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First State Challenge

This weekend was the launch of the First State Challenge, a set of geocaches all over Delaware that come with a certificate and prize if you find enough of them. To tell the truth, I'd forgotten it was this weekend and I'd originally planned on hitting the Collegeville area. But I changed my plans quickly, downloaded the in-state geocache data and went downstate. (It was also a good excuse to have breakfast at Hardee's. :) )

This year, however, I wasn't planning on attending the FSC celebration event (although I might change my mind later), so I decided to do the FSC geocaches casually, with an eye towards finishing off caches in far-off corners of the state rather than dashing from FSC cache to FSC cache. On Saturday, I was mostly in Kent County, starting in Smyrna and Dover, swinging to the west to Marydel, and back to Felton and Milford. I did a bunch of geocaches in Milton before heading back to Dover for "theforest@night". That's a night cache but it has got to be the shortest reflector trail I've ever seen, so it was very quick. And thank goodness for that too because I don't think I had ten minutes before the heavy rain came that way.

On Sunday, I went to Cape Henlopen State Park for one of the FSC caches and proceeded south through Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, and Fenwick Island. I only got two FSC caches that day, so it was mainly a trip to do geocaches in the southeast end of the state, which I rarely visit as it is the farthest part of the state from home. I saved the rest of Sussex County for another trip.


FSC-2013 Duck Creek (Smyrna) (Delaware)
FSC-2013 Belmont Hall (Smyrna) (Delaware)
Massey's Mill Pond Down by the water (Delaware)
Massey's Mill Pond Boat Launch (Delaware)
Massey's Mill Pond Dam (Delaware)
FSC-2013 Bombay Hook (Delaware)
FSC-2013 Silver Lake (Delaware)
Clown's House South (Delaware)
FSC-2013 Dover Industry (Delaware)
FSC-2013 Delaware State Fire School (Delaware)
FSC-2013 Marydel (Delaware)
Marydel Mystery (Delaware)
The Big Bad Wolf (Maryland)
The Old Mud Mill (Delaware)
FSC-2013 Mud Mill (Delaware)
Ice Delights (Delaware)
SEERUTHOE (Delaware)
FSC-2013 Milford (Delaware)
the Miltonian (Delaware)
FSC-2013 Milton (Delaware)
Delaware's Shortest Trail: I (Delaware)
Delaware's Shortest Trail: II (Delaware)
Non-Puzzlers Puzzle (Delaware)
theforest@night (Delaware)


Cape Cache (Delaware)
FSC-2013 The Great Dune (Delaware)
Pack One (Delaware)
What A View! (Delaware)
Something's Fishy! (Delaware)
Friday Night Lite (Delaware)
FSC-2013 Burton Island (Delaware)
Tanked at Salt Pond (Delaware)
Green Light (Delaware)
OV Town Hall (Delaware)
Tons of Toys (Delaware)
Shell Game (Delaware)
The Power of Love (Delaware)
Life's a Beach Plum (Delaware)
I See Pine Needles (Delaware)
It's Good to be First! (Delaware)
Hooking a Cache (Delaware)
Fenwick Village (Delaware)
Lizards are Down by the sea in Fenwick! (Delaware)
Fenwick Light (Delaware)
Fenwick Island Baptist Church (Delaware)
Snakeside #2 (Delaware)
Snakeside #1 (Delaware)
Last of the First (Delaware)
Millsboro Town Limits (Delaware)

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