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New Year's Eve & Day, End of 2013

For the New Year holidays, I once again went geocaching in Bucks County, north of Bensalem, and then had even more Chinese food in Philly Chinatown. It's a plan that worked so well over the Christmas holidays that I just had to do it more! So, on Tuesday, I visited Lower Makefield, Yardley, and Newtown. Then on Wednesday, I hit Upper Makefield, New Hope, Buckingham, and Doylestown. Wednesday's trip included a nice walk on the towpath by the frozen Delaware Canal in New Hope.

One irksome thing about parking in Philly Chinatown is it's hard to find out what parking specials, if any, are in effect. The Philadelphia Parking Authority has a website and a Twitter feed. However, the Twitter feed doesn't post every single discount and is sometimes late in doing so, while on the website, such information is buried in the blog or somewhere obscure that few would think to check. I guess it's not really in their best interest to actively promote those deals since they get some revenue from folks who don't know. Metered parking was free on New Year's Day but while walking to the restaurant, I noticed that six people had needlessly paid for parking.

2013 Mini-Review

It was actually a terrific year. Of course, there were a couple of snags, but the good things that happened far outweighed the bad. 2013 continued the general uptrend from 2011 and 2012, except that it seemed like an even bigger leap ahead than 2012 was from 2011. It started back in January when I finally got rid of the most vexing problems in my life and thereafter, everything that I wanted in 2013 just pretty much came to me at the right time with little effort. If anything, I worried that it was going to make me soft. And indeed, most of the middle of the year, I was just coasting along, taking advantage of little things that came by. Then the end of the year brought even more surprises, laughs, and new experiences. It will be very hard for 2014 to top that, although I can already see one or two things over the horizon.


A cache for Max (Pennsylvania)
Jenny's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Kirra Lou's Kanine Kache (Pennsylvania)
No Name Park #Zero (Pennsylvania)
No Name Park #Zero Point Five (Pennsylvania)
No Name Park #1 (Pennsylvania)
No Name Park #2 (Pennsylvania)
No Name Park #4 (Pennsylvania)
Not Another Micro in the Woods #2 (Pennsylvania)
Not Another Micro in the Woods #1 (Pennsylvania)
No Name Park #3 (Pennsylvania)
No Name Park #5 (Pennsylvania)
SOCDAF XV (Pennsylvania)
Mast-erful Hide (Pennsylvania)
#16 Geotruckers - Moose Eyes TB Hotel (Pennsylvania)
The Nineteenth Hole (Pennsylvania)
In memory of my 1st 5k race (Pennsylvania)
Heroes Farewell (Pennsylvania)
Try Everything #3: Lizz Blizz (Pennsylvania)
Tennis Anyone? II (Pennsylvania)
Swag-a-licious (Pennsylvania)
N.I.C. Pond (Pennsylvania)
Hat Trick2 (Pennsylvania)


Take the Shine off the Swine #3 (Pennsylvania)
Take the Shine off the Swine #2 (Pennsylvania)
Take the Shine off the Swine #1 (Pennsylvania)
Brownsburg Parking (Pennsylvania)
Take the Shine off the Swine #4 (Pennsylvania)
"(Don't Fear) The Reaper" (Pennsylvania)
SOCDAF (Pennsylvania)
SOCDAF-NLLP (Pennsylvania)
SOCDAF-LLP (Pennsylvania)
Look Out for the Cache at Lookout Park (Pennsylvania)
Duck Xing - New Hope (South) (Pennsylvania)
Penderella (Pennsylvania)
Old Fort (Pennsylvania)
FTF - Stretchwell (Pennsylvania)
Tinynumismtic (not really) (Pennsylvania)
Another Gigantic Tee Off (Pennsylvania)
Achilles (Pennsylvania)
Raining Cats and Dogs (Pennsylvania)
SPACE2081 [1.0/2.5] Appa (Pennsylvania)
Shop & Stretch (Pennsylvania)
Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (Pennsylvania)
Too Hot To Hike (Pennsylvania)
GaZebo (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over Untroubled Waters XVII (Pennsylvania)
Stay OFF the Water (Pennsylvania)
Look Sharp, Feel Sharp, Be Sharp! (Pennsylvania)

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