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Thanksgiving Weekend

I didn't get any free/discount turkey deal this year, so on Thanksgiving Day, I went out. Actually, it was the ideal day to find geocaches at or near shopping centers. All the stores were closed so I could park anywhere I wanted and I was able to search for caches in peace. "Just Hangin' at the Mall" was a prime example of that. It's a somewhat difficult cache hanging in an evergreen outside Macy's at Willow Grove Park Mall. Normally, the parking area is busy and there are security patrols but on Thursday, I was able to take my time searching and I finally found it. The rest of the day, I geocached my way towards Philadelphia, through Jenkintown, Chestnut Hill, and Mount Airy. For dinner, I figured I'd just go to the first open restaurant I saw because many were closed for the holiday. Fortunately, "Tall and Tan", the last cache of the day, was just outside a Korean shopping center / food court! I picked something at random from their picture menu and had Hae Jang Gook, a broth with beef parts and cabbage. And for dessert, I had blueberry-stuffed French toast at their pseudo-French bakery. It's an interesting place.

Friday was about going to the pre-opening of the new Red Robin in Cherry Hill. I had no idea Red Robin offered free dinners to the public when they train employees, but when I saw the invitation on their Twitter, I pounced on it and made a reservation. That was in the evening, so I went geocaching in South Jersey first. I went from Runnemede to Ashland, Somerdale, Stratford, and West Berlin, just going for caches that have been published since January or so. Since it was Black Friday, I avoided shopping centers until late in the day. Unfortunately, the new Red Robin was in Cherry Hill Mall, so that was the worst traffic I encountered that day. Anyway, dinner was interesting. For training purposes, the menu was restricted but I still had an entree, a dessert, and a root beer float. I only didn't have the option of getting an appetizer, although I was allowed to add onion rings to the entree. Service was actually better than at a regular Red Robin because they showed a lot of enthusiasm. I did overhear some basic questions from trainees though, so they still needed to nail down some details to be 100% ready for the grand opening. After dinner, I went to Haddonfield to see the town's holiday carolling event and to get two geocaches downtown. There was a band playing right next to the hadrosaur but I was still able to sneak around and find the "Haddon Hadro" geocache.

Saturday was a car maintenance day to get some misfiring cylinders fixed. I still had time in the afternoon, so I tackled some geocaches in Newark. I hiked over 3 miles in White Clay and Middle Run Valley, so that was the first test of my left foot since the injury. I guess I have no excuse not to do yardwork any more since I didn't have problems hiking. :) Anyway, "Scale of Geo-Justice" was the most interesting cache of the day. At the first stage, I had to assemble a scale from a box of color-coded parts and use it to weigh a few items to get coordinates for the final stage. The scale was not perfectly balanced to begin with, so there was a bit of uncertainty about the numbers but I got some plausible coordinates and found the cache, so I must have done it correctly.

On Sunday, to round out the weekend, I returned to where I was on Thursday but went north instead. I geocached in Horsham and Warrington. The remarkable thing about the day was 29 out of the 32 caches I found were placed by Taxman, the local maniac who has hidden over 800 caches! I'd figured out enough about his hiding style so most of those were a snap to find, although there were a few placements that were strange.


A Little Cache Is Good For What Ales Ya (Pennsylvania)
Soarin' (Pennsylvania)
Lukens Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Are You Pining Away for a Cache? (Pennsylvania)
The Traveler (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over Untroubled Waters XXI (Pennsylvania)
For The Birds (Pennsylvania)
Caches R Us (Pennsylvania)
Get the Pointe? (Pennsylvania)
No Raft or Rope Required (Pennsylvania)
Richard's (Pennsylvania)
Just Hangin' at the Mall (Pennsylvania)
Rubicam Park (Pennsylvania)
Memorial (Pennsylvania)
Park-like (Pennsylvania)
Not a troll (Pennsylvania)
Back To The Future (Pennsylvania)
Curtis Park #3 (Pennsylvania)
Frog Pond at Curtis Park (Pennsylvania)
Curtis Park #2 (Pennsylvania)
Mermaid Park (Pennsylvania)
Crittenden Street Cache & Dash (Pennsylvania)
The Water Tower (Pennsylvania)
The llama God (Pennsylvania)
Krisheim Pergola (Pennsylvania)
Where's Winnie? (Pennsylvania)
allens lane cache (Pennsylvania)
In plain sight (sort of) (Pennsylvania)
A Charming Scene at Upsal & Greene (Pennsylvania)
Tall and Tan (Pennsylvania)


