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Labor Day Weekend and the end of the 31-day challenge (Lancaster LVI, Montgomery County, SJ)

It was a 3-day weekend but I had only one event to attend, which was "Kayaks and Land Lovers", a flash mob event at the Rock Hill parking area in Marticsville, Lancaster County, on Saturday. That was a nice event of moderate size. I didn't have much planned for afterwards, so I geocached generally around Lancaster. It rained in the afternoon, so I took the opportunity to do "LOST81 (2.5/1.5) Is This A City?" This is a mystery cache that requires a tour around the Park City Center mall to gather information to calculate the final coordinates. So the rain wasn't a problem for that part of it at least.

On Sunday, I did a run to the Telford - Harleysville - Montgomeryville - North Wales area, which seems to repopulate with new geocaches fairly regularly. "The silver bullet" was the most entertaining cache of the day, once I found it and understood what I had to do to retrieve it. No tools or modifications to the cache site; just a creative way to use the structure that was already there. I also visited the most duck-filled pond in Harleysville.

Dinner was a repeat visit to the worst Baja Fresh (Montgomeryville location) I've come across so far. I know I shouldn't return after what I saw on my previous visit but I thought maybe this time, they won't be horrible. On my last visit, I noticed that they were using the toilet plunger from the restroom to fix the salsa bar. On this visit, I saw the staff use the same floor broom, after sweeping the floor, to dust the seats in the dining area. If they do things like that in the dining area in full view of customers, I have to wonder what dubious shortcuts they're taking back in the kitchen. However, I didn't get sick after either visit so I'll keep the complaining to a minimum for now.

On Monday, I went to Willingboro to do even more "Levittown Legacy" geocaches. I'm not sure if this series has really ended since new ones keep showing up. After that, I continued onwards to Beverly, Florence, Bordentown, and Hamilton. I also finally got to log the "31 Day Streak" challenge cache. I didn't have finds on every day in August but the only one I missed was on the 2nd so by Sept 2, I did indeed have a 31-day streak. Funny thing is I didn't intend to do a streak and I didn't save any just-in-case streak-saver caches near home, but new ones popped up almost every day just the same. There were a few close calls though. There was one time when a tree fell at the entrance to a cache site but I was still able to approach by taking a longer walk from another direction. And there was another time when there was a flaming (or at least smoldering) wreck on I-295, which fortunately did not close all the lanes. I have to admit it was nice having some caches to go for every evening after work, although I think I'd get eventually get tired of doing that every day.


Are You Too Good For Your Home? Answer Me! (Pennsylvania)
Phishin' Phun (Pennsylvania)
Upper o park (Pennsylvania)
IN BETWEEN (Pennsylvania)
WHAT IS A MAPLEHOFE (Pennsylvania)
Kayaks and Land Lovers (Pennsylvania)
old guard? new guard? (Pennsylvania)
Millersville University Facts (Pennsylvania)
The Usual (Pennsylvania)
Play Ball (Pennsylvania)
Neighborhood of Make Believe (Pennsylvania)
Gramy's Treasure (Pennsylvania)
Popsicle's Treasure (Pennsylvania)
snake cache (Pennsylvania)
THE Crevice (Pennsylvania)
Skyscraper (Pennsylvania)
Where's My Wookie? (Pennsylvania)
E Wok This Way (Pennsylvania)
Famished and Parched (Pennsylvania)
LOST81 (2.5/1.5) Is This A City? (Pennsylvania)
Sileo in Pacis - Miller/Brubaker Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
You can't get there from here! (Pennsylvania)
Oyster Point (Pennsylvania)
The Stuff We Find In Trees... (Pennsylvania)
Flutter for Butter (Pennsylvania)
the beautiful game (Pennsylvania)
S.O.S. Be Patient (Pennsylvania)
No Trucks...........ELD (Pennsylvania)


Indefencence Cache (Pennsylvania)
Simple-No Bells or Whistles (Pennsylvania)
Batter up! (Pennsylvania)
Out with the Old, in with the New #3 (Pennsylvania)
GC:TNG Microcacher 1-1 (Pennsylvania)
GC:TNG Microcacher 2-1 (Pennsylvania)
GC:TNG Microcacher 1-2 (Pennsylvania)
SPACE2081 [1.0/1.5] We Come in Peace (Pennsylvania)
Deep in the heart of taxes (Pennsylvania)
End of the Road (Pennsylvania)
Superstition - SALT (Pennsylvania)
Daniel W Roth Memorial Park (Pennsylvania)
Superstition - FOUR LEAF CLOVER (Pennsylvania)
Superstition - BRIDGE (Pennsylvania)
The pond facade (Pennsylvania)
The silver bullet (Pennsylvania)
Git Yer Souvenir Here #1 (Pennsylvania)
Just Another Two Bit Cache (Pennsylvania)
Eat Here and Get Gas (Pennsylvania)
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater (Pennsylvania)
Kimmie's Canine Cache (Pennsylvania)
West Branch Neshaminy Creek (Pennsylvania)
Tennis Anyone? VI (Pennsylvania)
What's At Stake? #17 - Stake In The Mud (Pennsylvania)
Log Them DNFs (Pennsylvania)
Heather Knoll Hunt (Pennsylvania)
Out with the Old, in with the New #10 (Pennsylvania)
Pond View Cache (Pennsylvania)
Pond View Cache X (Pennsylvania)
A Leprechaun's Cache (Pennsylvania)
This Cache Is the "High Point" of My Career (Pennsylvania)
Out with the Old, in with the New #4 (Pennsylvania)
For those about (to find this), we salute you (Pennsylvania)
Sit on It (Pennsylvania)
This Means War! (Pennsylvania)
A Plethora Of Shops (Pennsylvania)
Frederick's Furniture (Pennsylvania)
Lamp Post (Pennsylvania)
All By Myself (Pennsylvania)


Ninja Shark (New Jersey)
Corner Of Cinnaminson (New Jersey)
Travel Bug Hotel & Cache (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #57: Crystal Lake (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #58: Pennypacker Park (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #62: The Series (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #56: Edgewater Park (New Jersey)
Red Dragon Canoe Club (New Jersey)
Black (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #53: Levittown Plaza (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #55: Library Assoc. of Levittown (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #54: Garfield Park North (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #59: Garfield Park East (New Jersey)
31 Day Streak (Challenge) (New Jersey)
Rusty (New Jersey)
Junior Troop 21073 Badge (New Jersey)
Your dog will love it !!! (New Jersey)
Stay and Play Awhile #11 (New Jersey)
This one's for John (New Jersey)
Attack on the 6 Pounder (New Jersey)
I Ain't Violatin' You! (New Jersey)
a nano on the boat anchor (New Jersey)
Baracudaman`s cache (New Jersey)
Once an Eagle Scout, Always an Eagle Scout (New Jersey)
Luigi's Brother (New Jersey)
Fieldsboro #1 (New Jersey)
Sassy Sandy (New Jersey)
Scouting Heroes (New Jersey)
Private Parties (New Jersey)
Christmas Shopping (New Jersey)
New Jersey Giraffe?! (New Jersey)

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