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FA United 6

This weekend, I went to FA United 6 at the Hanover Marriott in Whippany, NJ. From the outset, I didn't expect to do much at this con since the programming looked a bit skimpy but I went to the dances, the fursuit games, and the pool party, and I got to hang out with some friends from New Jersey and nearby. I think that was enough to make the trip worthwhile. There wasn't a con suite this year and I missed that, but on the plus side, I enjoyed the pool party on Saturday evening. I was told that Megaplex also has pool parties but I've never been to a con with a pool party, so this is novel to me.

The downside was some friction we had with the wedding party. I noticed that a few of them were harrassing con attendees. My handler and I (when I was in fursuit) too were on the receiving end of some impolite questions but we brushed those off. Then at around 3:45am on Saturday, there was a fire alarm. We found out later that there was a fight among the wedding party guests and someone pulled the fire alarm. Police had to intervene. I wasn't in the hotel lobby at the time, so that is what I heard from others. I hope FA United grows big enough to fill the hotel so we won't have to share with other groups who may be disruptive but that might take a while.

As usual, I went geocaching in that area both before and after the con. I also did a few during the con with my roommate jbadger. Northern NJ has some good geocaches at scenic locations like Boonton Falls. However, in making my rounds, I was reminded of a reason why I moved away from that area. On Thursday, I went for "Lemonade" in the Bridgewater area and saw that the cache container was trashed. If that wasn't bad enough, there was an unfriendly sign at the cache site telling us to go away. I'm sure that most people around there are nice but in my experience, a few mean ones can ruin things for everyone else and I seem to come across them far too often.


Levittown Legacy #52: Mill Creek/Walking Trails (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #48: The Bank of Levittown (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #47: Hawthorne Park (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #46: Athletic Fields (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #50: Garfield Park at Willingboro (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #45: Bike Paths (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #44: Churches and Synagogues (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #49: Providence House (New Jersey)
Stay and Play Awhile #16 (New Jersey)
Bridge to Nowhere (New Jersey)
Into The Woods (New Jersey)
Pet Place (New Jersey)
Beam Me Up Scotty (New Jersey)
Where's the message (New Jersey)
Lobster with Candy (New Jersey)
Old King Coal (New Jersey)
Peters Brook Park-n-Grab (New Jersey)
Ten Gallon Hat (New Jersey)
Lemonade (New Jersey)
MMMM Coffee..... (New Jersey)
I Can't Drive 25 (New Jersey)
While You Wait (New Jersey)
Expo-sed (New Jersey)
It's Hard to Stop A Trane - Branchburg (New Jersey)
Bridgewater Curve (New Jersey)
Country Club Magnetic Micro (New Jersey)
Open Space (New Jersey)
Family Affair (New Jersey)
C.R's (New Jersey)
I'll Be Right Back Honey! (New Jersey)
instead of shopping (New Jersey)
Another tube with magnet (New Jersey)
Ray Loves Ash (New Jersey)
the Trees are GREEN , are the walls ? (New Jersey)


DEX-y's Midday Runners (New Jersey)
Purgatory (New Jersey)
Tiny Often Empty&Forgotten Rock Wall-Parsippany NJ (New Jersey)
Past Ten's (New Jersey)
80/287 - Forgotten Rock Wall (New Jersey)
Cacher's Rx Series: They Can't Hold a Teddy Bear (New Jersey)
Cacher's Rx Series: Mind your "Manor"s (New Jersey)
Pearly Gates #2 (New Jersey)
Booneton Iron Works (New Jersey)
Boonetown Falls V2.0 (New Jersey)
It's Elementary (New Jersey)
TGCCS – Morris Canal (New Jersey)
Small tube @ the bridge. (New Jersey)
Old tracks on Lackawanna Av. (New Jersey)
TROLL (New Jersey)


NJ DEP Hazardous Waste Cache (New Jersey)


Grab your balls...we're goin' bowling! (New Jersey)
Where it Shouldn't Be (New Jersey)
Where the Sidewalk Ends (New Jersey)
My First (New Jersey)
"First Day of Spring" FTF Cache (New Jersey)


Malapardis Special (New Jersey)
The Art of the Cache (New Jersey)
My Special Place (New Jersey)
craftsman cache (New Jersey)
W.C.#2 - Stop and Cache (New Jersey)
W. C. #13 - Un-Bowling (New Jersey)
Lenape Trail Head (New Jersey)
W.C.#1 (New Jersey)
W. C. #5 - Koushuu Denwa (New Jersey)
W. C. #12 - Paisley (New Jersey)
W. C. #6 - Un-Friendly's (New Jersey)
W. C. #7 - 18 (New Jersey)
The Un-helpful hardware store (New Jersey)
Side by Side (New Jersey)
Janet #1 (New Jersey)
Silver Bumper (New Jersey)
Sneezy (New Jersey)
4 LEAF CLOVER (New Jersey)
Caldwell Nano (New Jersey)
Dancing Donna's Perch (New Jersey)
W. C. #8 - LARGE (New Jersey)
W. C. #15 - BigA Wait for a Rainy Day #1 (New Jersey)
W. C. #16 - BigA Wait for a Rainy Day #2 (New Jersey)
W. C. #19 - BigA Wait for a Rainy Day #5 (New Jersey)
W. C. #17 - BigA Wait for a Rainy Day #3 (New Jersey)
W. C. #18 - BigA Wait for a Rainy Day #4 (New Jersey)
W.C.#3 - Stonybrook (New Jersey)
Livin on a Prayer (New Jersey)
Johnny Wishbone (New Jersey)
You're Out!! (New Jersey)
"You're In"!! (New Jersey)
Buttons (New Jersey)
Antonio (New Jersey)
Calvin #2 (New Jersey)
Claremont, Montclair. (New Jersey)
Finders Kipers (New Jersey)
4Kids #02: Tumbler (New Jersey)

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