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Lancaster LV and Viking geocaching event

On Saturday, I returned to Lancaster to do the new geocaches in another slice of the county. This time, I started with a few geocaches in Lancaster, near US-30, and proceeded north through Lititz, Speedwell Forge, and SGL 156 / Kettle Run. Finished the day a bit south of Lebanon, which may have been a bit too far for a day trip. One thing I noticed in Warwick Linear Park at the "Pier over the rail" geocache is the pond is dry. Photos posted by other geocachers show the pond with water as recently as a few weeks ago, so this is odd. I'm not sure if it was drought or if a stream had been diverted. Speedwell Forge Lake was also dry but in this case, there is an explanation. That lake was drained because of damage to the dam.

On Sunday, I went to Northeast Philadelphia to attend the Viking Lair on the Delaware geocaching event. This event was hosted by Team Prame, geocachers from Norway who visit the area frequently, at the Sons of Norway lodge. We had sweet rolls and waffles, two foods I was told are common in Norway. I also learnt a few things about Norwegian culture. They like to use sour cream as a spread on breads and rolls, even on waffles. Also, their sandwiches are traditionally open-face, not closed. (Funny how I always learn the food-related aspects of culture first. :) )


Welcome Kinzua Cachers (Pennsylvania)
Buckwalter bypass (Pennsylvania)
Kim's Kute Kountry Kache (Pennsylvania)
Penn Commons (Pennsylvania)
Menno Night Porter (Pennsylvania)
Going Hatter Nuts (Pennsylvania)
Going Ladybug Nuts (Pennsylvania)
Bison stampede #9 (Pennsylvania)
Water you looking for? (Pennsylvania)
Seeing Red (Pennsylvania)
Sileo In Pacis #3 (Pennsylvania)
Sileo In Pacis - St. James Graveyard (Pennsylvania)
Antonino's cache (Pennsylvania)
Devil's snare (Pennsylvania)
Bumper Cars (Pennsylvania)
Pier over the rail (Pennsylvania)
Banamore (Pennsylvania)
Feild View (Pennsylvania)
NTC - Pier Pressure (Pennsylvania)
Happy Birthday Jen (Pennsylvania)
River's Edge (Pennsylvania)
Speedwell Forge (Pennsylvania)
LOST81 (1.0/1.5) SPECIAL ED (Pennsylvania)
All Alone In A Trunk (Pennsylvania)
Little Boys & Their Toys (Pennsylvania)
Happy Birthday Toad (Pennsylvania)
SGL 156 Travel Bug Cabin (Pennsylvania)
NTC - Spring Fever (Pennsylvania)
Above The Big Rocks! (Pennsylvania)
322 (2) (Pennsylvania)
Inside The White Box #4 (Pennsylvania)
hoppy easter (Pennsylvania)
LOST81 (1.0/2.0) Toll Please (Pennsylvania)


SWERVE (Pennsylvania)
4kids #04: Bombs Away! (Pennsylvania)
Viking Lair on the Delaware (Pennsylvania)
OOIN #13 (Pennsylvania)
The Bottle of Mystery (Pennsylvania)
A Good View of the River (and the Parking Lot) (Pennsylvania)
With this cache, I thee wed. (Pennsylvania)
Oh, no! Not Another Riverview Cache! (Pennsylvania)
By Special Request IV (Pennsylvania)
Delaware Access Area (Not) (Pennsylvania)
Yet Another Mall Cache (Pennsylvania)
By Special Request (Pennsylvania)
By Special Request III (Pennsylvania)
SPACE2081 [1.0/2.0] Chris Ferguson (Pennsylvania)
Don't Go There (Pennsylvania)
Trailer Park (Pennsylvania)
Oh Canada, hey? V (Pennsylvania)
Decisions, Decisions! (Pennsylvania)
Game On (Pennsylvania)
Its Cachetastic! (TAOGC) (Pennsylvania)
500 Thanks! (Pennsylvania)
Load Per Capful (Pennsylvania)
Big & Basic (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to Lower Southampton (Pennsylvania)
Sparkling Clean (Pennsylvania)
What Time is It??? (Pennsylvania)
Easy, Peasy, Onion Squeezy! (Pennsylvania)
Willi Schaefer Athletic Complex (Pennsylvania)
4th of July Cache (Pennsylvania)
Oh Canada, hey? VIII (Pennsylvania)
American Legion (Pennsylvania)
O Canada, Hey? II (Pennsylvania)
Lower Moreland Park (Pennsylvania)
Pond View Cache V (Pennsylvania)

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