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Montgomery County States Series, Chester County

On Saturday, I went to Hatfield, Telford, Sellersville, and Perkasie. After my previous trip to the area, I was only half done with the 50 States series of geocaches but more because not all of those had been published at the time. So I went for the rest of the series and also found other minor collections of caches in the area. I'm not sure I can ever run out of geocaches there since I see groups of new ones every month.

"Sidewalk Puzzle" was one of the two challenging caches of the day. It's misrated and I'm sure the difficulty is higher than 1. The log book is inside a maze puzzle box (it actually looks the same as the one in the linked video) and you have to guide a ball through a maze to open a spring-loaded door. However, I had an idea and realized that I could use a magnet to guide the ball through the maze. So I didn't need a whole lot of dexterity! That cut the puzzle time down to a few minutes of trial and error. The other challenging one was "Wise Guys - Fishing for clues". Actually, since I knew what to do, the real challenge was untangling the fishing line to get enough length to work with. I've seen this kind of hide in Virginia Beach before. Basically, the magnet is on the cache and the "bait" is something metal that you lower to the cache with the fishing line. It took me only one try to get it once I had the fishing line straightened out.

Sunday was more of a mop-up operation. I noticed that there were enough new geocaches around West Chester to make a day of it. I also went to West Goshen, Exton, and Downingtown. There were some good puzzles and also some navigation challenges where I had to use aerial photos to figure out how to get to caches on unmapped roads. "There's a right way and a wrong way.." was one of those. The "wrong way" would be to wade across a river, so it's a good thing I checked the aerial photo before attempting that! "American "Pack" It In" was another one, although I wouldn't fault the Nuvi map for not covering this spot since it's inside an industrial park.


Missouri (24th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Maine (23rd State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Texas (28th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Ohio (17th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Indiana (19th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Illinois (21st State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Tennessee (16th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Kentucky (15th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
John S Clemens Memorial Park (Pennsylvania)
42 (Pennsylvania)
Sidewalk Puzzle (Pennsylvania)
Pavillion Redux (Pennsylvania)
Tennis Anyone? XI (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to the Hatfield Community (Pennsylvania)
New Hampshire (9th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Spun Out (Pennsylvania)
Virginia (10th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Chow Time (Pennsylvania)
Comic Book Cache (Pennsylvania)
South Carolina (8th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Happy Birthday to Me! (Pennsylvania)
Florida (27th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
New York (11th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
FTF - ggggeo2 (Pennsylvania)
No pressure? Just hang. (Pennsylvania)
Praise This Cache (Pennsylvania)
I Can See Calvary (Pennsylvania)
Pretty Please With A Cherry On Top III (Pennsylvania)
Rhode Island (13th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Michigan (26th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Pinus Cachius #1 (Pennsylvania)
Pinus Cachius #2 (Pennsylvania)
GC:TNG Microcacher 2-2 (Pennsylvania)
Nice View of the Creek (Pennsylvania)
Loose at the Moose (Pennsylvania)
Cache in on This (Pennsylvania)
Out with the Old, in with the New #5 (Pennsylvania)
Ritchie's Cache' (Pennsylvania)
"AB's" Cache' (Pennsylvania)
The Camp Skymount Hotel (Pennsylvania)
Wise Guys - Fishing for clues (Pennsylvania)


Rustin Park (Pennsylvania)
Batter Up! WCU Style (Pennsylvania)
DRUMMER BOY (Pennsylvania)
Garden of Honor (Pennsylvania)
Hanging out in Marshall Sq. Park (Pennsylvania)
Hollow feeling (Pennsylvania)
Tennis Anyone? (Pennsylvania)
Mr. Umpire (Pennsylvania)
Poker 2012 - High Card (Pennsylvania)
Hart and Soul (Pennsylvania)
American "Pack" It In (Pennsylvania)
Ghost Train WCRR #2.5 (Pennsylvania)
Ghost Train WCRR #3 (Pennsylvania)
ACCache ACDash (Pennsylvania)
Sign of the Boot (Pennsylvania)
RADIOACTIVE (Pennsylvania)
take me out to the ball game (Pennsylvania)
Down by the Grove at Sunset (Pennsylvania)
Down in the Valley (Pennsylvania)
Mark Time! (Pennsylvania)
The Banks of the Brandywine (Pennsylvania)
There's a right way and a wrong way.. (Pennsylvania)
Dccc Cache (Pennsylvania)
Muggle Stop (Pennsylvania)
Down the Leftfield Line (Pennsylvania)

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