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TAD 175-219, Central Furble, Cache Factory again

On Saturday, I got a bunch of geocaches in Dover and then headed farther south to Millsboro for another installment of the TAD (Trails Across Delaware) series of geocaches. This time, the caches were along the side of Millsboro Highway. It was pretty easy this time around because I was familiar with the style of hiding, but I also took the opportunity to leave Millsboro Highway here and there for a few other caches outside of the series. One such side-excursion took me to this handwritten tombstone for "Isaac Hall and wife". It's in a small, possibly abandoned/unmaintained, cemetery just across the state line in Maryland. IMHO, I think the proliferation of powertrails in Delaware is a bit insane. However, I made a day of it, took the opportunity to do some other caches as well, and had some Hardee's, so I'm not complaining.

In the evening after dinner, I stopped by Central Furble #4 to check it out and see the locals. Like Delaware Furbowl, it's also at a bowling alley -- Brunswick Doverama in Dover. It's still a very small gathering, about a dozen people, but a good alternative for those looking for a change of pace from DE Furbowl, which has grown a lot busier and more crowded recently. I didn't stay for the actual bowling portion of the meet though, because I had to go home and prepare for the next day, but I'll keep it in mind if it takes place again when I'm on my way home from Southern Delaware.

On Sunday, I hit the cache factory area again. This time, I was in Hatfield, Souderton, Chalfont, and New Britain. I decided to skip Montgomeryville because I wasn't sure what was going on there. I saw one block closed with lots of fire trucks. There were some stopped cars. People were running across the divided highway. I hope it was nothing too terrible but it really was none of my business, so I figured as long as it was safe to proceed, I should move on. Anyway, I got more of the "50 States" series of geocaches as well as the "U.S. Possessions" series. Not all were new though. I returned for "Iowa" since it's a lot easier to find now that the vine hiding it has wintered. "The Island" was the most unusual cache location of the day. It's on an island in the middle of a stream, but as long as the water level isn't too high, you can use stepping stones to get there.


Beware of beavers (Delaware)
Babbling Cache (Delaware)
Growing Tall and Straight II (Delaware)
Bayard Breeze Way (Delaware)
GR in town? (Delaware)
BookWorm (Delaware)
Bigg on Color (Delaware)
TAD #175 W (Delaware)
TAD #177 W (Delaware)
TAD #178 W (Delaware)
TAD #179 W (Delaware)
Ingram Pond 1 (Delaware)
TAD #180 W (Delaware)
TAD #181 W (Delaware)
TAD #182 W (Delaware)
TAD #183 W (Delaware)
TAD #186 W (Delaware)
TAD #188 W (Delaware)
TAD #190 W (Delaware)
TAD #192 W (Delaware)
TAD #193 W (Delaware)
TAD #195 W (Delaware)
TAD #196 W (Delaware)
TAD #198 W (Delaware)
TAD #199 W (Delaware)
TAD #200 W (Delaware)
TAD #201 W (Delaware)
TAD #202 W (Delaware)
TAD #204 W (Delaware)
TAD #205 W (Delaware)
What!? Not another guard rail cache. (Delaware)
TAD #206 W (Delaware)
TAD #207 W (Delaware)
TAD #210 W (Delaware)
TAD #211 W (Delaware)
TAD #212 W (Delaware)
TAD #214 W (Delaware)
TAD #216 W (Delaware)
TAD #217 W (Delaware)
TAD #218 W (Delaware)
TAD #219 E (Delaware)
What's In A Name? (Maryland)
Delaware's Pokomoke River (Delaware)
TAD #213 E (Delaware)
TAD #215 E (Delaware)
TAD #209 E (Delaware)
TAD #208 E (Delaware)
TAD #203 E (Delaware)
TAD #197 E (Delaware)
TAD #194 E (Delaware)
TAD #191 E (Delaware)
TAD #189 E (Delaware)
TAD #187 E (Delaware)
TAD #185 E (Delaware)
TAD #184 E (Delaware)
TAD #176 E (Delaware)
Tread Lightly (Delaware)


Colorado (38th State of50) (Pennsylvania)
North Dakota (39th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Utah (45th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
New Mexico (47th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Arizona (48th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Iowa (29th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Montana (41st State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Oklahoma (46th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Hawaii (50th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
A nice view of traffic (Pennsylvania)
New Jersey (3rd State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Alaska (49th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Rockhill (Pennsylvania)
Wyoming (44th State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Idaho (43rd State of 50) (Pennsylvania)
Black Box (Pennsylvania)
U.S. Virgin Islands (4th U.S. Possession of 5) (Pennsylvania)
American Samoa (3rd U.S. Possession of 5) (Pennsylvania)
CNMI (5th U.S. Possession of 5) (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me In VI (Pennsylvania)
Puerto Rico (1st U.S. Possession of 5) (Pennsylvania)
Guam (2nd U.S. Possession of 5) (Pennsylvania)
Business Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Wooded Island (Pennsylvania)
Strapped for Cache (Pennsylvania)
Here's An Old Chestnut (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me In III (Pennsylvania)
The Island (Pennsylvania)
Near the Snack Bar (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over Untroubled Waters XIV (Pennsylvania)

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