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FSC 2013 Celebration, SRT Frowny

On Saturday, I went to the "FSC 2013 Celebration Event". This is to mark the end of the First State Challenge. Since I completed this challenge a few weeks ago, I got a certificate of achievement and a pathtag. Because Uno Chicago Grill in Dover went out of business, the event had to be moved to Cowboy Up. This is an interesting venue. I noticed that the salad bar had chili, so of course I made a chili salad. Overall, I thought it was a good event. We had plenty to talk about and some folks have been to interesting places. The change in venue kept things fresh as well. I hope Cowboy Up prepares more chili next time because we actually did scrape the bottom of the pot. (Of course, I didn't help by going back to the salad bar 3 times. :) )

On Sunday, I tackled the SRT Frowny series. Like the SRT Smiley series I found previously, this too is a set of puzzle caches that show up as geo-art on the map even though the caches are actually positioned linearly along the trail. Like the name says, the geo-art this time is a frowny. Anyway, it was an easy walk. I moved my car a few times to take advantage of different parking areas along the trail but the total walk was probably about 6 miles. After that, I hit the Cache Factory area (Telford, Souderton, Hatfield) to do even more of the "50 States" series that came out. The end of DST made it get dark pretty early but fortunately, nearly all of those caches were findable at night.


Tick Tour 1 (Delaware)
HAPPY FEET (Delaware)
Mock the Disheveled (Delaware)
FSC 2013 Celebration Event (Delaware)
700 Local (Maryland)
Can't You Read The Signs? (Maryland)
Last Car (Maryland)
Lightening Strikes: Adkins Arboeretum (Maryland)
Blockston Branch: Adkins Arboretum (Maryland)
Jack's Hide (Maryland)


Enjoy it All! (Pennsylvania)
Every good goose deserves cache! (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-A (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-B (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-C (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-D (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-E (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-F (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-G (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-H (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-I (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-J (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-K (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-L (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-M (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-N (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-O (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-P (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-Q (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-R (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-S (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-T (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-U (Pennsylvania)
SRT-Frowny-V (Pennsylvania)
Queenie Eye French Fry #1 Blue Bell, PA (Pennsylvania)
Ledger Formation (Pennsylvania)
Theater Tragedy IV (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for Team PHT (Pennsylvania)
Melody Brook Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Cache for Greenducks to Walk to (Pennsylvania)
One Happy Duck (Pennsylvania)
Nevada (36th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
West Virginia (35th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Kansas (34th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Oregon (33rd State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Minnesota (32nd State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Wisconsin (30th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
California (31st State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
South Dakota (40th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Nebraska (37th state of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Connecticut (5th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Washington (42nd State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Queenie Eye French Fry #6 Colmar, PA. (Pennsylvania)
G.I. Army Ant - Chalfont (Pennsylvania)

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