Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Breakfast and a Cache, ELGT (Lancaster LVIII)

On Saturday morning, I headed out to the Mays Landing Diner for "Breakfast and a Cache". I had to wake up earlier than usual to get to this geocaching breakfast event because it's over an hour from home. I had eggs benedict. We also had elephant ears. (which Frampus was demonstrating proper use of in that photo :) ) Originally, I figured I was just going to the breakfast event and then I'd look for geocaches in the area, but they had a surprise waiting. 28 geocaches in the "BAC" series were set to publish at breakfast time. After breakfast, we all headed out to the dirt roads to tackle those. With more than 20 people and kids searching at the same time, most of those caches didn't take much time to find. It was a lot of fun. To save time, we signed the log as "Team BAC", which stood for "Breakfast and a Cache" but at times got referred to as "Bad-Ass Cachers" and "Blood Alcohol Content". After the BAC series, we also tackled the "Nature Stroll" and "ND" series together, although the group got smaller and smaller as folks needed to leave. For the last few caches, I cherry-picked the ones that I could go for in the dark and found those on the way to dinner.

On Sunday, I went to the west side of Lancaster County to do the "LOST on the ELGT" cache series. These were all along the Enola Low Grade Trail from the Turkey Hill area to the hydroelectric dam on the Susquehanna River. There were a variety of different cache types, including puzzles, multi-stage, and a letterbox hybrid. There was even an earthcache, for which I had to research the answers when I got home. (Yes, there is homework in geocaching too. :) ) There was a broad range of difficulty and terrain levels too. Because I spent too much time on the harder caches, I only got two-thirds of the way down the trail before it got too late and I had to turn around. Even so, it was already a six-mile hike, which I figured was enough for one day.


Railroad? (New Jersey)
Breakfast and a Cache (New Jersey)
Washed Away? (New Jersey)
BAC 19 (New Jersey)
BAC 20 (New Jersey)
BAC 21 (New Jersey)
BAC 22 (New Jersey)
BAC 23 (New Jersey)
BAC 24 (New Jersey)
BAC 25 (New Jersey)
BAC 26 (New Jersey)
BAC 27 (New Jersey)
BAC 28 (New Jersey)
BAC 11 (New Jersey)
BAC 12 (New Jersey)
BAC 1 (New Jersey)
BAC 2 (New Jersey)
BAC 3 (New Jersey)
BAC 4 (New Jersey)
BAC 5 (New Jersey)
BAC 6 (New Jersey)
BAC 7 (New Jersey)
BAC 8 (New Jersey)
BAC 9 (New Jersey)
BAC 10 (New Jersey)
BAC 13 (New Jersey)
BAC 14 (New Jersey)
BAC 15 (New Jersey)
BAC 16 (New Jersey)
BAC 17 (New Jersey)
BAC 18 (New Jersey)
Ode to Anthony (New Jersey)
Lakers (New Jersey)
Running Water (New Jersey)
Nature Stroll 1 (New Jersey)
Nature Stroll 2 (New Jersey)
Nature Stroll 3 (New Jersey)
Nature Stroll 4 (New Jersey)
Nature Stroll 5 (New Jersey)
Nature Stroll 6 (New Jersey)
Nature Stroll 7 (New Jersey)
Boundary (New Jersey)
ND 5 (New Jersey)
ND 4 (New Jersey)
ND 3 (New Jersey)
ND 2 (New Jersey)
ND 1 (New Jersey)
ND 6 (New Jersey)
ND 7 (New Jersey)
ND 8 (New Jersey)
Nemracpiks Second (New Jersey)
WARMER.... WARMER-----HOT! (New Jersey)


High Steel,Hard Rock, and Deep Water (Pennsylvania)
Live to Ride - Ride To Live (Pennsylvania)
Zappa (Pennsylvania)
One, Two, FREE FOUR! (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the ELGT: Rocky Road (Pennsylvania)
LOST ON THE ELGT: Start Here (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the ELGT: Greenhorn 6 (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the ELGT: Railroad House (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the ELGT: Believe (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the ELGT : Give a Hoot -- Don't Pollute (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the ELGT: 32+ (Pennsylvania)
LOST ON THE ELGT: How Far You've Come! (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the ELGT:Enola Lowgrade (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the ELGT: Rock Climbing for Kids (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the ELGT: Tough place to hide a cache (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the ELGT: Ready to Fire (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the ELGT: Fencing with Phys.Ed (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the ELGT:Susquehanna River (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the ELGT: onCe upOn a Rail hiKe (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the ELGT: -30 (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the ELGT:Might Get Wet? (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the ELGT: Raiders Rapids (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the ELGT: LOST & FOUND (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the ELGT:Seeing Double (Pennsylvania)
Ham Radio Puzzle (Pennsylvania)
What do you remember? (Pennsylvania)
All the Fun in View (Pennsylvania)
Inside The White Box #8 (Pennsylvania)
CSI Lancaster 1 - Evidence (Pennsylvania)
Amish Country (Pennsylvania)
Feed Your Brain and Lodge Your Travel Bugs (Pennsylvania)

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