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Golden Corral, Friday the 13th, SREC, Twelve Days of Christmas

Friday evening was the "Friday the 13th X 5000" geocaching event at Golden Corral in Elkton. I didn't even know there was a Golden Corral over there because apparently, they replaced the Iron Skillet restaurant with it since the last time I visited that Flying J truck stop. We didn't have a big group but it was a nice gathering to break up the monotony of long winter nights. The chocolate and caramel fountains were new to me too since Golden Corral didn't have these the last time I went to one, which was many years ago. I probably had too much fun dipping various kinds of unauthorized foods in there!

Saturday was the day of the forecasted snow showers. One good thing about weather like this is since I didn't know when it was actually going to start snowing, it made me do some geocaches closer to home, which I'd otherwise have skipped over in favor of bigger cache collections farther from home. It was nice to walk around snowy Arden Woods for "DaBungla's Booty". It might have been a bit dangerous to climb the snow-covered fallen tree for "Tree Roots" but I was careful and didn't slip off. Anyway, the snow was a bit delayed and didn't start until my 10th cache of the day, "hilltop J4 C2". After finding that cache, I hurried back down the hill and went home, but not before getting the milk and bread! (Just kidding. Actually, it only rained back at my place.)

On Sunday, I went for two geocache series. The first was SREC, which stood for "Santa's Ridiculously Easy Caches". Actually, one was so easy that it was picked up by the groundskeeper before I got to it, but the rest were pretty nice. Those were all decorated to theme, like this Frosty the Snowman container. After that, I went to Pottstown for the "Twelve Days of Christmas" series. These too were either constructed or placed more or less according to theme. For example, the "9 Ladies Dancing" cache was near a dance studio and "2 Turtle Doves" was a fake bird.


Friday the 13th X 5000 (Maryland)


Tree Roots (Delaware)
Just Add Water (Delaware)
DaBungla's Booty (Delaware)
Hotel California or Hotel TB West Goshen (Pennsylvania)
Saturday in the Park (Pennsylvania)
Rockin' Robin (Pennsylvania)
Leave it to Beaver v3.0 (Pennsylvania)
Where The Deer "Lay" (Pennsylvania)
Eagle Cache (Pennsylvania)
hilltop J4 C2 (Pennsylvania)


What is it? (Delaware)
SREC - Santa (Delaware)
SREC - Big Gift (Delaware)
SREC - Golden Bell (Delaware)
SREC - Frosty (Delaware)
SREC - Shining Star (Delaware)
This is Halloween (Pennsylvania)
Twelve Days of Christmas: 11 Pipers Piping (Pennsylvania)
Twelve Days of Christmas: 9 Ladies Dancing (Pennsylvania)
Twelve Days of Christmas: 8 Maids a Milking (Pennsylvania)
Twelve Days of Christmas: 2 Turtle Doves (Pennsylvania)
Twelve Days of Christmas: 10 Lords a Leaping (Pennsylvania)
Twelve Days of Christmas: 7 Swans a Swimming (Pennsylvania)
Urban Woods (Pennsylvania)
Twelve Days of Christmas: 6 Geese a Laying (Pennsylvania)
Twelve Days of Christmas: 4 Calling Birds (Pennsylvania)
Twelve Days of Christmas: 3 French Hens (Pennsylvania)

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