Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Birthday Eve, Birthday, and Bridgewater

My birthday was actually on Wednesday but I decided to take Tuesday off from work as well, with the intention of attending the Triple Tuesday geocaching event in Bridgewater. And the reason why I picked that event is I got birthday and anniversary coupons from the Fuddruckers mailing list. Sometimes, it's all about strategy. :) It was a pretty good trip though. The weather was very mild. I started geocaching in the Lawrenceville area and worked my way up via US-1 to Davidson's Mill Pond Park, where there was a trail with a series of caches. ("FTL" series) In the evening, I headed over to Fuddruckers for the event. It was not a big gathering and we didn't get our own section of the restaurant this time, but it was nice to meet up with the Central Jersey group. As usual, I had the 1/3-lb burger with fries. (before fixings, with fixings)

I used part of Wednesday to take care of heater maintenance and auto maintenance. I still had most of the afternoon free, so I took a short geocaching trip into South Jersey. It ended up being more geocache finds than I expected and I went from Pennsville to Sicklerville before turning around. For dinner, I stopped at the truck stop Denny's in Carneys Point for my free birthday Grand Slam. (It's actually not that great. But this is Denny's, so what do we expect? :) )

Anyway, this is my big four-zero. I've now lived for four decades! I won't recap my past year, since my last birthday, except to say that it has been really good and this coming year has a tough act to follow.


Hill Top (New Jersey)
Between Two Roads (New Jersey)
Hurricane Heroes (New Jersey)
Shopping Center Keep Right (New Jersey)
Joey (New Jersey)
Joe the Trader (New Jersey)
Dinky Woods (New Jersey)
Paging Dr. House, STAT (New Jersey)
UMCPP MIllstone River Park (New Jersey)
RIP Elsie (New Jersey)
The Riddle of the Lorax (New Jersey)
Do you have a pencil?? (New Jersey)
Millstone River Trail-Parking Area (New Jersey)
Control You (New Jersey)
Triple Tuesday Pints & Patties - 2013 (New Jersey)
Mad Scientist (New Jersey)
Happy Tax Day, New Jersey! (New Jersey)
I want Bourbon... (New Jersey)
One Scotch.... (New Jersey)
FLT #1 (New Jersey)
FTL #2 (New Jersey)
FTL #3 (New Jersey)
FTL #4 (New Jersey)
FTL #5 (New Jersey)
3 monkeys (New Jersey)
Grandpa Simpson (New Jersey)
Cube Root (New Jersey)


Linda's First (New Jersey)
a walk in the woods (New Jersey)
Swamp Deck (New Jersey)
I'll be dam-med (New Jersey)
Peace Be With You ! (New Jersey)
Unknown Cemetery (New Jersey)
Welcome to the Jungle (New Jersey)
Old Glory Daretown (New Jersey)
Things That Make You Go Hum? (New Jersey)
Recycled Cache (New Jersey)
Wrought Iron Haven (New Jersey)
easy easy! (New Jersey)
Money isn't everything (New Jersey)
Fred Smith's Orchard (New Jersey)
Rockets Red Glare (New Jersey)
12 Gauge Barricade (New Jersey)
"OYR" Wanna Be #2 In Turnersville, NJ (New Jersey)
Consider the Signs (New Jersey)
The Road Runners least favorite store (New Jersey)
Parkside Mews Tractor Trailer Parking (New Jersey)

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