parade, on Saturday, was an attempt to get into the Guinness Book of Records. To keep count, they handed out numbered straps at the door to Hall A, where we assembled for the photo. Those straps, I guess, were supposed to be armbands but were instead just stuck to our badges. The parade itself didn't seem to take that long, despite there being 1300 fursuiters in it. Maybe it was simply more efficient this time. I also took part in the fursuit team games on Sunday. I was in the green team and we were tied for third place. (No prize though.) The games this time were Scrabble (get large foam letters to form a word), machine charades (whole team has to act out each word together), hoop (get the whole team through the hoop while holding hands), and the hockey relay. (use a hockey stick to guide a ball around cones and then hit it through the goal) There were fewer players this year because of conflicts with other events, which is a far cry from two years ago when I was turned away because the teams filled up an hour before the games started.

This year, I wanted to see the Flight 93 National Memorial. I actually got pretty close last year, while geocaching around the Somerset / New Baltimore countryside but didn't happen to pass by the entrance to the memorial. This year, I had the location information ready and followed US-30 all the way from Breezewood (so I could get some geocaches along the way) to Stoystown. The memorial was rather impressive. There is a plaza with information signs, a walkway leading to the wall of remembrance, and a marked flight path leading to the actual crash site.

On this trip, the Bedford area was good for geocaching. Since I brought plush toys, I took the opportunity to take a few gag photos. One thing I noticed about geocaching out in the boondocks is perhaps, geocachers there may not have encountered all the tricks that metro-area geocachers have seen. For example, "Between the Mattress and Blanket III, South" is rated 5 stars for difficulty but is of a type that I've seen many times already, so it was a snap to find. I also took the opportunity to do the "Pennsylvania's Blue Mountain" earthcache. It has been temporarily disabled (for 11 months!) because the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is dragging its feet on deciding whether to allow geocaches in turnpike rest areas. However, the cache owner is still allowing everyone to log the cache. So I made a few observations on the Blue Mountain ridge and wrote my geology essay over breakfast at Hardee's in Breezewood.

Also this trip, I went to Primanti Brothers 6 times. I keep wondering why sandwiches like that are nowhere to be found outside of the Pittsburgh area since stuffing fries and coleslaw into a sandwich is not complicated. I guess I'll have to make those myself at home.


Breezy Weezy Traveling Free & Easy TB motel (Pennsylvania)
Between the Mattress and Blanket III, South (Pennsylvania)
Egolf Park (Pennsylvania)
Anna's (Pennsylvania)
Bedford Heritage Trail 1 - Fort Bedford (Pennsylvania)
Pioneer Crossroads (Pennsylvania)
Come Blow Your Horn (previously He MUST Be Paid) (Pennsylvania)
1806 was a good year (Pennsylvania)
Take a Picture (Pennsylvania)
Colvin Covered Bridge (Pennsylvania)
The Place for Smilies (A Cache for Amy) (Pennsylvania)
Let's Kill Phil! (Pennsylvania)
Pennsylvania's Blue Mountain (Pennsylvania)
Wilbur 2 (Pennsylvania)
Something Blue for Nicole (Pennsylvania)
Three Lovely Lasses (Pennsylvania)
Holly Berry (Pennsylvania)
L&L01 - Bullock Pens Gate (Pennsylvania)
L&L02 - McReady Pulloff (Pennsylvania)
376 East Part 2 (Pennsylvania)
Yinz Wanna Cache N'at? (Pennsylvania)
I've Got Rings on My Fingers (Pennsylvania)
TRHT: the Wall (Pennsylvania)
TRHT: the Ramp to the High Road (Pennsylvania)


TRHT: Lots and Lots of Parking (Pennsylvania)
TRHT: The End Of The Line (Pennsylvania)
TRHT: Rest for the Weary (Pennsylvania)
TRHT: trail extension? (Pennsylvania)


Just Visiting (Pennsylvania)


Let Freedom Ring (Pennsylvania)
Obsession 190 (Pennsylvania)
Angel of Mercy (Pennsylvania)
Bluff-ing? Not us? (Pennsylvania)
Urban Forest (Pennsylvania)


Four Leaf Clover (Pennsylvania)
Down Where the Bees are Humming (Pennsylvania)
Dublin Jack of All Trades (Pennsylvania)
Benton (Pennsylvania)
Johnny B. Goode (Pennsylvania)
Doctor, Doctor (Pennsylvania)
One 4 the Trade (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to Garden City (Pennsylvania)
God Bless America (Pennsylvania)
Babes In Toy-Land (Pennsylvania)
A Light from Above (Pennsylvania)
Claycomb Covered Bridge (Pennsylvania)
The Old Raystown Path (Pennsylvania)
Woy River Bridge (Pennsylvania)
The boy just wont work (Pennsylvania)
Schmecks! (Pennsylvania)

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