Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

August Rush

This weekend, I went across South Jersey for the August Rush series of geocaches. Like some of the other series I did recently, this one too was placed for the 31 days of geocaching, so there are 31 August Rush caches. These are not all in the same area though; there are a few clusters in Egg Harbor City, Woodbine/Belleplain, and Northfield. So I decided to also go for other caches in the same area to make the trips out there worthwhile and to make this series last a few days.

Saturday began with a few geocaches in Williamstown. After a stop for a water ice, I went into August Rush territory in Hammonton and Egg Harbor City. There are some rather devious geocaches in this area. "Sleepy time" was surprisingly difficult even though I thought I knew how it was hidden. "Lie Big" was the most tricky of all but I was lucky. I went around picking up random objects in the wooded area and one of those happened to be it. After that, I entered Mays Landing and finished the day with a walk on the Atlantic City Bike Trail.

On Sunday, I started in Millville. The problem in the downtown area there is caches seem to go missing after a while. It was very obvious where "The Stuff DREAMZ are made of" was supposed to be, so I left one of the micro containers I had on hand as a replacement. (A fellow cacher gave me a whole bag of tiny tubes at a recent event.) After that, I hit Peaslee WMA. There is a set of geocaches along Route 49 that's a mix of puzzles and traditional caches. The worst part of it was crossing busy Route 49 (weekend getaway traffic - long lines of cars going at full speed) since half the caches are on the other side, but there were intervals with no traffic every couple of minutes. After that, I went to Woodbine, Marmora, Somers Point, Linwood, Northfield, and finished in Mays Landing. (close to where I stopped for dinner on Saturday) There are still a few August Rush caches left to find but I think I'll wait until the area repopulates with caches.


a nano in williamstown (New Jersey)
O.F.T.B #3 (New Jersey)
Guard U (New Jersey)
Pat's Corner (New Jersey)
August Rush 8 (New Jersey)
How about some cheese with that (New Jersey)
Rain Garden (New Jersey)
August Rush 15 (New Jersey)
August Rush 26 (New Jersey)
August Rush 29 (New Jersey)
Yawn (New Jersey)
Yawn...yawn (New Jersey)
Sleepy time (New Jersey)
SJCC: Nailwort (New Jersey)
Paulyd73 Hits 2000 (New Jersey)
Welcome to Egg Harbor City (New Jersey)
EHC: Lincoln Park (New Jersey)
August Rush 12 (New Jersey)
August Rush 4 (New Jersey)
I wanna Havana (New Jersey)
STOP for some wine. (New Jersey)
Piney Hidey Hole (New Jersey)
Cache And Dash? (New Jersey)
August Rush 16 (New Jersey)
August Rush 25 (New Jersey)
Lie Big (New Jersey)
August Rush 23 (New Jersey)
August Rush 21 (New Jersey)
"Oh Christmas Tree" (New Jersey)
"Great Geese Getaway" (New Jersey)
The light that shines bright into the night (New Jersey)
By-Tor and the Snowdog (New Jersey)
Bi-god, Knot another Bi-cycle Bi-son (New Jersey)
August Rush 3 (New Jersey)
August Rush 6 (New Jersey)
Moving Pictures (New Jersey)
August Rush 9 (New Jersey)
August Rush 11 (New Jersey)
Guardrail Damnation - The Saga Continues! (New Jersey)
Just What The Doctor Ordered (New Jersey)
Water puts out fire (New Jersey)
Gotta Have It (New Jersey)


Holy Cache!!!! (New Jersey)
The stuff DREAMZ are made of! (New Jersey)
1.21 Jiggawatts!?!? (New Jersey)
NSEW-05 Not So Evil Wigoweb 05 (New Jersey)
NSEW-04 Not So Evil Wigoweb 04 (New Jersey)
NSEW-03 Not So Evil Wigoweb 03 (New Jersey)
NSEW-02 Not So Evil Wigoweb 02 (New Jersey)
NSEW-01 Not So Evil Wigoweb 01 (New Jersey)
Going Batty (New Jersey)
Pairadice (New Jersey)
Autumn Rush (New Jersey)
Matryoshka Rx (New Jersey)
Ocean Spray (New Jersey)
PMC Lite - Lunch at Caesar's (New Jersey)
August Rush 7 (New Jersey)
August Rush 17 (New Jersey)
August Rush 19 (New Jersey)
August Rush 28 (New Jersey)
August Rush 5 (New Jersey)
POST 6257 (New Jersey)
August Rush 2 (New Jersey)
Mystery of the Salvaged Oak (New Jersey)
CMCST - Woodbine Brotherhood (New Jersey)
No More Books (New Jersey)
MOUSE TRAP (New Jersey)
Amanda's Field (New Jersey)
School's Out 04 - Petersburg (New Jersey)
School's Out 03 - Beesley's Pt (New Jersey)
Gotta Hava (New Jersey)
kitchen and bath (New Jersey)
In Case You Take Your Pet Fishing (New Jersey)
August Rush 22 (New Jersey)
August Rush 27 (New Jersey)
August Rush 18 (New Jersey)
August Rush 14 (New Jersey)
August Rush 10 (New Jersey)
August Rush 1 (New Jersey)
Class VI (New Jersey)
"C the Cache" (New Jersey)
Fat Ass Angels Unite! (New Jersey)
Malaga Hide-A-Way (New Jersey)

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