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North Wales Library, SEPAG Storms the Castle X

It was a two-event weekend, although I saw a lot of the same people at both geocaching events because those were in the same region. On Saturday, I went to "North Wales Library: Learn, Do and Meet" in North Wales. This was intended to be a teaching event for new geocachers but I hung around a bit and found the geocache "Don't Judge a Book" at the library. After that, I cached around North Wales and Upper Gwynedd. Parkside Place and the Green Ribbon Trail, in particular, were loaded with geocaches that were all placed since my last visit to the area.

On Sunday, I went to "SEPAG Storms the Castle X" at Central Park in Doylestown. The Castle (big play area in the shape of a castle) itself was closed for renovation but we had the picnic anyway. We had a geocaching cake and lots of picnic foods. I also joined a few geocachers in a short walk around the park to find the new caches. After that, I went geocaching around Doylestown but stopped in the evening because of lightning and heavy rain.


North Wales Library: Learn, Do and Meet (Pennsylvania)
Don't Judge a Book... (Pennsylvania)
One Good Cache Deserves Another (Pennsylvania)
Second Street Cache (Pennsylvania)
John's Memory (Pennsylvania)
Under the Boardwalk...NOT! (Pennsylvania)
Sewercide XII (Pennsylvania)
Power to the People, North Wales (Pennsylvania)
Upper Gwynedd Township (Pennsylvania)
North Wales Erector Set (Pennsylvania)
PPP3 (Pennsylvania)
PPP2 (Pennsylvania)
PPP1 (Pennsylvania)
Happy BEarth Day 2! (Pennsylvania)
Happy BEarth Day! (Pennsylvania)
Wissahickon Creek View Cache (Pennsylvania)
The Husky Series: Jett's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Green Ribbon Trail (Pennsylvania)
Wissahickon Creek View Cache II (Pennsylvania)
Green Ribbon Trail II (Pennsylvania)
Green Ribbon Trail III (Pennsylvania)
GRT V (Pennsylvania)
Lost In The Woods (Pennsylvania)
Green Ribbon Trail IV (Pennsylvania)
GRT VI (Pennsylvania)
SPACE2081 [1.5/1.5] Oh Say Ammo Can You See (Pennsylvania)
The Husky Series: Indy's Cache (Pennsylvania)
The Husky Series: Nikki's Cache (Pennsylvania)
The Husky Series: Sami's Cache (Pennsylvania)
The Husky Series: Kodi's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Top Side MAC (Pennsylvania)
Plymouth Rock (Pennsylvania)
A Crafty One (Pennsylvania)
King's Family Tree (Pennsylvania)
Fountain View Cache (Pennsylvania)
It was just a pipe dream anyway... (Pennsylvania)
Honoring Our Heroes (Pennsylvania)
Lone Ranger #9 To Market To Market (Pennsylvania)
Till You Drop Around (Pennsylvania)
The Coop's Warning - Redux (Pennsylvania)


One Way (Pennsylvania)
Wellness Center (Pennsylvania)
Save KidsCastle (Pennsylvania)
SEPAG Storms the Castle X (Pennsylvania)
FTF - Geo-Ben 1 (Pennsylvania)
The Forest Calls (Pennsylvania)
Pond View Cache III (Pennsylvania)
Wells Road (Pennsylvania)
Relax and Watch the Traffic II (Pennsylvania)
Mile 9 (Pennsylvania)
Fountain View (Pennsylvania)
I'm Feeling Blue (Pennsylvania)
Oh Canada, hey? (Pennsylvania)
Need a Penn (Pennsylvania)
Happy Mother's Day to Me (Pennsylvania)
House of Grain (Pennsylvania)
Small Wonder... (Pennsylvania)
Mary Baker Eddy (Pennsylvania)
Hermosa Mariposa (Pennsylvania)
Do You Need to Go Pottery? (Pennsylvania)
The Forest Calls (Pennsylvania)
Boy My Brothers Bug Me! (Pennsylvania)
Sewercide V (Pennsylvania)
Near common(s) ground (Pennsylvania)
Old Stone Wall by Old Church (Pennsylvania)
Sewercide XVII (Pennsylvania)
A Quick One for You (Pennsylvania)
Only Only (Pennsylvania)
March! (Pennsylvania)
I Can Take a Hint! (Pennsylvania)
There's a Cache, and You're Invited! (Pennsylvania)
Open Outer Doors on Tubes One and Two (Pennsylvania)
Zowie, a Cache Name Beginning with "Z"! (Pennsylvania)

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