Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Snow Day and more of the Baltimore Wizard Trail

Saturday was a day of on and off snow. Although there was maybe an inch of snow that day, it was still enough to mess up the roads a bit. Even so, I figured I could do a few nearby geocaches I'd been saving for such a day. There were some creative ones among the bunch. "Cat Fishing" was a cat hanging high up in a tree and the cache owner left a rod at the location to retrieve it. "Nasty Micro in the Woods" was more of a humor cache. It's a micro cache inside a microwave oven.

Conditions had improved somewhat by Sunday, so I decided to continue the Wizard Trail caches near Baltimore. There was still snow on the ground but I figured I knew enough about the hiding styles in the series to be able to find at least some of those despite the snow. So I spent the day in the Dundalk/Edgemere area, around North Point, Shallow Creek, and Millers Island.

My Nüvi 1390LMT malfunctioned on Saturday. Specifically, the USB port stopped accepting power from the car charger cable, although oddly, the Nüvi still worked as a USB storage device. So I started using Google Maps navigation on my phone. That's actually not a bad way to go, except that it tends to be a power drain on the phone, even when the phone is plugged in to a cigarette lighter power adapter. Navigation by phone could also fail if I happen to be driving in an area with weak cell phone reception. Therefore, I figured I needed a new automotive GPS. The sad part about the Garmin Nüvi line is I've found those tend to last just a year and change, i.e. long enough to get past the warranty period. (The 1390 lasted about a year and a half.) Anyway, while I was in Maryland on Sunday, I had an idea. Why not go to Target and try their Amazon price match? This way, I don't have to wait for shipping and I could beat the Amazon price by stacking the 5% Redcard discount on the price match. So I stopped at Target on the way home and after doing a bunch of price checks and comparisons, I got a Nüvi 40LM for $76. It's quite similar to the 1390 in operation but enhancements in speed and capacity make it a worthwhile upgrade. We'll see how long this one lasts.

Tags: automotive gps, baltimore county, geocaching, maryland, nuvi, snow

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