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Lancaster XXXXXIII and Lancaster XXXXXIV

I hadn't gone geocaching in Lancaster since January because I was focused on expanding my territory into Pottstown and Reading. There were enough new geocaches for the whole weekend, although I also found a few geocaches that I couldn't find on previous trips. Experience counts, you see.

On Saturday, I covered the vast area to the northeast of Lancaster, starting with Gap, Intercourse, and New Holland, and continuing to Reamstown, Denver, and Ephrata. I finally got a chance to look for "Raw Milk and Cycling". Because this cache is on an Amish farm, we're not allowed to visit on Sunday and all the previous times I've been in that area were on Sundays. Yes, it was hidden with permission but it was still a bit weird to be searching for the cache with Amish kids hanging around nearby. The guy from the bicycle shop helped a little and I found it after taking a closer look at where he said it was near. "Holy Backboard Batman" was a challenge because it was supposedly placed on a basketball backboard high up above the ground. However, I noticed that it had fallen off and was lying on the ground. Too bad I didn't see that before climbing up and down again! Such is life.

I had a late start on Sunday and it was a very hot day, so I decided to cover the same area as Saturday but do all the puzzle caches. Typically, puzzle caches are easier to search for because most of the work is in figuring out the puzzle before going there, although that's not always the case. I did the "Killer Comic Movie" series of puzzles. Those were mainly web research on comic and movie series. It still took some searching to find the container for "Killer Comic Movie #3 - Spider-Man", but thankfully, that was in the shade inside a mini covered bridge. The hardest one of the day was "CONSERVE THE FIGHTING STRENGTH - Mission Completed". From where I parked, it was a bushwhack through dense jungle half the way and then a short stretch of trail and then another bushwhack through dense jungle the rest of the way. Then it was buried under rocks. Crazy!


Jim Landis Woodland Preserve (Pennsylvania)
Run Watson Run! (Pennsylvania)
In the Middle of Amish Country (Pennsylvania)
NTC - Russian Roulette (Pennsylvania)
Our first cache (Pennsylvania)
Readers Are Leaders #3 (Caleb's Cache) (Pennsylvania)
NTC - FLUMMOXED (Pennsylvania)
Raw Milk and Cycling (Pennsylvania)
Tour de Bridges #8 - Oberhaltzer's (Pennsylvania)
The Muddy Tree Line (Pennsylvania)
Groceries or Guns (Pennsylvania)
Twisty Tour #5 (Pennsylvania)
BelieveMore's First on the Little Cocalico Creek (Pennsylvania)
Denver History - School (Pennsylvania)
Lumpy Willow (Pennsylvania)
Horsin' Around (Pennsylvania)
Horsin' Around 2 (Pennsylvania)
Borough Line (Pennsylvania)
CYSO Snack Shack (Pennsylvania)
First On Race Day (Pennsylvania)
Holy Backboard Batman! (Pennsylvania)
If the walls could talk (Pennsylvania)
Pterodactyl Sighting (Pennsylvania)
The Address of Suckers (Pennsylvania)
And This Toward Men (Pennsylvania)
Rollin through Roland (Pennsylvania)
Do you still yell fore? (Pennsylvania)
An Angel Gets Its Wings (Pennsylvania)
Mr. Grinch (Pennsylvania)
Swim With The Fish's! (Pennsylvania)
Every Time a Bell Rings (Pennsylvania)
Lost at Schaums Corner! (Pennsylvania)
R2D2-1 (Pennsylvania)


Can You follow Directions? (Delaware)
The Handsome Prince of Hockessin (Delaware)
LOST81 (3.5/1.0) A Good Source (Pennsylvania)
Killer Comic Movie #1 - Superman (Pennsylvania)
LOST81 (4.0/1.5) Oh say can you see.... (Pennsylvania)
Killer Comic Movie #3 - Spider-Man (Pennsylvania)
Killer Comic Movie #4 - Hulk (Pennsylvania)
Kids love Toys (Pennsylvania)
CONSERVE THE FIGHTING STRENGTH - Mission Completed (Pennsylvania)
The Road to No Where (Pennsylvania)
Sandy Beach near Cocalico Creek? (Pennsylvania)
Bushong (Pennsylvania)
LOST event June Prize 4 (Pennsylvania)
Twisty Tour (final) (Pennsylvania)
LOST Prize#2: Butter (Pennsylvania)
Tribute to Green Eyed Gal (Pennsylvania)
3 GALS CACHE (Pennsylvania)
Slime Lake (Pennsylvania)
6 Pack for six-pac (Pennsylvania)
Killer Comic Movie #6 - Iron Man (Pennsylvania)
Killer Comic Movie #2 - Batman (Pennsylvania)
Killer Comic Movie #5 - X-Men (Pennsylvania)

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