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Christmas holiday, Bensalem, Chinatown

Had a couple days off for Christmas but there were work days between those and the weekends, so it didn't feel like a long set of holidays. I hadn't been to Northeast Philadelphia and Bensalem in a while, so I decided to make one pocket query centered around Bensalem and see how many geocaches I could finish off in four days. That, and I had Chinese food since nearly all the other restaurants were closed for the holidays and decided to continue that nightly after Christmas too.

So Tuesday was Northeast Philly and Bensalem. Wednesday (Christmas Day) was Northeast Philly, Bensalem, Hulmeville, and Neshaminy. Saturday was Croydon, Bristol, Levittown, and Fairless Hills. And Sunday was Penndel, Langhorne, Morrisville, and Yardley. Rather strangely for the middle of winter, the days were warm with no snow or ice on the ground. There was only a brief snow shower Tuesday night with nothing sticking. Sunday was rainy, so I didn't do as many geocaches but the rain stopped in time for a dinner side-trip to Chinatown. The only thing that unnerved me was at one cache site in Fairless Hills, I saw someone hiding behind the wall at the edge of a Wawa parking lot, where the cache was. It was night and he was cowering from my flashlight beam. I had no idea what that was about but decided it would be prudent to just leave right away. It's not the first time I've had uncomfortable encounters around that area and I think it may actually be less safe than Northeast Philly.

I hit Philly Chinatown 3 times since Philadelphia is on the way home from Bensalem and street parking was free most of those days. (when I could figure out where the deals were posted on the PPA website anyway) On Saturday, I was window-shopping restaurants (some of those have menus and/or food pictures posted in the window) in Chinatown when I noticed that Xi'an Sizzling Woks has "Chinese hamburgers". I thought the idea was amusing, so I decided to try this restaurant on my next visit. That turned out to be the very next night, so I did get a hamburger. It's pita bread filled with spicy braised pork. I also had spicy beef noodle soup. Overall, their food was pretty good and a bit different from other Chinese restaurants. As a bonus, it's also inexpensive. I'll definitely have to return.


Good Bye to an Old Friend (Pennsylvania)
10th Day of Caching, My True love bought for me... (Pennsylvania)
Shopping Center Cache (Pennsylvania)
Here's a Project to get your bearings (Pennsylvania)
3rd Day of Caching, My True love bought for me.... (Pennsylvania)
What Can I Say? Another Creek View Cache. (Pennsylvania)
A Cache a Day Keeps the Blues Away (Pennsylvania)
Abandoned Tennis Avenue Train Station. (Pennsylvania)
College View (Pennsylvania)
I've Got Nothing to Hide (Pennsylvania)
Daily RX (Pennsylvania)
Poquessing Valley Park II (Pennsylvania)
We Will Stand With Strength and Honor (Pennsylvania)
The TAXMAN Cometh (Pennsylvania)
Fly Eagles Fly (Pennsylvania)
A Tale of Two Caches (Pennsylvania)
Bison in the Pines IX (Pennsylvania)
Blue Grass Stains II (Pennsylvania)
Oh Canada, hey? IV (Pennsylvania)
Welcome Back Jeffrey (Pennsylvania)
If You Hide It, They Will Come (Pennsylvania)
Philly's Best Neighborhood (Pennsylvania)
Oh Canada, Hey? III (Pennsylvania)
Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Pennsylvania)
Alphabet Soup (Can Two): D is for DEGoldy (Pennsylvania)


Philadelphia Cemetary Tour (Pennsylvania)
3 More Days to Halloween - Ghosts and Gobblins (Pennsylvania)
Sandy Creek View (Pennsylvania)
Irish fest (Pennsylvania)
Pennypack Travelbug Hotel (Pennsylvania)
Childhood Memories ~ Old Roads, Old Bridges. (Pennsylvania)
12th Day of Caching, My True love bought for me... (Pennsylvania)
Have GPS Will Travel (Pennsylvania)
Tennis Anyone? XIV (Pennsylvania)
Another Cache for a Newbie to Walk to (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for a Newbie to Walk to (Pennsylvania)
A Cool, Dark Place V (Pennsylvania)
Kickin' It Old Skool (Pennsylvania)
Picnic Area (Pennsylvania)
No house here! (Pennsylvania)
Childhood memories :Armstrong park (Pennsylvania)
5 More Days to Halloween - Bats & Spiders (Pennsylvania)
And Still Another Neshaminy Creek View Cache (Pennsylvania)
This Cache Is A Treat! (Pennsylvania)
Crash Test Dummies (Pennsylvania)
I'm An Angry Bird (Pennsylvania)
Home Cache Home #2 - Neshamity (Pennsylvania)
A light to guide you (Pennsylvania)
Crispus Attucks (Pennsylvania)


Three Banana (Delaware)
Two Banana (Delaware)


Five Banana (Delaware)


Amish Paradise (Pennsylvania)
It's Still Art! (Pennsylvania)
Yes, there is a house here. (Pennsylvania)
Dry Gulch (Pennsylvania)
Clover ave park cache (Pennsylvania)
Croydon Acres Park (Pennsylvania)
No More Darning (Pennsylvania)
"Beam" Me Up, Scotty (Pennsylvania)
The Kids Are Alright (Pennsylvania)
A Little Faster Here (Pennsylvania)
Jaundiced Zebra (Pennsylvania)
Slow Down (Pennsylvania)
How Did We End Up Here??? (Pennsylvania)
A Death Defying Cache - Sextus (Pennsylvania)
FINAL FRAME (Pennsylvania)
North Carolina Trash (Pennsylvania)
Pixars Cars Cache (Pennsylvania)
A Pause To Reflect (Pennsylvania)
White's Slice & Dice (redux) (Pennsylvania)
Memorial for the Heroes (Pennsylvania)
3M Airport (Pennsylvania)
Indiana Bones and the Curse of the Kenwood Canal (Pennsylvania)
Play Ball! (Pennsylvania)
Clownin' Around (Pennsylvania)
Cruzin On The Parkway II (Pennsylvania)
Frankenstein's Cache-a-cotti (Pennsylvania)
Caroline Edwards (Pennsylvania)
Which Craft (Pennsylvania)
Spot Stop - The Other One (Pennsylvania)
Buck Tree (Pennsylvania)
Muggles (Pennsylvania)
Puke Hollow - Langhorne Speedway (Pennsylvania)
Cache with No Name (Pennsylvania)
Home Cache Home #8 - Fairless Hills (Pennsylvania)
NO PARKING (Pennsylvania)
AL Laziness (Pennsylvania)


Cease That Incessant Melon Squeezin' (Pennsylvania)
Trackside near Langhorne (Pennsylvania)
Mango, Lemon, Pineapple, Mmmm... (Pennsylvania)
A Very Poplar Park (Pennsylvania)
A Walk in the Park (Pennsylvania)
Where's Dog II: Chiseled Stone (Pennsylvania)
FTF Lil' E Ann (Pennsylvania)
207 Point Five Austin Drive (Pennsylvania)
Home Sweet Home (Pennsylvania)
VON HOFFMAN B BALL (Pennsylvania)
Small Porky at Large Grizzly (Pennsylvania)
Movie Magic (Pennsylvania)
Jolly Green, Giant Micro Cache of Morrisville (Pennsylvania)
Cache Near the Shack (Pennsylvania)
hole lot of fun (Pennsylvania)

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