Gamera The Brave (New Jersey)
H&O She's Gone 2# (New Jersey)
H&O: Italian Girls 4# (New Jersey)
H&O: Head Above Water 5# (New Jersey)
Wile E Coyote might stop here (New Jersey)
Hondroid Hits 2000 (New Jersey)
Welcome to the Magnolia Goose (New Jersey)
A GRC in Magnolia? (New Jersey)
Last Supermarket in Stratford (New Jersey)
Pizza, Pfish, or Phone (New Jersey)
Voorhees Public Works (New Jersey)
The Coliseum In Ashland (New Jersey)
A GRC in Ashland (New Jersey)
The Village Idiot (New Jersey)
There must be some kind of way out of here (New Jersey)
Queenie Eye French Fry #2 Stratford, NJ (New Jersey)
Aces High! (New Jersey)
Coffee #21 (New Jersey)
Berlin Cemetery (New Jersey)
Gettin Rite 2 (New Jersey)
Gigan Awaits (New Jersey)
Queenie Eye French Fry #3 West Berlin, NJ (New Jersey)
Kat-Italiano (New Jersey)
OGS! #2 (New Jersey)
Corner of Berlin (New Jersey)
Allusion Déjà vu (New Jersey)
Zombie Kat/Pet Cemetery (New Jersey)
Haddon Hadro (New Jersey)
Something Brewing (New Jersey)
Keeping Tabs (New Jersey)
What are you Drinking? (New Jersey)


Hopefully, not the Worst Cache in Delaware (Delaware)
I Squeezed Another One in, Mike Ott! (Delaware)
I Squeezed a Second One in, Mike Ott! (Delaware)
Scale of Geo-Justice (Delaware)


An Enterprising Cache (Pennsylvania)
Cuppa Joe #2 (Pennsylvania)
Hey, Another Strip Mall! (Pennsylvania)
Rest a While (Pennsylvania)
Oh Canada, hey? X (Pennsylvania)
Check Out This Cache (Then Check Out a Book) II (Pennsylvania)
Let's Not Beat Around the Bush (Pennsylvania)
Tennis Anyone? IV (Pennsylvania)
MA & PA (Pennsylvania)
Kohler Park Cache #2 (Pennsylvania)
View of the Pond (Pennsylvania)
This Is a Shame! (Pennsylvania)
Kohler Park Cache #1 (Pennsylvania)
1600:800, 2:1 (Pennsylvania)
Cedar Hill Road Park III (Pennsylvania)
Park Creek Cache II (Pennsylvania)
Power to the People - Tertius decimus (Pennsylvania)
Park Creek Cache III (Pennsylvania)
Stoney River Cache (Pennsylvania)
Running Water Cache (Pennsylvania)
Power to the People - Octavus (Pennsylvania)
Tennis Anyone? VIII (Pennsylvania)
By Special Request VI (Pennsylvania)
Mile 5 (Pennsylvania)
Clean It Up! VI (Pennsylvania)
Hey, a Micro in a Shopping Center! (Pennsylvania)
My Second Hide (Pennsylvania)
A Little Exercise makes you a Magnetic Personality (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me In XIV (or No Bees, Please) (Pennsylvania)
The Return of TAXMAN 1 (Pennsylvania)
Look at the Legs on This Chick! (Pennsylvania)
A Stumpy Cache (Pennsylvania)

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