Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Peanuts, Burgers & Fries, Toms River, Warminster

Last Tuesday, I went to "Peanuts and Burgers and Fries XVIII", one of a series of monthly events at Five Guys in Toms River. This is actually the first one I successfully attended, and yes, I do mean successfully. I've tried to get to this event a bunch of times in the past and all prior attempts were foiled by various problems, including schedule conflicts, inclement weather, and a glass spike in my foot. (which happened last month) This time, I wasn't going to let the rain and 20% chance of snow stop me from getting there. There wasn't actually any snow but it rained all day, which didn't stop me from finding 30 geocaches along the way there. The only cache that I really took a chance on was "16 Lake Drive". It's about 15 feet up a pine tree. However, I held on to the tree tightly going up and down, and there was no disaster.

Anyway, I arrived at Five Guys in the evening and it was a good event. It was kind of Christmas-themed because of the month. It was also my first time going to a Five Guys because I wanted to save that experience for this event. I had a burger, of course, and many rounds of peanuts. I actually don't think Five Guys is better than Jake's, a local chain, but I'd certainly go to this monthly event again. That is, if I don't get any more glass in feet, bad weather, schedule conflicts, etc. :)

On Saturday and Sunday, I went to the Warminster area. On Saturday, I geocached in Horsham, Hatboro, and Warminster. On Sunday, I shifted a bit to the east and hit Warminster, Southampton, and Bensalem. This is the annex of the Cache Factory area and most of the caches I found were placed by Taxman, although he has some helpers/cohorts/rivals (depending on what the real story is) populating the area too.


1st Day of Cachemas (New Jersey)
16 Lake Drive (New Jersey)
4 States in a Day Challenge (New Jersey)
Harry Wright Lake Reservoir (New Jersey)
Peanuts and Burgers and Fries XVIII (New Jersey)
68 Lake Drive (New Jersey)
When these Caught sunShine (New Jersey)
Caching Without Ticks AND Without Stage 1 (New Jersey)
Reflectsology (New Jersey)
New Kid on the Block (New Jersey)
Going Postal (New Jersey)
Just Hanging Around (New Jersey)
Going the Distance (New Jersey)
Piney Sandwich (New Jersey)
Power Fishing (New Jersey)
Shell Shocked (New Jersey)
Survey Says... (New Jersey)
A Sign from Above? (New Jersey)
Thumbs Up! (New Jersey)
Wright Off The Parking Lot (New Jersey)
You're Welcome (New Jersey)
Brooklyn (New Jersey)
The Rain Bird (New Jersey)
Royal Flush-#6 (New Jersey)
VMP #3: I've Got Your Six (New Jersey)
Always F.T.F. South (New Jersey)
The Piney Umbrella (New Jersey)
Picnic In the Park (New Jersey)
Ball & Chain (New Jersey)
He Shoots, He Scores! (New Jersey)
Burgers and Fries and a Shake. (New Jersey)
8 Ball - Corner Pocket (New Jersey)
At the Orchard (New Jersey)


Four Banana (Delaware)


Sunday Go to Meeting II (Pennsylvania)
Out with the Old, in with the New #7 (Pennsylvania)
Clearbrook Park (Pennsylvania)
In a "Pickle" (Pennsylvania)
Out with the Old, in with the New #8 (Pennsylvania)
Theater Tragedy III (Pennsylvania)
On our way to Taco's (Pennsylvania)
Cache Money IV (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me In XVI (Pennsylvania)
Sit and Sign (Pennsylvania)
Nature Walk Revisited (Pennsylvania)
Many Happy Returns (Pennsylvania)
Cachers Return (Pennsylvania)
Another Warminster Community Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Street Road Cache (Pennsylvania)
Where's Wally? (Pennsylvania)
Railroad View (Pennsylvania)
A restful shady place (Pennsylvania)
Post This Log (Pennsylvania)
Train In Vain (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over Untroubled Waters XI (Pennsylvania)
Mamma Mia (Pennsylvania)
La Valla (Pennsylvania)
An Auto-matic Bison (Pennsylvania)
Get the Pointe (Pennsylvania)
G.I. Army Ant - Warminster (Pennsylvania)
Theater Tragedy II (Pennsylvania)
Theater Tragedy V (Pennsylvania)


Check Out This Cache (Then Check Out a Book) (Pennsylvania)
A Gigantic Tee Off (Pennsylvania)
9/11 Memorial in Hartsville (Pennsylvania)
My 80-day Streak (Pennsylvania)
The End of November (Pennsylvania)
Ivyland Road Bridge (Pennsylvania)
Spring Forward (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over Untroubled Waters XIX (Pennsylvania)
Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Pennsylvania)
Northampton Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
On the Way to Work II (Pennsylvania)
Incognito (Pennsylvania)
Fish Taco (Pennsylvania)
Tennis Anyone? V (Pennsylvania)
Hey, A Strip Mall! (Pennsylvania)
Eye See the Cache (Pennsylvania)
Another Swim Club (Pennsylvania)
Theater Tragedy VII (Pennsylvania)
FTF - Dryvitman17 (Pennsylvania)
Out with the Old, in with the New #11 (Pennsylvania)
Secret Garden (Pennsylvania)
Waiting Room III (Pennsylvania)
Cache it your way! (Pennsylvania)

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