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NJ Trivia / Manasquan Reservoir, Caching Around Reeves Park, Collegeville/Royersford/Pottstown

On Saturday, I went to the Manasquan Reservoir Environmental Center in Howell for the New Jersey Trivia series of caches. This is a series of 18 puzzle caches, each of which is a question about a specific New Jersey state thing, in a ring around the reservoir. It's about a 5-mile walk but I also took two off-shoot trails for other geocaches not in the series, so it was over 6 miles by the time I got back to the parking area. It took long enough though that my phone got very low on battery halfway through, so I switched to the tablet and used that instead to navigate to caches. Aside from looking a bit odd holding a larger device while walking, I didn't think it was really that different since it has the same geocaching apps and data as the phone.

I woke up late on Sunday, so I didn't think I would get to as many caches. My first stop was in Collegeville. However, I noticed that there was a geocaching event, "Caching Around Reeve's Park in Phoenixville", nearby so I decided to check it out. It was supposed to be a teaching event with a few practice geocaches around the park but due to a mix-up, the town of Phoenixville didn't add it to their roster of events so the class didn't take place as planned. Still, a few new geocachers showed up. In any case, we had fun just chatting and walking around a bit. After that, I continued geocaching on my own to Collegeville, Royersford, and Pottstown. Since I had quite a number of puzzles solved in the area, I did a bit of a puzzle run mixed with regular caches. The only awkward part of the day was at "Ziggie and Pat" where I had to sneak behind a bunch of anti-abortion protesters to find and retrieve the cache. Fortunately, they were facing the street most of the time.


The Manasquan Reservoir (New Jersey)
CJJP #08 - Ghost of Georgia Tavern Road (New Jersey)
Cove Trail Detour (New Jersey)
NJT #18 (New Jersey)
Who Needs Rogaine??? (New Jersey)
Manasquan Perimeter Trail Forked Tree Hideout (New Jersey)
NJT #2 (New Jersey)
NJT #3 (New Jersey)
NJT #4 (New Jersey)
Long Walk (New Jersey)
NJT #5 (New Jersey)
Abner Thorp 1st in Cemetery Series (New Jersey)
NJT #6 (New Jersey)
NJT #7 (New Jersey)
Troll (New Jersey)
NJT #8 (New Jersey)
The Bear Swamp is the Cat's Meow (New Jersey)
The Bear swamp is the cat's meow too (New Jersey)
Somethin' 'Bout A Truck (New Jersey)
Trees of 3. . .ok 4 . . all right 5! (New Jersey)
NJT #10 (New Jersey)
NJT #11 (New Jersey)
Manasquan Resevior Bird Blind (New Jersey)
Quiet Corner (New Jersey)
NJT #12 (New Jersey)
NJT #13 (New Jersey)
NJT #14 (New Jersey)
NJT #15 (New Jersey)
NJT #16 (New Jersey)
NJT #17 (New Jersey)
This Little Weedlet Likes to Travel (New Jersey)
Manasquan River Greenway #4 (New Jersey)
Cuddle up with a good Cache (New Jersey)
Spam a lot (New Jersey)
Downtown / Main Street USA: Farmingdale, NJ (New Jersey)
njdc24 - only a few away, from 10K! (New Jersey)
Off exit 11 (New Jersey)
Power Pond (New Jersey)


Track me down (Pennsylvania)
Slippery When Wet (Pennsylvania)
Black Rock Dam (Pennsylvania)
Hustle and Flow (Pennsylvania)
Caching Around Reeve's Park in Phoenixville! (Pennsylvania)
Jeux Sans Frontières (Pennsylvania)
Ziggie Pedestrian (Pennsylvania)
Ziggie Backside (Pennsylvania)
Ziggie and Pat (Pennsylvania)
Skirtless Ziggie (Pennsylvania)
Ziggie's Perky Hotel (Pennsylvania)
Ziggie's Collegeville Inn (Pennsylvania)
Ziggie's Favorite Park (Pennsylvania)
Hunsberger Entrance (Pennsylvania)
Hunsberger Hanging Ziggy (Pennsylvania)
Hunsberger Ziggie Reflections (Pennsylvania)
Hunsberger Hollow (Pennsylvania)
Mysterious Melody (Pennsylvania)
Homeless Finds a Home (Pennsylvania)
Poison Ivy (Pennsylvania)
Holey Moley (Pennsylvania)
Songahm (Pennsylvania)
Got Flies? (Pennsylvania)
Tourists! You gotta love them! (Pennsylvania)
Familiar Emblem (Pennsylvania)
Second Chance (Pennsylvania)
Two Out of Three Ain't Bad (Pennsylvania)
ZIP Code (Pennsylvania)
Ruthless (Pennsylvania)
Too Much Time on My Hands (Pennsylvania)
Rake Fock! (Pennsylvania)
The Corner (Pennsylvania)
I like shiny things 2 (Pennsylvania)

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