Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lehigh Valley, Baltimore (Anne Arundel), and the quest for free entree

Saturday morning, I went to Upper Macungie Park in Fogelsville for the "Cache In The Parks 2013, Upper Macungie Township" geocaching event. This event is a set of talks and demonstrations for beginners, so I didn't stay very long. Instead, I used the venue as a launching-off point to go farther north to Slatington and Walnutport. I stopped at the Lehigh Gap Nature Center to take in the view and see a praying mantis. (It was there for a long time. Both I and another geocacher saw the same insect on the corner fence post.) Then, for most of the day, I took a walk on the D&L Trail. That was for the "Alphabet Soup" series of geocaches.

My goal on Sunday was to get to Hanover, Maryland, to use my Chevys birthday coupon for a free entree. Why all the way on the other side of Baltimore? Because after Chevys closed their Princeton-area location, this is the only one that is not too far from home for a day trip. It's actually not worth going to Hanover just for a free dinner because Maryland highway tolls alone are now up to $16 for the trip. They recently hiked the I-95 toll from $6 to $8! However, I figured since I was going there, I could find some Maryland geocaches along the way and in the vicinity of the Arundel Mills mall.

The Baltimore area has some issues. For example, there is a portion of Dundalk where I noticed that all the geocaches are missing. I replaced one of the caches myself but decided to leave the others alone because those all seemed like too-obvious spots. There are some good geocaches though. "Tool Time" was a creative use of parts from the nearby hardware store. "Panda's Treasure Box II" was an ammo box with nice artwork on the sides. In addition, I pre-solved some puzzles so I could go for "UMP Cache", "Zulu the Destroyer", "Fireants invade Maryland", and "Border Collie Trivia". Once I was done, I headed over to Chevys at Arundel Mills for a Super Cinco dinner.

After dinner, I checked the Munzee app and noticed that the Arundel Mills mall area was loaded with Munzees. So I decided to take a walk around the area to work off some of the calories and scan some Munzees. Part of the loop of Munzees was around a small complex of hotels adjacent to the mall. So I took a walk around the three hotels and scanned all 20 or so Munzees there. Hotel security saw me walking around and asked to see one of the Munzee barcodes. (because, of course, people have been placing those without telling the hotels!) So I took them over to the last one I scanned. As I showed it to security, we saw a couple engaged in intercourse in the backseat of the car parked directly in front of the Munzee! Whoa. This was mere minutes after I scanned and logged that Munzee so I wondered how I didn't notice that when I was there on my own. Boy, I must have really been focused! Anyway, I let security deal with the amorous couple and headed back to the mall area to find a few more Munzees before going home.


A Cache for the Event (and after) (Pennsylvania)
Cache In The Parks 2013, Upper Macungie Township (Pennsylvania)
Another Cache for the Event (and after) (Pennsylvania)
"THGS": District 11 (Pennsylvania)
Another Old Fogey! (Pennsylvania)
? 50/50 ? (Pennsylvania)
Anything for Sale??? (Pennsylvania)
Favorite Bug! (Pennsylvania)
A Regular Cache (Pennsylvania)
Living Memorial (Pennsylvania)
CHALLENGE :1,000 Trackables (Pennsylvania)
THE DOUBLE 500 CHALLENGE 500 Trackables,500 CACHES (Pennsylvania)
Anti-Micro Cache (Pennsylvania)
A Place to Start Your Trip.- Alphabet Soup (Pennsylvania)
Generate a Smiley (Pennsylvania)
Into the Abyss (Pennsylvania)
Bridge View- Alphabet Soup (Pennsylvania)
Cache and Carry -Alphabet Soup (Pennsylvania)
Damaged Cache - Alphabet Soup (Pennsylvania)
Empty Ties.- Alphabet Soup (Pennsylvania)
For Pete (the Pilots') Sake (Pennsylvania)
Graveyard For Planes- Alphabet Soup (Pennsylvania)
Heavy Metal- Alphabet Soup (Pennsylvania)
I Roll- Alphabet Soup (Pennsylvania)
Just Don't Believe It.- Alphabet Soup (Pennsylvania)
Kiln Fired- Alphabet Soup (Pennsylvania)
Little Patty- Alphabet Soup (Pennsylvania)
Old Wood- Alphabet Soup (Pennsylvania)
Not Damaged Cache- Alphabet Soup (Pennsylvania)
Feed The Fish (Pennsylvania)
Under Cover - Alphabet Soup (Pennsylvania)
Were not Done Yet -Alphabet Soup (Pennsylvania)
Lovers Lane (Pennsylvania)
Hijacked- Big Bang (Pennsylvania)
Parks: Walk and Play Park (Pennsylvania)
Parks: Baseball, Tennis, Basketball, Walking (Pennsylvania)
The Lost Booty of Grey Beard (Pennsylvania)
Parks: Race Park (Pennsylvania)
Wash UP #2 ~ Give me your BEST (Pennsylvania)
Stairs to Nothin (Pennsylvania)
Outback Welcome (Pennsylvania)


Save-A-Cache (Maryland)
Welcome to Havre de Grace TB Hotel (Maryland)
Lorien Light (Maryland)
Red Shoe Box Hide - #4 (Maryland)
RoFo (Maryland)
Quarter cache (Maryland)
In Memory:Orange Box Cache #6-Edgewood (Maryland)
We recycle! (Maryland)
Jim Dandy (Maryland)
No Zone (Maryland)
Tool Time (Maryland)
Love Cache (Maryland)
Ka-Chow Cache (Maryland)
Eastpoint (Maryland)
My mom's work (Maryland)
Gas and Glass (Maryland)
our first hide (Maryland)
HUGE!!! (Maryland)
The Cache Zone (Maryland)
Here's your sign (Maryland)
Dundalk's Soap Box (Maryland)
Dog tagit (Maryland)
Small, Medium, Large (Maryland)
UMP Cache (Maryland)
Zulu the Destroyer (Maryland)
Something's Mocking You (Maryland)
Border Collie Trivia (Maryland)
Fireants invade Maryland (Maryland)
Panda's Treasure Box II (Maryland)
The Twelfths of 2012 Series - Oktoberfest (Maryland)
The Twelfths of 2012 Series - Homer's True Love (Maryland)
Insert Clever Name Here (Maryland)
Add a Buck (Maryland)
Ninja Fun #10: Integrity (Maryland)
Mad Skillz #4 Scholastics (Maryland)

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